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by on November 27, 2012

My second option for a title was “Can You Hear What the Rock is Cooking?”

Can You Smell Me Now?

When Jody Kocken discovered she was allergic to perfume, she looked for solutions that would enable her to still wear a fragrance.

The result, Perfume Tools: a series of industrial jewellery pieces that can be worn without the risk of skin irritation. The tools absorb the scent and work as fragrance diffusers that can be worn. In places where the skin is most vulnerable, the precious metal is warmed up so that the scent can travel.

“You wear them on places you normally spray: behind the ears, on your wrist, on the neck, and sometimes in your hair and on your clothes.” says the designer.

While currently not in production, we can definitely see a Kickstarter in the future for this stylish, problem solving collection.

Can You Smell Me Now?Can You Smell Me Now?

Can You Smell Me Now?

Can You Smell Me Now?


Contributed by Daniel Saynt, Creative Director

I'm a fashionite living in NYC trying to make a name for myself in one of the most cutthroat, backstabby industries in the world. Wish me luck. Reach me at [email protected]