Picture 1It’s been a while since we bugged our friends over at Love Brigade, so what a better time than now to poke our heads around their Williamsburg store and studio? This afternoon, Hillary and I had the pleasure of catching up with Alyssa Key, Love Brigade’s dressed to kill, walking billboard, founder and CEO, as well as Christopher ‘Tinypants’ Dang, the Brigade’s co-owner and sales and marketing director, who rocked the Linda Farrow x Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses. After snapping some photos and trying on a few Fall 2009 garments, Alyssa and Tinypants gave us a look into the Love Brigade crystal ball, dishing out the details on the company’s past, present and future.

Just approaching their 4-year New York anniversary, Love Brigade was actually conceived in London while Alyssa completed her fashion design degree at London’s Istituto Marangoni. Jamie Rockaway, Love Brigade’s Vice President and co-founder, helped found the company, but sadly, we were unable to rendezvous. Tinypants studied digital arts and science at the University of Florida, and after his move to the Big Apple, he began designing t-shirts for Love Brigade, evolving his involvement in the company. Since their American debut, Love Brigade graduated from a Brooklyn loft to prime retail front in Williamsburg, a location that serves as both the Love Brigade and Friends store, as well as the Love Brigade studio office. 

Since it’s start, Love Brigade’s aesthetic has remained relatively consistent, with the exception of a replacement of the company’s high-end line with Ex-Oh, a recession ready diffusion line. The current Spring/Summer 2009 collection is the first of Love Brigade’s economic conscious diffusion line, providing some remarkable ready-to-wear garments. Love Brigade’s diffusion line will continue into the Fall 2009 collection (which looks pretty incredible I might add!) as the market for high-end fashion continues to digress. The Fall 2009 womenswear is inspired by the transition from a failing friendship to empowerment while the menswear collection themes the wandering man, both containing Love Brigade’s infamous collection story-line. 

Needless to say,  Love Brigade has had an exciting few years, but 2009 has perhaps been one of the best. From their customized Chuck Taylor high-tops, to their work with the Black Eyed Peas, White Tie Affair and Rob Roy, and their shop on Karmaloop,  Love Brigade’s success is honest, raw and real. Alyssa  bid us adieu with some fabulous advice for aspiring fashion designers: “Find the perfect balance between your art and business.”  Hmm, seems to be that the Brigade follows her advice, because as of July 2009, Love Brigade couldn’t look any more perfect! 

Catching Up With Love Brigade Catching Up With Love Brigade Catching Up With Love Brigade Catching Up With Love Brigade Catching Up With Love Brigade Catching Up With Love Brigade




Catching Up With Love Brigade 

RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Love Brigade Fall 2009 Collection 


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