I Have No Problem Cutting Off a Toe for These

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Well, Target (pronounced Tar-zhay) has done it again with another designer knockout collabo. This time La Dolce Vita has turned out three and a possible fourth style for the massive chain and will be available at the recently opened East Harlem location, with

Amanda Bynes Comes Back From Retirement

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Well Amanda took to Twitter and said she plans to come back with the simple tweeted: “I’ve unretired.” I assume she read our list of things she could do after retiring. Welcome back chicky.

Anna Dello Russo Wearing Stevie Boi Shades [@sbshades]

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How cool can this woman get?! First Anna Dello Russo did an exclusive interview with us and now she is wearing sunglasses from FashionIndie’s designer friend, Stevie Boi. Keep reading for more pictures…

Robin Ruth USA Is Looking For A Sales Reps & Showroom Sales Assistant

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Living in New York and looking for a new job in Fashion?! Robin Ruth USA is looking for a Sales Rep to take on the market, as well as a Showroom Sales AssistantPlease click ahead to learn about the positions and how to apply!

What To Wear On A Bad Hair Day

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With the humidity that’s made itself present this summer, I’ve been having some bad hair days. No matter how much frizz serum and hairspray I use, sometimes my hair just won’t cooperate. If you have the same problem as me, don’t fret. To take the attention off of your hair,

What To Wear On A Fat Day

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Everyone has fat days.  You can laugh and think you don’t, but I’m sure you do. You know what I’m talking about, when you each too much Chinese food one night and you wake up in the morning looking like a blimp. Well, the last time I had a fat


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I just finished watching the new Nicki Minaj video and it is AMAZING! The song, the imagery, and most importantly the styling is incredible.  Keep reading for the video and more…

HOMBRE HOT OR NOT: Nail Polish For Men

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The Egyptians first used nail polish as a sign of social order, but now it can be seen on nearly every woman walking the street. In an age where men have completely evolved in their; grooming habits is it ok for us to add a

VIDEO: Chronicles of a Dating Slut

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I made this video to bring my blog, Carly’s Dating Chronicles, to life and make fun of myself a little. I hope  this makes everyone laugh out loud. Please check it out and tell me what you think. Remember, I”m just playing a character, I’m not that annoying!

What To Wear On A Movie Date

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Many people think movie dates are boring, but I like them. They enable you to hang out with your man in a casual situation. Whenever I go on a movie date, I try to look as cute possible. Keep reading for the outfit…

What To Wear The First Time You Have Sex With A New Guy

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The first time you plan to sleep with a guy can be completely nerve wracking. There are so many variables: Is he going to be good? Are you?, How do I leave if it’s terrible? The last thing you really want to worry about is what to wear so I

What To Wear When Dating A Russian Spy

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All this hubbub about Russian spies have caused us to ask one question:  What should a girl wear when dating one? We have the answer for you right after the jump…

Budding Style Icon Moment: Willow Smith

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I’ don’t know who picks out Willow Smith’s outfits. Could it be a stylist, her own A-List parents, or dare I say her.  All I know is that this girl is shutting it down. When I was 9 my wardrobe consisted of my Catholic school uniform and my mother’s picks.

DIY SHOOT: “CHERRY BOMB!” Spring/Summer 2010 Must Haves

Styled by Alex Kazemi, 16 Year Old Music/Fashion Writer | View Comments

The title is pretty self explanatory. It was also both shot and styled by me. Special thanks to Coco De Couer, Brian Lichtenberg and Sophomore NYC.


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Looking for a happy hour that doesn’t end at 7pm?! Come on down to my neighborhood and enjoy $4 drafts, well drinks & DJ until midnight at Mulberry Street Bar! Right in the heart of Little Italy.  Always a fun time, and an awesome place to start off

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