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by on November 28, 2011

Boots are an integral part of winter fashion. They are when fashion meets practicality in some shape or form and let us all wear skirts and dresses for just that little bit longer. This season, practicality has been embraced wholeheartedly with the latest boot trends, such as after-ski and riding club. However, frivolity has not been completely left by the wayside; platformed, stud-heeled shoe boots are just as covetable as knee-high riding boots. Here are three of the best styles of the season, and all of these styles of winter boots are available from House of Fraser.

Broadcast Boot Camp: The Boots Everyone Are Talking About This Winter

Riding boots

From tweed skirt-suits to Barbour jackets the English country scene has enamoured the fashion greats this season. In keeping with this aristocratic trend, leather, knee-high riding boots are an absolute must. Not only are they versatile – they work equally well with a skirt or dress as they do with skinny jeans – they are practical winter shoes insomuch as they keep your feet warm and dry and with a colder than average winter on the horizon these could be just what the doctor and fashion police ordered. Straps and buckles add interest as do contrasting coloured cuffs. Warm browns, deep burgundy reds and jet black are your main colour options. If you can’t be without heels, there are a few versions with mid-height chunky heels.

Snow boots

Not that the UK really gets enough snow to warrant full-on snow boots, the fashion industry has deemed them necessary this season. Fleece and fur-lined with sturdy rubber soles, hook-up laces and plenty of natural materials make these boots not only on trend, but incredibly comfortable. Think of a cross between walking boots and snowboarding boots, add some class and razzmatazz and you are bang on the money. Some boots are knee high, whilst others are merely ankle boots; you have a huge amount of choice within this trend. Colours are natural once again, but the odd bit of Navajo or Aztec detailing won’t go unnoticed.

Shoe boots

Shoe boots are the perfect compromise between the elegance of a heeled shoe and the practicality of a boot. They cover your feet just enough to keep them feeling toasty, yet they have an attractive shape that flatters your feet and legs. This season they continue to play a key role in the fashion stakes. Look for platforms, mid-thickness heels, which add some serious height, and work with colour: shades of green, red, purple and blue are best.


Broadcast Boot Camp: The Boots Everyone Are Talking About This Winter


Contributed by Tracey

Born and raised in San Francisco and rep it to the fullest, but I love my life in New York. In my world, it's all about vintage furs, Ray Ban aviators, riding boots and gaudy gold jewelry. I have the cutest dog ever and I'm not just saying that because he's mine...