Never Trust A Big Butt And Smile!

You can count on us partying all weekend so come stalk us out on the town or something. I’ll be wearing a neon, nylon jumpsuit listening to the song on my Sony Walkman with my hightop Nikes on.

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Katy Perry’s Dating Advice

Katy Perry talks to Blender Mag on “How to Date 4 Guys at Once.”

“As a sophisticated woman, you should have business in both Los Angeles and New York, and summer in Paris. You can’t just take an L.A. guy to Paris and expect him to know what the 6th arrondissement is. He would just take you directly to the Eiffel Tower with the rest of the tourists.”

“Guys like to surprise you. Girls don’t like surprises. Which is why a precise calendar is important if you’re going to be an international player. You’ll need it color-coded. If you do get surprised, just let the other one out the back door. Always have a back door. And a laundry chute!”

“Be particular about how you pose for photos, because the suggestive ones end up being tagged on Facebook. Trouble! We live in a world where you wake up and your whole diary from last night is on the Internet. You don’t even have to be a celebrity. You are your own paparazzi!”

“They can never leave their stuff! I was bringing back the things an old boyfriend left at my house, and I accidentally returned something that wasn’t his. He saw it, and he’s like, ‘This isn’t mine!’ And it’s like, ‘Well, it certainly could have been. I mean, you all wear Fruit of the fucking Loom!’”

Content Source: Blender

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Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

The new Guess? ads are out, and causing a case of Deja Vu. The ubiquitous blond Guess girl has gone “Back to Black”, by channeling their inner Amy Winehouse. The hair and eyes definitely resemble Ms. Winehouse. While, the look is epitomizes the soul singer, this could never be the infamous Amy Winehouse because the model is healthy, she is not calling for her Blake Blake or her three trusty backup singers.  

Thanks to Fashionista for the pics! 

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1,2,3,4 I Love Counting to the Number 4?

I really don’t remember Sesame Street being this fucking cool when I was a kid.

P.S. I’m officially back in love with Feist 

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2008 Glastonbury Festival Fashion Review

The 2008 Glastonbury Festival is over and done, but the stream of fashion photos from the event continue to stream in. We’ve got some of our favorite celebrity picts from the hits and misses of the London music festival.

Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse

Kelly looks like she’s trying to hide some of her left over fat flaps (come on, you know she got a case of the gastric) under this ill fitting peasant dress. The color sucks and the boots are vicious.  Kate Moss verified her status as fading fashion trendsetter with a look that rocked three years ago when Sienna Miller did it. Also, more boots.  Amy Winehouse looks ridiculous in the dress above, the push-up padding ain’t working and no one really wants to here Rehab for the millionth time. Amy, come out with a new album or die already, you’re really starting to annoy me.

Portia Freeman and Alexa Chung

Pete Doherty’s coke/fuck buddy looks like a poor mans Courtney Love, while Alexa Chung looks like she’s dating her younger brother. More BOOTS!!! You know, I get it. It’s muddy so you figure you need to throw on a pair of black foot rapers, but seriously could one of you been original and worn a different color or something.  I kind of love the high waisted shorts though, what do you think indies, trendspark worthy?

Duffy gives her best O-face and rocks out with more high-waisted shorts. (Totally gonna be a trendspark).

Kelly Osborn, Lily Allen, Pixie Geldof

I really want yellow rain coats to be cool. Can some of you out there get on this?  Or maybe a designer can work on creating it? Lily Allen is starting to look like a caricature of herself, no?  And Pixie has one of the coolest cardigans I’ve seen in a long time.  Oh yeah, AND MORE FUCKING BOOTS….

Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne

Is Daisy Lowe the British Corey Kennedy?  Also Pixie is my favorite person and Kelly looks like one of Michael Jackson’s kids.

Image Source: Popsugar UK

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The Chuckie Cheese Band Performs Love in This Club

Greatest use of 80’s technology ever.  Plus this music video is a thousand times better than Usher’s ghost in the club version.

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