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Jay-Hova’s Witness Loves Christian Dior



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Flashback: Fetish by Louboutin and Lynch

Does anyone remember the greatest collaboration of 2007? Christian Louboutin and David Lynch hadlocked heads and created a show, Fetish, which showed five limited edition pairs of shoes by Louboutin alongside five signed photographs of the shoes by Lynch. As if Louboutin’s day-to-day footwear weren’t fetishistic enough, the pair together had taken the theme to an entirely new level. Some erotic images from that show…



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Ashton Kutcher is a Money Spending Mitch

I officially hate Ashton cause he has money to blow like this on a daily. He is officially a Mitch (man + bitch).Seriously, when did Lisa Kline open a men’s store and who still shops at Ecko?

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Must Have Now : Lily Allen’s Michael Jackson Watch

So yeah, Lily Allen went blond, big deal, no one cares.

What I really care about is the incredibly desired Michael Jackson watch she’s sporting. This thing is off the cool meter and is officially on the top of my must have list. It’s instead cred and way more cooler than a Mickey band. Where can we get one?

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Kanye West Hangs With Steve Aoki. Yeah, We’re a Bit Jealous

The CobraSnake Spots Kanye and Kid Millionaire at some Jesus Freaks event.  Check out more here. 

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Oh Yeah, Kate Moss Has Kids

Kate Moss has Kids

It’s hard to imagine Kate Moss, the Last REAL Supermodel, with kids but, here you go. It’s a bit depressing as I can see Agyness popping out a few in a couple years and going the way to the Momster here, but alas kids are great, yah yah yah.

I wonder if that old one is at the age where she can recognize that her mom is a coked out monster who sleeps with baby faced heroin addicts yet?  The day will come little Kate in training and when it does be sure to get a good publisher to pen your book deal. Can anyone see Mommy Dearest 2 hitting cinemas in the near future?

I can.

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Haute Santa

christophe josse paris fashin week

Christophe Josse proves that even the North Pole can be Haute

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