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One of Our Own is “Clashing”

Our girly Sara Zucker decided to be brave a rock the ‘clashing’ trend we wrote about recently, and she looks great, despite the blurry pic.  Go Sara.

Check out Sara’s blog here.

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Indies Speak: Ill_Threadz Comments on Fergie

Weird. I couldn’t agree more. Fergie is just one of way too many celebrities who have, it seems, suddenly gotten the calling to become “fashion designers”. But the reality is that they’re only calling themselves designers and not because they have a real passion (or possess the creative talent needed) to design apparel but simply to capitalize on their celebrity brand name.

And their justification for becoming “designers” goes something like, “I like to shop for clothes so that must mean I can design clothes too”.

The fact is that celebs are signing simply merchandising deals with apparel makers. Then they sit down with a design team, maybe fill out some kind of questionaire detailing “what i like to wear” and “what i don’t like to wear”. Then the team shows them some samples, the celeb plays “like it, like it, hate it, like it…” and voila! A new celebrity designer is born.

Fortunately for us most of these fake celebrity brands fall flat on their faces. Let’s hope that this sickening “celeb designer” trend dies the quick and painless (for us) death it so richly deserves.

P.S. And I feel that fergie’s been bitin’ gwen stefani’s musical riffs ever since she went solo. :)

Check out Ill_Threadz MySpace

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Fashion Indie is Recognized at Chic Conference



Last Friday, Busie Matsiko, Fashion Indie’s co-founder and CEO was invited to speak and moderate at The Annual Womensphere conference. The inspiring day conference was held at Manhattan’s Hunter College. The room brought powerful women together; CEO’s, founders, entrepreneurs, and more. Notably, among the celebrated guests,Fashion Indie friends, Enyinne Owunwanne, co-founder of the Uptown Emerging Designers Market,  and Zulema Griffin, Project Runway Season 2 finalist, were present, and dropped their fabulous fashionable words of wisdom.  

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Ottilie Brodmann Bridal Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

I spent the past weekend searching high and low for a wedding dress. If you weren’t aware, I’m set to marry a certain “Sayntly” individual on September 13th of this year. I finally found the perfect dress but now I’m wishing I had seen this collection first. The photos above are from Ottilie Brodmann, a designer you can find on INDIES UNITED.

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Comments: Fashion Bonds

Great comment from Miss Violet on our recent post on Bondage in Fashion.

Being hog-tied to your shoes makes it hard to walk down a runway.

She looks scared and abused, not strong and capable. its no secret that women have often been sold as bound and gagged, under aged or desperately hiding age, embarassingly passive and submissive, and placed in large glossy print ads often scaling buildings to overlook the modern woman and to tell her what is beauty.

Politics aimed at controlling the masses often use the same tactics. take away knowledge that they could make decisions on their own and they loose ability to choose. convince them there is only one way to succeed and that they need to be constantly regulated to avoid chaos. bombard a society with images of what they want a woman to look like and suddenly what isn’t created in their image is discusting.

I agree with you, i’d rather see ads that show a woman that is capable of making her own decisions, defiant and looking above the age of 18 if they’re going to be in sexual positions. ms.crotch-in-the-air is not helping me buy things.

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Comments From Our Readers

Sometimes our readers love us, sometimes they call me the local idiot. Here are some recent comments that got us talking at the offices of Fashion Indie Media.

From khalid the dread

i understand your frustration with folks who pretend to be more cool or “it” than they really are but youre way off the mark with this one, killa. its clear you dont know them or have ever been to the store, since you assume they have clowns and whatnot on the walls. now that i think about it, where in God’s name are you running if youre catering to spots with naked clowns on the wall, b? the shop is official, no lie so come check it out so you can write a follow up article which starts with an apology. oh and if im correct “it” usually means confidence in your own style and vision. they are confident in theirs and i for one get “it”

In response to Who Cried Wolf?

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