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by on October 10, 2012

When I think of Calvin Klein the first thing that pops in my head is how stunning actress Emma Stone looked in the designers’ dress at the Golden Globes last season. Actually the first thing is Calvin Klein underwear and sexy male models. Klein introduced the first iconic image on a very tanned Tom Hintnaus on the Greek island of Santorini in 1982. Since then everyone from Marky Mark, Antonio Sabato Jr. and most recently Kellan Lutz have stripped down for the coveted campaign. Check out some hotties in their tight whities after the jump.




Contributed by Drew Hunter

New York native with a year long Miami tan. Caramel macchiato? Yes please. Growing up I wanted to be Sue Ellen Crandell. Minus the q.e.d reports. I drink whiskey. On spiritual retreats. My motto? When in doubt, reference French Vogue. Chances are i’m not listening, but i am tweeting. Tweet me @dangerous_drew