Breakfast with Louis Vuitton

Oh god, I’m gonna sound like a complete sell out right now, but todays breakfast with Louis Vuitton CEO Daniel Lalonde was one of the most feel good moments of my year. Meeting at a small private library at the St. Regis Hotel, Louis Vuitton invited Fashion Indie and a couple of other blog friendlies including Nitrolicious blogger Wendy L, Bag Snob Tina Craig, and Fashion Triber Lesley Scott. The event was surprisingly intimate as the Vuitton clan asked all the bloggers in the room straight out “How do we work with you?”  

The directness of their approach and ability to state their concerns with brand image, information distribution, and working with bloggers was really frank, but at the same time polished and very, not surprisingly, corporate.  We offered suggestions like create blogger login pages and develop events for bloggers, but what I really left with was that many companies are interested in reaching us but have no real means to do it.  

Some key points from the breakfast are below, and no, I did not receive money or product to write this shit, so don’t get all up my ass in the comments section for “endorsing” the house of Louis. It’s just interesting stuff I thought y’all might like.


  •  Journeys ad campaign was inspired by the need for the brand to return to it’s routes. Each person in the campaign has been chosen for the life experiences they have had.  Louis spent the last ten years developing the other verticals of the brand (ready to wear, accessories) but felt it was the right time to give us consumers a throwback.  SPOILER ALERT: The next Journeys ad campaign will feature a couple.  My bets on the Clintons, the Gates, or the Bransons. Big money folks with amazing life journeys.
  • The flowers on the Louis Vuitton bag are some sort of Da Vinci code mystery. Some people think they come from some sort of Asian influence, but one Louis staffer stressed that the petals are very similar to a tile pattern at the old Louis Vuitton home front.
  • There is a Louis Vuitton Bible filled with over 150 years of history for the iconic brand.  Hopefully it will be put in print one day.  
  • It’s Vee-ton. Not Vuu-ton.
  • The brand plans to make huge pushes online with talks of a possible “network” for true devotees. User-generated content on LouisVuitton.com. I can see it.
  • Louis Vuitton has never and will never give Paris Hilton a free bag.
  • The brand is like a fifth character in the Sex and the City film.
  • Every blogger wants an interview with Marc Jacobs. No one will get one. Duh?
What I found the most interesting from today was the new message that Louis Vuitton was trying to push with their current campaign. It’s a message that’s older, more mature, and one that displays a true understanding of what luxury should be.  Unfortunately, this is in direct contrast to the behavior being display by posterboy designer, Marc Jacobs. I would like to light the match on this one, but after ten years and recent midlife crisis antics, isn’t it about time for a little reinvention.
New Vs. Old
Would a Marc-less Vuitton better match their new “adult” image?


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First Look: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens Elizabeth & James Fall 2008

Nylon Magazine shot these looks for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Elizabeth & James Fall 2008 collection. The collection seems completely off from the high couture the girls normally wear, which is actually a good thing.  The youngest grannies in NY have really taken their collection to a new level as seen from the photos here. Gloves, overcoats and very must have hats.

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Androgynous Fashion Goes to Far

Oh, Jessica Alba. What did they do to you?  Don’t you realize that Charlie Chaplan’s a Nazi. Now you’re a Nazi. Which means you’re baby will be some blonde haired supremist who’ll hate jews. Good job Albaquerque.

This spread in June’s Allure Magazine is at once the death of the androgynous trend and the nail in the coffin for celebrities paying flashback homage to dead celebrities. Seriously, Lohan as Marilyn, Jessica Simpson shaving for Esquire, Rosie O’Donnell as Danny Devito. It’s getting ridiculous.

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First Look: Stylista

They have a token fat girl. Aw, how sweet. It’s obviously not Vogue.

The new Tyra Bankable show based around interning at a magazine is finally getting some legs. These promo shots just hit the web and we’re guessing the show will be about as interesting as trying to find real substance in an issue of Elle.

I’m gonna give this show two episodes before I fully blast is for being a final nail in the coffin for traditional press. Last time I checked careers in the magazine game are hard to come by so I’m guessing this is some final attempt to prove to fashion lovers that working at a magazine is a “fun, low income way of spending your time”. If you want to go into publishing get a blog, seriously. Also, must every guy on this show look like a fashion cliche?!? I know it was filmed a few months ago but this shit looks dated already. The bolla hat, the scarf, the business look. If any of these fashionistas were smart they would have realized that they should have been rocking Fall 2008 goods to look like they are current. Oh well.

Below is a snap from some challenge in which they have to bring someone lunch. You can cut the tension with a knife. Actually you can’t, this is lame. Hopefully no one does anything remotely interesting and I never have to talk about this again.

The Devil Wears Prada Reality Show

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Under the Big Top of Color

Indie favorite Kitten Magazine takes us to the circus this month with their latest spread. Style notes to keep an eye on include bright spandex and electric blue nail polish.  I sort of wish more people we’re brave enough to rock these looks on the regular. But alas, you’re all cowards. jk.

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Daniel Saynt Weighs In on Grandma Crazy Hats

To say I love this hat would be an understatement. I want to make sweet passionate love to this hat, bury it in the ground, and then raise the half-man, half-acorn creature that arises from the demon soil of our sin. Super kudos for Sarah Jessica Parker for being brave enough to rock this look, full well knowing that all of America would question her style (and her sanity).

What this proves is that London, where this hat was premiered along with some little independent film called “Sex and the City”, is just a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. Don’t be shocked or appalled, it was bound to happen when Gap decided to introduce a pair of skinny jeans called the Williamsburg. Ya see, what happened was that Brooklyn got too cool to fast, to the point where it’s almost not cool anymore. London took over with it’s House of Holland crew, Peaches, and Ms. Deyn. Now we’re a few steps behind, but it doesn’t mean we can’t catch up, which takes us back to the hat. Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to show punk-poshed Londoners that NY still has a crazy sense of style, we’re still trendsetters and we know how to show it (in her case it was an acorn sprouting from her head. In your case it can be finally giving up leggings).

So thanks for giving us one final chance to prove our style worth SJP. I’m sort of glad the movie premiered in London now. Let’s remind these funny speaking nancies why NYC can’t be out sexed, but most importantly, out styled.

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Fashion Indie’s Extreme Makeover

In honor of our recently acquired investment molla, we’ve decided to bring on a couple of folks to give us a site an extreme makeover.

The changes are totally cosmetic, but will give you a fresh new FashionIndie.com to play with.

More comments, more user friendlyness and bigger pictures are all part of our changing.

Plus, to celebrate we’ll be introducing a couple of giveaways and prizes to top commenters and contributers. So join up and say something.

Hope you like it.

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First Project Runway, Then GenArt?

GenArt has always been a breeding ground for new talent, but it seems for the first time, it may have missed the boat on two young designers. Fortunately, they’re making up for it.

Project Runway’s Alison Kelly of Dahl and Jillian Lewis will be hitting the GenArt runway next Monday, after already being discovered by the producers of designer focused reality show.  Yes, GenArt is supposed to “discover” talent, but I guess this time it was just easier to flick on the telly.  No qualms though, we’ve worked with (and plan to continue working with) some amazing Runway talents including Malan Breton (heart of silk) and Zulema Griffin, so I guess it’s cool that the GenArt folks are starting to.

It would be rather amazing if Alison Kelly won top prize. She really does have a pretty awesome collection and it would be interesting to see if she could “make it” after runway.

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First Look: Leigh Lezark for IMG Models

Leigh Lezark for IMG Models

Holey Hipster Hang Ups Batman. It seems that Leigh is right on track to rule the runway. We just got sent some her comp card from IMG Models. The girl definitely knows how to strike a pose and with all the online buzz (hate that word) circulating about her getting signed, I’m sure it won’t be long before she lands a cover or two.

Watch your back Cory Kennedy, I knew scenesters going mainstream.

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Ruffian Plays Nice With Earnest Sewn

Ruffian is taking over the back room at the Earnest Sewn store in the Meatpacking District. They will be selling their much sought after goods and installing a very worth checking out visual instillation with Anne Koch.

The theme: Boarding School Rebel.

No talks yet on whether Agyness will show up on opening day (she’s an avid fan of the brand) but there might be hopes to spot the over-exposed one at a party being held at Earnest Sewn to celebrate the opening. The parties on May 27th, which gives you ample time to shop for a pick up the perfect Ruffian outfit.

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I Heart Kenzo

Loving everything pictured here.

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Amy Winehouse Does Yet Another Thing That Makes Us Want To Talk About Her and Her Trainwreck of a Life

Amy Winehouse recently got stuck in traffic (Oh, exciting. Tell me more.). Tired of waiting in her vehicle (and desperate for a hit of just about anything she could get her hands on) Amy walked the highway seeking out a fresh tailpipe in which she could attach her lips for a cool blast of CO2. Fortunately Amy found a fan (aka a UN Goodwill Ambassador who mistook her for a starving African) who helped her get her fix.

We have the photos and the “accurate” dialog below

UN Ambassador : Hello. My name is Jenny. I am with the UN Goodwill Mission. I am here to help you.

Amy: groans. belches. and scratches crotch

UN Ambassador: I just need to ask you a few questions before we can take you to our rehabilitation center.

Amy: They try to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no.

UN Ambassador: No miss. This isn’t rehab. It’s a center where they will provide food and medication.

Amy: Did you say medication? Where do I sign up…

UN Ambassador: Here you go, just fill this out.

UN Ambassador: Okay, boys take a photo for Angelina. Let her know we just found her next entrant into CODENAME: Adoption.

Remind me again why she’s a style icon?

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