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by on April 5, 2012

With Mad Men‘s glorious and scandalous return to the air, after a long hiatus, we breathe a sigh of relief and anxiety as we enter the third episode of the season. We waited 18 months to learn whether Don had really married his secretary, whether Jody would actually carry Roger’s baby, and whether the agency Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price would truly live to battle for another season. They also had to spend 18 months wondering how Betty would continue to ruin her family life and who would cheat on who next. But it’s really all a matter of keeping up appearances.

For those of us who come from a more fashion-centric background, the speculation about the characters was nothing compared to the possibilities surrounding their dress. Season five takes place only one year later than season four – in 1966 – but that one year reflects tremendous social and stylistic upheavals that were taking place in America at the time. As drugs gained prominence, race relations took to the street, and America careened towards that tumultuous year of 1968, fashion trends began looking less like the 1960s and more like the 1970s. On the show, then, the new season promises its share of shorter skirts, brighter colors, longer eyelashes, and more pronounced jewelry accessories.

And the opening episode, from this perspective, certainly did not disappoint. While viewers weren’t given much in the way of action during the two-hour premier, the fashion of 1966 made itself known in a big way, right away. Here were some of the highlights:


Megan Draper.
Don’s new wife stole the fashion show with monochrome looks, short skirts, and a range of less conservative hair styles. But it was her sleek black dress at Don’s birthday party that likely caught most of the attention in this episode. Certainly, we would not have seen that in season three.


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