W Magazine Caught In Major Drama Over Anja/Demi Head Exchange

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Does this photo look familiar? It should, cause it’s nearly exact to the Demi Moore cover of W magazine. Wait, not NEARLY exact. IT IS EXACT!!!

Celebrities Without Makeup: Kristen Stewart

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We’ve got shots of the Twilight stars outtakes from her recent shoot with Dazed & Confused magazine BEFORE they put in $100,000 in photoshop. Looks like someone needs to spend a little less time night walking with vamps and take a little more time sleeping.

Russian Spy at Chanel?!?

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Ever wonder what backstage at Chanel  looks like right before a major show? Well you’re in luck. Russian model Nastya Karzan was smart enough to install a spy camera in her bodice and record all the backstage mayhem and her runway walk. Not at all

SHOP: Ivory Skies Guardian Angel Tee, $20 Euro

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The designers at Ivory Skies definitely know how to get me in the holiday spirit. This Guardian Angel tee has me thinking about tiny baby jeebus in the manger and sweet delicious fruit cake. That and, well, um Angels. You can pick one up for $20 euro.

Chris Gandsy Open Showroom in Heart of Brooklyn

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Chris Gandsy gives young designers a new place to shine in Brooklyn with the opening of a showroom right in the heart of Atlantic Avenue.

RANDOM: Buzzfeed Gives It’s Top 6 Girl-On-Girl Rivalries In History

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Buzzfeed blesses the world with it’s list of Top 6 Girl-On-Girl Rivalries In History in honor of the show “Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen.

Zac Efron’s Perfect Bed Head Hair Tips

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The Zefron shared his ultimate hair tip with Time Magazine. It involves showering, which is probably a lot more than Robert Pattinson does for his lovely locks.

GIVEAWAY: Make Them Envy.us #theyenvy.us

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We’re giving away a brand new HP Envy laptop, the premium experience for PC lovers, to one lucky member of ENVY, the social experience for fashion insiders. In order to win you have to make us Envy you. Let the green eyes begin …

LOOKBOOK: April77 Spring/Summer 2010 Preview

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There are some brands that are just worth following on Twitter because they love giving out hints and previews of what to look forward to. One of those brands is April77. They recently released a small preview of their upcoming Spring collection. I saw the collection at (Capsule), and I


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Our newest contributing editor, Navo Lope, is a  globe-trotting, published photographer/artist/nomad. Here he shares his thoughts, musings, and rumblings about the things he’s passionate about – photography, films, flawed characters and life’s work in progress. View his work here. Check out his blog here.

QUOTABLE: Sharon Stone Is More Involved in Fashion Than Anna Wintour

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“I DO MORE IN A YEAR THAN YOU DO IN TEN! I’M MORE INVOLVED IN FASHION THAN YOU EVER FUCKING WILL BE IN YOUR LIFE!” – Sharon Stone’s response to an uninterested Anna Wintour according to the ever honest Courtney Love.

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