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Indies United: First Friday Fashion Show at the W

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Indies United member Elsa Brodmann has just uploaded these picts from the show for her collection, Ottilie Broadmann at the W hotel featuring her collection. You can find more picts on Indies United.

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John Galliano Creates a Cruise Look We Love

john galliano cruise 2009john galliano cruise 2009john galliano cruise 2009john galliano cruise 2009

John Galliano’s Cruise 2009 collection reminds me of a grown up Urban Outfitters shopper taking to the sea.¬† The flowery dresses mixed with fitted vest just feels so accessible with all that’s available at fast retailers like H&M, Forever 21, and Uniqlo.

Some key styling tips indies should take from this is the overuse of jewelery, the fearless mis-matching of prints, colors and solids, and the Blossom hats that accompany each dress.

Congrats on Galliano for launch his first Cruise collection, but so much of this seems like it’s available in stores now.

Photos from WWD.

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Derek Lam: Resort 2009

“Derek Lam, meanwhile, has a Western inspiration: “Le Cercle Rouge,” Jean-Pierre Melville’s Seventies crime film with nary a female protagonist in sight. The result is a charming lineup with a men’s wear edge, as in a beribboned halter tank made from shirting fabric.” - WWD on Lam’s Resort Collection.

The blue dress is by far one of my favorite shapes of the season. What do you think indies?  Wearable or hate it.


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Ports 1961 Resort 2009

The 50’s were in full swing at yesterday’s presentation of Ports 1961 Resort collection. I Love Lucy played on flat screens, an old standards jazz band played (mostly 40’s music, but who’s keeping tabs) and Becks and I stood on the sidelines as a classic fashion show unfolded.

The coolest element of the show was how “classic” it was. The models were dressed in reinvisioned house dresses from the era as a trannylicious announcer read from a script that complimented the whole collection. It was very retro, very slow and very inspiring.

Hated, hated, hated the shoes, but most of the other things that came down were pretty wearable and uber period piece chic.

TRENDSPARK: Favorite element of the collection where the knit gloves that came down with every outfit. I want this to catch on like wildfire. Very Madonna circa Desperately Seeking. I want all you women out there to wear it, want it, love it.

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Stella McCartney Spring 2009

For her Spring 2009 collection, Stella McCartney chose Jefferson Market Garden in New York City as the location for a laid-back park presentation. Here are the photos, courtesy of Fashionologie.

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Jewel-Toned Heart Adorned Kimono Wearing Gladiators from the 90’s Enslave Powersuit Wearing Women from the 80’s with Bows

That sentence is the best description I can come up with for Marc Jacobs Resort 2009. A mis-mosh of design elements and inspirations that do not mix well in a collection that offers distinct pieces that when grouped together form three to four separate fairly good collections. The collection, much like Jacobs himself, seems to try to be everything to everybody. The designers internal battles and recent public scrutiny seem to be reflected in his work. The women are strong in powersuits, then delicate in bows, fun and youthful, then stern and professional as if suffering from a form of fashion schizophrenia.

80’s and 90’s fuse. So do jewel tones and black. Hearts & bows. Kimono’s and Gladiators. Business women and tarts.

It’s all very confusing. But very, very well done, as only a designer like Marc can attempt to pull something like this off without being sent to the fashion loony bin (they exist, I swear. I think it’s called T.J.Maxx.)

Congrats on creating 4 very wearable collections. Hopefully you didn’t just blow your final load prematurely.

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