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FILM, MUSIC | October 2

4 Fab Outfits to Roll Out for the Magical Mystery Tour, Tonight in Theaters

Tonight, for one night only, the Magical Mystery Tour is coming to a theater near you. Yes, The Beatles have revived the movie that was released to very confused reviews back in 1967, but was actually just ahead of its time. Tonight, we’ll get magically, mysteriously dressed and prepare the edibles for a trip through The Beatles’ most psychedelic musical experiment since Sgt. Pepper. These outfits are waiting to take you away.

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MUSIC, NEWS | September 26

Good Morning, Here’s Your Daily Dose of Lana Del Rey Staring into a Camera Lens

Indie pop-singer Lana Del Rey with her breathy voice and pillow lips is re-releasing her album Born to Die. The “Paradise Edition” of the album is slated to release November 12th, but here’s the album trailer that features the singer staring into the camera with a glazed look in her eye. We dare you to try to make it through the preview without getting creeped out. 

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MUSIC | September 20

Your Favorite New Thrift Store Theme Song

In the winter, I walk around in a fur coat and sunglasses as if I’m Elizabeth G*ddamn Taylor.  In reality, I bought that coat for $60 at a thrift store in Williamsburg.  I know you can relate, and that’s why you need to watch this music video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 

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