BURNBOOK: C is for Chanel and Apparently Cocaine

Dirty Paris Hilton just can’t keep her nose out of the blow. She also can’t keep her credit card in her wallet or her photographs to herself. Hilton snapped this picture of her new Chanel bag on July 15, the same bag she claimed was borrowed from a friend. Read more…

BURNBOOK: C is for Chanel and Apparently Cocaine (more…)

Bryan Boy “Styles” for H&M While Dressed as a Christmas Ornament That Crapped Itself

Let’s count the amount of times he says “I Love the Detail”,  “Accessorize” and “Layering” shall we…

Also, a model is made to look like a fat box through the magic of “layering” after the jump…


Gary Coleman’s Been Dead Since 1982

Back in 1982 Hanna-Barbera tried launching “The Gary Coleman Show” in which the now deceased Gary Coleman played a cartoon angel sent down to earth to make the lives of a group of kids better by protecting them from a purple trench-coat wearing demon/possible pedophile.

Yup, this is what they tried passing for Saturday morning entertainment in the age before Power Rangers and Pokemon.

I’m really hoping they bring this show back, but this time Gary get’s to play the demon…

Is Naomi Campbell Pregnant or Is That Where She’s Hiding the Blood Diamond?

Is Naomi Campbell Pregnant or Is That Where Shes Hiding the Blood Diamond?

I think I found out where Naomi Campbell has been hiding those blood diamonds.

The cellular bruiser model recently showed up at the red carpet premiere of “Miral” during the 2010 Venice Film Festival in a skin tight Azzedine Alaia dress with billionaire boytoy Vladimir Doronin in tow.  It definitely seems like the model had a little baby bump action going as she gripped her belly, while waving to fearful observers fans.

I know there was some speculation back in March, that the model was pregnant, but now it seems like their might be truth to such rumors. Either that or she’s just trying to bulk up now that she’s plotting to take on Mia Farrow for testifying against her at the war crimes trial of Liberian leader Charles Taylor

I’m hoping for the later cause I don’t think this world is ready for anything spawned from the womb of Naomi Campbell

Calvin Klein’s Boyfriend Gay (and Straight) Porn Past (NSFW)

Calvin Kleins Boyfriend Gay (and Straight) Porn Past (NSFW)

Seems like Calvin Klein is following in Karl Lagerfeld/Baptiste‘s footsteps. He’s the latest designer who’s trying to turn “a ho into a housewife”.  Meet Nick Gruber, 20, better known as porn star “Nick London” a sometimes straight, often gay porn man who’s now hitting the town with the 67 year-old Klein.

Guess this explains why Calvin’s recently pulled his forehead back to his ass crack and polished his ball sack…

We’ve got EXTREMELY NSFW photos of Nick London in action after the jump….


Tim Gunn Bashes Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi for Publicity

Tim Gunn Bashes Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi for PublicityTim Gunn is well on his way to getting uninvited from a couple of holiday parties next season. After claiming that Anna Wintour has bodyguards carry her downstairs (though Vogue denies), he’s now asking for more people to “call her out on the things she does” and calls Isaac Mizrahi a “terrible, terrible, terrible person.” LOVE IT!!!

Apparently the loaded Gunn has a new book coming out and needs a couple of press mentions. He’s definitely revealing how he really feels about some major players in the fashion game.

Not surprising, I’m sure there are a couple of “terrible” fashion people we’d all love to reveal as assholes.

Got anyone you want to put on blast?

Read more of Tim’s revealing comments.

FASHION FAIL: Jimmy Choo for Uggs

The day was going so well until I saw these. I am so upset that Jimmy Choo would associate his beautiful designs with this disgusting shoe brand. Now sorority girls everywhere can barf up that keg beer in high style.

FASHION FAIL: Jimmy Choo for Uggs (more…)

FASHION FAIL: Taylor Momsen Criticizes Rihanna

The girl who thinks she can wear a garter instead of pants thinks she can tell Rihanna what’s up. Wrong Momsen, try again. The 17-year-old, in the September issue of Spin, thinks it’s annoying Rihanna wears leather jackets. Read more…

FASHION FAIL: Taylor Momsen Criticizes Rihanna (more…)


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