FASHION FAIL: Jimmy Choo for Uggs

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The day was going so well until I saw these. I am so upset that Jimmy Choo would associate his beautiful designs with this disgusting shoe brand. Now sorority girls everywhere can barf up that keg beer in high style.

FASHION FAIL: Taylor Momsen Criticizes Rihanna

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The girl who thinks she can wear a garter instead of pants thinks she can tell Rihanna what’s up. Wrong Momsen, try again. The 17-year-old, in the September issue of Spin, thinks it’s annoying Rihanna wears leather jackets. Read more…


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Oh man, I have been waiting months to get this off my chest. I fucking HATE Silly Bandz. The brand’s website says they are the “hottest new fashion accessory.” Why are adults wearing a rubber accessory meant for five-year-olds? Let’s explore the possibilities. Read more…

BROADCAST: Does Not Equal’s Punk Rock Crucifixes

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Australia‘s been doing it right lately.  Further evidence comes from the people at Does Not Equal whose newest collection, Cruce Signati, is focused on transforming the cross from religious icon to punk staple through killer (and masculine) jewelry.  Collection pre-order is now available on their site.  Jump for looks.

Soho To Lose A Fashion Insitution?

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BAD NEWS EVERYBODY!  The Christian Audigier store in Soho might be closing down.  Now where will The Situation get his wardrobe? 

Ruthie Davis Heels A/W 2010

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Continuing on with the unexpected theme of the day: totally awesome heels.  From up-and-comer Ruthie Davis, a new collection of heels featuring spikes galore and weird metal-wood sandwich layers.  That’s how cool they are–they defy conventional description.  Or maybe I’m just lazy.  Looks after the jump.

Opening Ceremony Continues World War

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Last year Fashion Indie favorite boutique Opening Ceremony took on Japan by bringing tons of hard to find Far East brands to US soil.  This year?  It’s the French.  Some looks at past and present products from designers they’re rumored to be bringing in after the jump.

Lindsay’s 6126 Clothes For The Clinker?

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Lilo, La Loca, Linsanity, Orange Oprah’s spawn, Lindsay Love Lace (I just made that last one up)…whatever term of endearment you prefer to use, know that when you do so, you’re talking about a woman who evokes the days when “chic was swank, elegance was a la mode,

Hello, I’m A Hills Addict

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Last night, when the last episode aired, I stared at the TV screen carefully not to miss anything. I hated the end of the last episode. It was so disturbing to see the camera crew taking of the set. True fans didn’t want to see that. Keep reading…

Fashionista and 11 Other Fashion Terms Garance Dore Hates

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The Satorialist’s bang maid took to her blog this week to list off a few “Trendy” fashion words that apparently have been banned from high fashion publications like Velour Magazine. We’ve added a few of our own. Check out the full list after the jump.

Selfridges Mocks McQueen’s Death

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Selfridges hung a  McQueen dress in their Manchester store front and I can’t believe it. It’s obvious they wanted free publicity but that’s pathetic. They did however offer a weak apology via twitter: “We apologize for any offense caused. It was not intentional and the dress has been removed.” Losers!

Lady Gaga & Naomi Campbell On Double Exposure Tonight!

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One of the best shows you aren’t watching and one of my guilty pleasures is Double Exposure on Bravo. My favorite episode was when they shot Lindsay Lohan for her leggings collection. (I lived!) Get ready because tonight  they shoot Lady Gaga & Naomi Campbell in the season finale.

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