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NYC, SHOPPING / November 5 2012 4:25 PM

Where to Shop to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief

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While a normal week for us consists of too much online shopping, our guilt and skill at spending money can be a little hard to bare at times. But this week, we have a much more important reason to click “Add to Cart” besides the usual new outfit high. With almost every New Yorker jumping to help with Hurricane Sandy relief, some of our favorite spending spots have also joined the effort. Check out these great retailers donating money to those in need with each new purchase.

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FOOD & DRINK, NYC / November 5 2012 2:28 PM

Eat, Drink & Help Our Friends Affected by Sandy

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Many of us were lucky to come out of Hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed, minus a few days without power and means of transportation. But so many New Yorkers lost everything, and we’re all looking for ways to help the relief effort. If you love to eat and drink copious amounts of alcohol like we do here at FashionIndie, we found some bars and restaurants hosting Sandy relief benefits this week. Eat, drink and help fellow New Yorkers in need!

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NYC, SHOPPING / November 5 2012 9:33 AM

SoHo’s Court Shop is Serving Sandy Justice

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As SoHo shops slowly start to open up again, at least one store is open for business, and ready to help. Court Shop is not only delivering more-than-justifiable realness for your wardrobe in the form of grayscale indie designer layerables and in-house denim, but if you bring in donations to help Hurricane Sandy victims, you get 10% off. And donation on your part or not, they’re donating 10% of proceeds to the American Red Cross.

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NYC / November 2 2012 4:13 PM

WKND Guide to NYC: What To Do in the Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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If you’re reading this, you probably have power. Now is the time to flex your volunteering muscles and flash your charity smize. Whether you want to go pick up a neighborhood or just pick up the phone and donate, we’ve got you covered on the where and how. Plus check Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based and #SandyVolunteers for more ways to help. If your friend in SoHo gets in touch with you, let ‘em know there’s a place down there to catch some free movies tonight

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BEAUTY, NYC / October 25 2012 10:28 AM

Create Your Own Perfume At These 4 Stores!

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Ever wanted to create your own perfume, but are too scared to concoct some overpowering scent bomb of yuck? And you’re right!  Mixing two of your favorite perfumes can be disastrous.  When you buy a perfume at a store it already contains multiple notes.  Single note scents are the perfect ingredient when creating your own scent, and these 4 shops will guide you along the way.

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