INDIES UNITED Giveaway from Louis Vuitton

Hey Indies,

This week Louis Vuitton sent us a major goodie. It’s the Louis Vuitton Bible and it’s filled with a massive history lesson on the start of the company, Marc Jacobs, and the birth of modern luxury.

It retails for $125 and we’re giving away one for free.

We’re giving away a copy of the massive book to one of our INDIES UNITED members. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a club for our most devoted readers, folks who love us so much they spread the word about us and wear their indie love on their sleeves.

It’s free to join and there are only a few members so your chances to win free stuff are pretty good.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN and we’ll announce our winner on Monday!!!

Peace out,

Love Fashion Indie.

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