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by on June 7, 2012

Sometimes the best part of a man’s outfit, a classic luxury watch can boost your outfit and be a killer accessory.  But who says the boys get to have all the fun? There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that comes with seeing a woman sport an oversized man’s watch.  It’s sexy, playful, and makes quite a statement.  Here are 3 that we’re lusting after right now.  

Whether its an expensive Omega watch or a thrifty Timex, your style will speak for itself when it comes to these wristcessories.  Styling tips for women wearing men’s watches:

1. Keep proportion in mind -  The oversized faces of men’s watches are what makes your wrist look super tiny by association.  But there is a fine line between big and overwhelming that you don’t want to cross.  You want to make a statement, but it’s not that of a little kid wearing daddy’s watch.

2. Consider the details - Men’s watches are bigger and therefore can handle a lot more hardware than women’s watches.  Think about the look you’re going for and focus on those key points: colors, knobs, screws, strap material, patterns of the face, thickness, style.  There’s a lot more room to play around, so have fun!

3. Watch the weight – Your skinny little wrist is made for skinny little watches, not big bulky ones.  If the watch is too heavy, you won’t wear it or worse, you’ll take it off during the day and lose it.  Take a few swings and walk around with it a little bit to make sure it is going to be comfortable to keep on.


This chronograph watch has classic steel details with a modern pop of color that makes a bold yet subtle statement.  $225 Guess


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