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Kate Moss is Officially Cast in Gold

Kate Moss is not cast in gold in a provocative yoga pose for the work of Marc Quinn. The 2006 piece titled  Siren, will be unveiled today at the British museum.

As only befits one of the world’s greatest supermodels, Siren’s stats are impressive. It weighs in at 50 kilograms, is worth £1.5 million and is said to be the largest gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt.

“I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment,” Quinn says of his supermodel subject.

Moss’ latest rendering joins works by the likes Damien Hirst and Anthony Gormley as part of the British Museum’s Statuephilia exhibition, which runs from October 4 to January 25.

Thanks Vogue UK

Its OK, Don’t Look at the Road Opening Reception

“Its OK, Don’t Look at the Road” photographs by Nick Zinner 

Do you remember the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs?  I barely do. They kind of went mainstream, then disappeared and I think their flipping Burgers at the King. Well one Yeah to the third member refuses to fade into the shadows. Nick Zinner, guitarist of the emo/goth/punkish band is hosting a gallery exhibit feature poorly shot photos from his time on tour. I would care if I hadn’t already seen this shit done a million times before by party photographers like Merlin.  If you still can’t seem to get Maps out of your head, the head over. Other than that it doesn’t look to promising.

Opening Reception
7 to 10 pm
Fuse Gallery
93 2nd Ave (between 5th & 6th Sts)

free and open to the public.
runs August 16th through September 13th
info -

Trendspark: Painted Denim

Painted denim has hit the streets, and not just anywhere, in Japan! The old practices of art have recently been getting credit from a younger crowd for styling their favorite pair of jeans. The designs feature a variety of works of art sparked from talented artisans. Depending on the designs, this could be an awesome edge to a laid back ensemble. I say go for it!

Five Contemporary Artist Which Will Have More Influence On Our Generation Than Andy Warhol and None of Them Are Damien Hirst

Andy Warhol’s overrated and we can prove it. Here are five up and coming artists who are establishing their position in the art world as contemporaries who will stop at nothing to get noticed. 


Banksy - Little is known about the elusive graffiti artist (who till this day hasn’t been officially identified) and his criminal nature is what has drawn so much attention to his work. A modern day anarchist, Banksy’s subjects covers a multitude of daily vices drawing inspiration from pollution, African poverty, governmental influence, the war on terror, and adultery.  A true artistic renegade, Banksy’s work and history will one day resonate as the true start of the modern anti-art movement. Recently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt put down $400,000 to own a Bansky piece a sign that this artists work will only appreciate in value. Suddenly makes you want to rip down some of his wheat pasting that line the Lower East Side, eh?


Terry Richardson - The photographer which questions the sexual depravity of todays youth, Terry Richardson’s kick to the balls style has garnered attention from mainstreamers looking to connect to indies everywhere. Often the subject of his own work, Terry explores the dirty little things that turn us on, the celebrity figures that influence our popular culture, and takes fashion photography to new heights with a gritty perversion that blurs the line between art and pornography.  A rebel without a cause, Terry’s own addiction level involvement with sex and his own phallus has given us some of the most controversial pieces every developed from a cheap little Sure Shot. 

David LaChappelle - One of the most visually engaging artists of today, David LaChappelle is a true voyeur of celebrity culture.  Transcending photography his feature film Rise was a stunning orgasm for the eyes and his continued shoots and fashion spreads have changed society’s perception of Hollywood. And how can you not love the man that put Amanda Lepore on the map.

Shepard Fairey - Andre the Giant has a Posse may remain the defining piece for this artist, but his more recent work focussed around Barack Obama is what will cement Shepard as a true creative for indies everywhere.  The founding father and mastermind behind OBEY, Shepard has taken the merger of art and commerce to a new level by forgoing the galleries for the runway with a collection of graphic tees that have allowed thousands to wear their art on their sleeves. 

Takashi Murakami - While it’s his collaboration with Louis Vuitton that has garnered this artist the most statewide praise, it’s his years as a contemporary craftsmen in Japan that will deserve this indie his memory.  Exploring themes in anime and sex, Takashi’s work has created a tailspin of interest in Japan’s hypervisual culture.  With a new collection on the horizon with Marc Jacobs and a highly successful exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, Murakami will most likely become a major influencer on style and the art scene.




And The Warholics Keep On Flowing…

Diane Von Furstenberg


Burton Snowboards




Royal Elastics


Paul Frank Industries

Bond No. 9


I think it’s been made clear that the, often overrated, work of Andy Warhol is becoming widely used and revealed; however, until this stops, we’ll keep on telling you. Brands across the board refuse to stop the sale of designs featuring Warhol’s images; in fact, some designers are just joining the pack! What is this? The long list of designers and stores include Diane Von Furstenberg, Levi’s, Burton Snowboards, The Gap, Sphinx, Seiko, Royal Elastics, Loop, Paul Frank,  Bond No. 9 and Barney’s. Some of the designers are new to the Warhol scene; however, some just keep at it. Barney’s featured Warhol images in 2006 and recently they’ve swapped the images for “inspiration quotes” on Warhol’s behalf.