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Daniel Saynt on Lawrence of America - June 24th

Mark Your Calendars Indies.

Daniel Saynt will be on Lawrence of America on the Travel Channel on Tuesday, June 24th at 11:30 p.m.

Details on the episode are below.


Lawrence goes to New York to explore the fashion industry. But not the fancy famous folks, he seeks the truth among fashion¿s fringe dwellers. He meets designers and has the chance to pose in a photo shoot. Lawrence explores the backstage at a real fashion show, and goes to the home of one of the models for a rare, exclusive look at their glamorous, exotic life. The New York fashion scene has never been probed like this before, but then very few global correspondents are willing to go through a fashion makeover — all in the name of truth.

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Fashion Indie: Banned in China

I received a tip this morning from Shanghai that has me wishing for some retaliation.

Not Sharon Stone “earthquake karma” retaliation, more along the lines of “I hope the leaders of China all get the shits today.”


Apparently our site is too “American ” for the commie bastards.  Okay, maybe that’s not true, but dammit our Chinese fans (all three of them) can’t get their daily dose of

The Cold War is still alive indies!!!  Pretty soon there will be an invasion so watch your backs and learn some Mandarin.

P.S. Love the Chinese. Hate the Government. Just thought I should say that before I get hate mail.

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Tonight We Dance. Tomorrow We Write!!!

Tonight we plan to dance, but tomorrow we will be up to our usually indie hijinks. So while everyone takes a break, we’ll be working. Yeah, Daniel Saynt’s a slave laborer, but we love it.

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Comments: Fashion Bonds

Great comment from Miss Violet on our recent post on Bondage in Fashion.

Being hog-tied to your shoes makes it hard to walk down a runway.

She looks scared and abused, not strong and capable. its no secret that women have often been sold as bound and gagged, under aged or desperately hiding age, embarassingly passive and submissive, and placed in large glossy print ads often scaling buildings to overlook the modern woman and to tell her what is beauty.

Politics aimed at controlling the masses often use the same tactics. take away knowledge that they could make decisions on their own and they loose ability to choose. convince them there is only one way to succeed and that they need to be constantly regulated to avoid chaos. bombard a society with images of what they want a woman to look like and suddenly what isn’t created in their image is discusting.

I agree with you, i’d rather see ads that show a woman that is capable of making her own decisions, defiant and looking above the age of 18 if they’re going to be in sexual positions. ms.crotch-in-the-air is not helping me buy things.

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Fashion Indie DVF Styling Event

A few nights ago Fashion Indie was part of a one of a kind styling event (thanks to Coutorture) with goddess Diane Von Furstenberg. The event, held at her flagship store in the Meatpacking District, was quite a success with NY bloggers coming together to dress and style models in anything DVF for a photoshoot. I dressed the prettiest little Australian model while Daniel was trying to make his girl look fierce (after his original outfit was rejected).

Daniel Saynt: “My outfit was not “rejected”, as Rebecca so elegantly suggests, it was just too extreme for the likes of Diane’s staff. I took two Andy Warhol printed scarfs with the Furstenbergers image on it and made them into a tie skirt for one of the models. The staff freaked for fear of affecting a relationship with the Warhol association. I quickly opted for another, less special skirt. Everyone was happyish.”

Anyways, we wanted your opinion on the best look of the night so we featured them below. If you pick Dan’s look as too banana he gets to feature some naked chicks on the site next week, if you choose mine, male models. Topless. Choose wisely.

Look One. Pretty in Pink

Look Two. Tied Up

Look Three. Bikini Becomes Her

Comment on your fave…

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ScarJo Acts A Musical Like in Nylon

For their annual music issue Nylon is putting actress, now ‘musician’, Scarlett Johanson on the cover. WHHAAATT you say-ScarJo is now a musician?! Well kind of. If you consider emo-watered down versions of amazing Tom Waits songs, music….then yes she is a musician. ScarJo is doing her best indie-glam look, Debbie Harry pout and all, for the June/July cover. Although she looks more like she is playing Karen O in a Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs biopic.

She has everything a wanna-be hipster musician needs:

-A guitar- that she most likely does not know how to play

-American Apparel skin tight latex leggings-in black

-Androgynous element of clothing-a vest

-Sparkley against color palette pumps-in Barbie pink

-Ironic billowy shirt-in yellow

However this issue is no harm, no foul because the whole thing will be up on their Myspace page.

Nylon’s Myspace

And for your viewing pleasure a video of ScarJo butchering Tom Wait’s song ‘Falling Down’

Scarlett Johansson singing Falling Down


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Good Old Gen Art Get’s Backed by Botox. Instantly Loses It’s Cool

I love Gen Art and for a long time we’ve looked to them as the model for how we set up our events but their newest sponsor is making them seem a like they’ve gotten a bit old.  Botox is the official backer of tonights Gen Art Styles event at the Hammerstein Ballroom, even going as far as to announce a Botox Design Vision Award for three lucky designers.  In it’s tenth year, it seems that Gen Art is growing up to be a little geriatric.  Of course, the claim is that the Botox is being used for excessive sweating, but any marketer will tell you that if you want to promote a product for a new purpose, a name change might help.

Listen Ian, if you need a fresh young start-up to change your image around, look no further than your friends at Fashion Indie. Our fashion events don’t require membership and we don’t let the folgies in.  Plus, all our sponsors fit our audience.

So keep this in mind young’uns.

Gen Art = Adult Diapers, Dentures, Botox.

Fashion Indie = Forgetting Who the Fuck is Lying Next To You After An All Night Fashion Show Dance Party.

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Fashion Indie’s Extreme Makeover

In honor of our recently acquired investment molla, we’ve decided to bring on a couple of folks to give us a site an extreme makeover.

The changes are totally cosmetic, but will give you a fresh new to play with.

More comments, more user friendlyness and bigger pictures are all part of our changing.

Plus, to celebrate we’ll be introducing a couple of giveaways and prizes to top commenters and contributers. So join up and say something.

Hope you like it.

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Comments From Our Readers

Sometimes our readers love us, sometimes they call me the local idiot. Here are some recent comments that got us talking at the offices of Fashion Indie Media.

From khalid the dread

i understand your frustration with folks who pretend to be more cool or “it” than they really are but youre way off the mark with this one, killa. its clear you dont know them or have ever been to the store, since you assume they have clowns and whatnot on the walls. now that i think about it, where in God’s name are you running if youre catering to spots with naked clowns on the wall, b? the shop is official, no lie so come check it out so you can write a follow up article which starts with an apology. oh and if im correct “it” usually means confidence in your own style and vision. they are confident in theirs and i for one get “it”

In response to Who Cried Wolf?

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Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Hate Darfur, Just Copyright Infringement

Pretty darn similar.Photo:, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton vs. Nadia Plesner battle is heating up, with the Danish art student questioning what can be considered art and the house of Marc trying to not seem like the bad guys while protecting their copyrights.

New York Magazine offered and insightful look at the lawsuit and how Louis was only taking the most logical step after dealing with an artist that refused to cease and desist. It’s one for the textbooks and will most likely  prevent other artists from messing with the Vuitton’s of the world any time soon. The full story below…

Earlier this week we ran a Q&A with Nadia Plesner, the Danish art student embroiled in a copyright lawsuit with Louis Vuitton. She created an image depicting a Darfurian child holding a bag based on a Louis Vuitton design for a campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Her message is that we care more about items like the Vuitton purse and the celebrities that carry them than serious issues like Darfur. Today a spokeswoman from Louis Vuitton rang us up to offer their side of the story.

She said the fashion house initially did not ask for damages when it noticed the colors and design of the bag in Plesner’s painting appeared to be an exact copy of the Audra bag pictured above. They sent Plesner a letter asking her to respect the rights of other artists like Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs and artist Takashi Murakami, who designed the bag. Plesner didn’t respond to the letter but continued her campaign and posted the letter on her Website. The spokeswoman also noted when Plesner started the campaign, she was donating 30 percent of the profits from the sale of T-shirts and posters with the image (now her Website says she’s donating 100 percent of the profits).

Since Plesner didn’t respond to Louis Vuitton, the house went to court in Paris to file an injunction. On March 25 the court declared the image was a clear infringement of Louis Vuitton’s copyright on the bag and ordered Plesner to cease and desist. When Plesner ignored this injunction, Louis Vuitton took further action and asked for 5,000 euros for each day she continued to sell the product (just under $7,700; some erroneous reports say $20,000 a day). “If companies don’t take action to protect trademarks, it’s harder to do so in the future,” the spokeswoman said. “I just think the way she’s portraying this she’s not telling what Louis Vuitton did to prevent the lawsuit.”

She added Louis Vuitton is not trying to stop Plesner’s campaign and hopes to find a solution to allow it to continue without infringing on Louis Vuitton’s intellectual-property rights.

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Desperately seeking office!!!

Desperately seeking office!!!

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Louis Vuitton Just Invited Us to Breakfast (File Under: Shit I Never Thought I’d Write In a Title)

First Gucci calls and invites me to their Madonna/Malawi Gala.

Then American Express makes nice for canceling our Peter Som invite by giving us VIP seats at Zac Posen.

Now Louis Vuitton has invited us to a breakfast with their CEO.

Somebody pinch me. I think I’ve died and gone to fashion heaven.

The house of Jacobs plans to play nice with a few fashion bloggers by letting us enjoy pancakes and OJ with
Louis Vuitton America’s main honcho.  We’ll give you the full report from our breakfast till next week, but just feel happy that you’re one of the few folks who get to live vicariously though us. Yeah, I know, you’re fucking jealous.

How’s this?

If we get anything at the event we’ll give it away on Promises. Sound like a fair compremise.

Check us out next week for the full story on our Louis Vuitton’s/Fashion Indie lovefest.

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Billionaire babes hosting a pa…

Billionaire babes hosting a party at reiss on west broadway 20% off starts at 7pm

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