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Daniel Saynt on Lawrence of America - June 24th

Mark Your Calendars Indies.

Daniel Saynt will be on Lawrence of America on the Travel Channel on Tuesday, June 24th at 11:30 p.m.

Details on the episode are below.


Lawrence goes to New York to explore the fashion industry. But not the fancy famous folks, he seeks the truth among fashion¿s fringe dwellers. He meets designers and has the chance to pose in a photo shoot. Lawrence explores the backstage at a real fashion show, and goes to the home of one of the models for a rare, exclusive look at their glamorous, exotic life. The New York fashion scene has never been probed like this before, but then very few global correspondents are willing to go through a fashion makeover — all in the name of truth.

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Fashion Indie: Banned in China

I received a tip this morning from Shanghai that has me wishing for some retaliation.

Not Sharon Stone “earthquake karma” retaliation, more along the lines of “I hope the leaders of China all get the shits today.”


Apparently our site is too “American ” for the commie bastards.  Okay, maybe that’s not true, but dammit our Chinese fans (all three of them) can’t get their daily dose of

The Cold War is still alive indies!!!  Pretty soon there will be an invasion so watch your backs and learn some Mandarin.

P.S. Love the Chinese. Hate the Government. Just thought I should say that before I get hate mail.

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Fashion Indie DVF Styling Event

A few nights ago Fashion Indie was part of a one of a kind styling event (thanks to Coutorture) with goddess Diane Von Furstenberg. The event, held at her flagship store in the Meatpacking District, was quite a success with NY bloggers coming together to dress and style models in anything DVF for a photoshoot. I dressed the prettiest little Australian model while Daniel was trying to make his girl look fierce (after his original outfit was rejected).

Daniel Saynt: “My outfit was not “rejected”, as Rebecca so elegantly suggests, it was just too extreme for the likes of Diane’s staff. I took two Andy Warhol printed scarfs with the Furstenbergers image on it and made them into a tie skirt for one of the models. The staff freaked for fear of affecting a relationship with the Warhol association. I quickly opted for another, less special skirt. Everyone was happyish.”

Anyways, we wanted your opinion on the best look of the night so we featured them below. If you pick Dan’s look as too banana he gets to feature some naked chicks on the site next week, if you choose mine, male models. Topless. Choose wisely.

Look One. Pretty in Pink

Look Two. Tied Up

Look Three. Bikini Becomes Her

Comment on your fave…

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Good Old Gen Art Get’s Backed by Botox. Instantly Loses It’s Cool

I love Gen Art and for a long time we’ve looked to them as the model for how we set up our events but their newest sponsor is making them seem a like they’ve gotten a bit old.  Botox is the official backer of tonights Gen Art Styles event at the Hammerstein Ballroom, even going as far as to announce a Botox Design Vision Award for three lucky designers.  In it’s tenth year, it seems that Gen Art is growing up to be a little geriatric.  Of course, the claim is that the Botox is being used for excessive sweating, but any marketer will tell you that if you want to promote a product for a new purpose, a name change might help.

Listen Ian, if you need a fresh young start-up to change your image around, look no further than your friends at Fashion Indie. Our fashion events don’t require membership and we don’t let the folgies in.  Plus, all our sponsors fit our audience.

So keep this in mind young’uns.

Gen Art = Adult Diapers, Dentures, Botox.

Fashion Indie = Forgetting Who the Fuck is Lying Next To You After An All Night Fashion Show Dance Party.

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Louis Vuitton Just Invited Us to Breakfast (File Under: Shit I Never Thought I’d Write In a Title)

First Gucci calls and invites me to their Madonna/Malawi Gala.

Then American Express makes nice for canceling our Peter Som invite by giving us VIP seats at Zac Posen.

Now Louis Vuitton has invited us to a breakfast with their CEO.

Somebody pinch me. I think I’ve died and gone to fashion heaven.

The house of Jacobs plans to play nice with a few fashion bloggers by letting us enjoy pancakes and OJ with
Louis Vuitton America’s main honcho.  We’ll give you the full report from our breakfast till next week, but just feel happy that you’re one of the few folks who get to live vicariously though us. Yeah, I know, you’re fucking jealous.

How’s this?

If we get anything at the event we’ll give it away on Promises. Sound like a fair compremise.

Check us out next week for the full story on our Louis Vuitton’s/Fashion Indie lovefest.

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Maurices Fashion Show TODAY!!!

Big, Huge Massive News INDIES!!!

Today is the Maurices fashion show where we will announce our Project Handbag winner!!!

For all of you who voted for a winner (nearly 17,000 of you) this is the big day that we announce the final winner, who will see their handbag put into production and sold in Maurices stores all across the country.

We’ll be live twittering from Hotel Gansevoort all day long, so be sure to check here for quick little updates on what’s going on.

Tomorrow we’ll have a behind the scenes runthru of the event and exclusive pictures.

Plus, we’ll make the big announcement and introduce the world to the winning designer and handbag!!!

We can’t wait.

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MTV True Life : I’m Going to Fashion Week on SATURDAY at 2PM

MTV True Life : I’m Going to Fashion Week

Time to set your TIVO’s Indies!!! The MTV True Life episode featuring the fashion show we hosted for Cassie Kogler of New York Couture premieres on Saturday. Cassie is one of our faves and is without a doubt an indie darling and amazing designer. We can’t wait to see the result of MTV’s camera’s on the girl 24/7 for one full month.

Gotta love it!!!

Also, big, huge major, major shout out to our favorite person in the world Segment Producer, Amy Bonezzi for making this happen. After she found the love story theme between Daniel Saynt and Rebecca Alexander theme to be a bit “not right” for this episode, she still stuck with us eventually filming the designer we were working with on this fashion week blow-out!!!

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Fashion Indie, Web Snob, Coutorture, and Bubble Girl Get Some Notice

Though it has long been a cliché to talk about an Internet revolution, in the fashion world, companies are still figuring out how to join it, especially when it comes to online media.
Fashion houses first dipped their toe in the waters of the blogging world by granting credentials for bloggers to enter the tents at New York Fashion Week and, if they were lucky, standing room space at a few shows. Eventually, some of the more reputable — or aggressive — were granted seats.

Now, between the seemingly anarchic independent online venues and the ever-striving but sometimes anemic Web offerings of magazine companies, fashion brands and public-relations firms are starting to suss out places where the relationships can progress.

“All these things we’ve been hearing about for years are starting to come through,” said Alex Bolen, chief executive officer of Oscar de la Renta. “In the blogosphere, the wheat is being separated from the chaff. I would say that respected and trusted authorities are emerging.”

For de la Renta, that’s meant tentative but pioneering steps to collaborate with bloggers in a manner similar to the company’s relationships with the big media companies.

And while Internet-only venues are still experimenting themselves, some are becoming more like fashion magazines in other ways. Julie Fredrickson of Coutorture, who has made herself prominent in the debate, said she no longer considers Coutorture a blog, since it has begun steadily producing editorial shoots with models (mostly working for free) and samples called in from designers. They shot de la Renta and Isaac Mizrahi fall collections for online spreads that cost about $300 to $400 each to produce — not exactly Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, but significantly more investment than some might expect.

“I got tired of blogging in a lot of ways,” Fredrickson said. “A lot of people are focused on re-blogging stuff. It’s not actually media — it’s looking at photos and commenting on it. Fast, real-time shoots, sort of guerrilla fashion spreads, are the next revolution.”

In an industry built partly on exclusivity and limited access, participating in such projects is a gamble for these companies. “We as brand managers spend a lot of time trying to protect and control our environment,” conceded Bolen. “There is a certain giving up of control once things go out on the Internet….[But] my feeling is that it will happen anyway, so I’d rather be involved.”

Deciding where to focus that involvement has become easier now that there are known quantities of online fashion writers among the countless bloggers out there — even if they aren’t commercial ventures on the scale of a major fashion title. “There’s a weeding-out period,” said Lesley Scott, editor in chief of Fashion Tribes, adding, “There are higher standards now. It’s not enough to have a blog. You have to earn your readership on a weekly and daily basis.”

Of course, some companies remain uninterested in dealing with bloggers. “The biggest resistance I feel is from brands that don’t want overexposure — the very elite, very high-fashion brands that are concerned with oversaturation in the market,” said Susan Cernek, fashion and beauty director of the blog network

Still, the targeting possibilities online are significant. As persistent job cuts and readership declines continue to afflict the newspaper industry, local bloggers become a way to fill the vacuum for brands looking to make a dent in that particular region. “There are fashion bloggers in a lot of major markets where the local offline press does not have a style section. In those places, targeting local fashion bloggers helps build that buzz in small but major markets,” Cernek said.

Hamilton South, partner at HL Group, recalled seeing such a phenomenon in action with Tina Craig of the blog Bag Snob at a Valextra event in Dallas, an experience that countered any supposition that fashion blogs’ readers are kids who can’t afford to buy. “These were very serious grown-up female consumers,” South recalled. “Many were middle aged, very affluent, and [Craig] was the voice of authority.”

And contrary to the image of the blogger setting up shop to reap freebies, Craig at least said she buys all of her own bags and sends back bags sent to her from p.r. firms to retain her objectivity, unless they’re to be used for giveaway contests on the site.

Craig and her business partner, Kelly Cook, have leveraged their audience of 200,000 uniques and 500,000 page views per month — and their previous experiences in the fashion and entertainment industries — to forge closer contacts with brands. At de la Renta, for instance, Craig visited the showroom and what she referred to as “Oscar’s inner sanctum.”

“I got more out of him in that hour than in any of my years in the fashion industry,” she raved. The Web site and the fashion house cohosted an event in Dallas and at the Melrose Oscar de la Renta stores.

“That was a culmination of two years on our part to show that we’re professionals,” she said. “We’re working to change the way consumers and manufacturers interact.”

She pointed to one de la Renta fall handbag, the Goya, which drew tremendous interest after being featured on Bag Snob. “The projected price was $11,000. After we featured it, there was such a huge response and so many people were calling, they dropped it to $4,750.”

(Bolen had a slightly different take, however. “What would be fair to say is that the demand that came exclusively from Bag Snob readers had us rethink our projections and production assumptions for that bag. Whether that had a price impact, I think that might be a bit of a stretch.”)

“We are not deluded in thinking our blogs will ever replace Vogue or Allure, but we think we strive to be a strong supplement to them and fill a niche that we feel is missing,” Craig told WWD.

As fashion brands experiment with online advertising and their own e-commerce and content sites, their editorial collaborations with online venues are helping them figure out what to do. But the ground is still shifting, both for them and for the bloggers, who are suddenly getting calls and e-mails returned they might never have gotten before. “The old way of doing things was very set in stone,” said Scott. “We’re all making it up. We all can have a hand in making it a good, healthy thing, or making it adversarial.”

Witness Gucci’s experience in trying to marshal fashion bloggers for its microsite to celebrate the opening of the company’s Manhattan flagship during New York Fashion Week, following a similar effort by Chanel, which in September flew a group of bloggers from around the world to Paris to promote its Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Gucci flew in bloggers from places like London and Japan, all expenses paid, and asked some to blog about their favorite New York experiences. Fashion Indie blogger Daniel Saynt complained on his blog, to broad pickup around the Web, that actual New York-based bloggers had been shafted, and he later received an invite to the brand’s lavish party at the United Nations. (A spokeswoman for Gucci said New York bloggers had always been invited, but that not all were able to attend.)

There, Saynt chatted and took photos with creative director Frida Giannini, and the company also had a bloggers-only tour of the store hosted by chief executive Mark Lee. “Can’t hate on Gucci anymore,” Saynt wrote on his blog. “Good job Gucci on keeping tabs on us rogue publishers. It’s the Wild, Wild West on the Web and it seems you’ve figured out ways to keep us outlaws happy.”

Inevitably, the more access independent online fashion media gets, the more liable it is to fall under the pressures of traditional fashion media: advertisers counting editorial credits, and write-ups glossing over certain things for the sake of relationships. Bloggers are still wrestling with the question.

“I’ll be brutally honest and say that when Gucci first approached me about participating in this trip and attending the event…I had to question whether me posting about Gucci, a brand that I have never shown great love for, would be blog-ethical,” wrote Susie Bubble of Style Bubble in London. “The way I did approach it is to perhaps try and see if I would personally have a change of opinion, whilst taking in a trip on behalf of the blog.”

But like print magazines, many bloggers believe they’ll be able to maintain their editorial integrity. Craig noted that even when her site is tough on bags from Louis Vuitton or those on offer at eLuxury — a site with which it partners — the posts are still referring readers and buyers to those sites. “They all realize that being talked about is good, even when it’s not so positive,” she said.

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Fashion Indie Makes the List

All you indies have been dedicated to our rantings for some time (we thank you for that), but now we’re getting some majorish attention from the likes of Time Out NY!!! They just listed us amongst ( I Love/Hate them), Satorialist (Are you still considered cool now that Conde Nast owns your balls) and two other irreverent sites as “the NYC fashion blogs you should know”. Mucho gracias Time Out NY!!!


Five NYC fashion blogs you should know


1 Fashionista
Probably the most slickly written and au courant of the style blogs, its coverage isn’t terribly New York specific, but the attitude is very much “Gotham snark.” Plus, there are posts pegged not just to Gossip Girl, but to individual characters.

2 The Sartorialist
Curious what other New Yorkers are wearing? This trained fashion photographer snaps pics of the most fabulously dressed people he finds at glamorous events—or simply on the street. His keenly honed eye leads to portraits that can be a constant source of inspiration.

3 Fashion Indie
This newsy blog reviews the fashion trends and serves up dish on the latest collections, while occasionally calling designers out for regrettable missteps. New York shoppers should keep a look out for their boutique critiques.

4 In My Bag
People are spending more on bags than on entire outfits these days, which perhaps explains how this blog manages to be fresh and interesting despite the one-note focus. In My Bag helps bagistas (if you’ll forgive the term) see what’s out there and where to find it.

5 Fashion Binge
Promising “so much style, you’ll want to vom,” this site’s commentary is dosed with a heaping spoonful of irreverence. Also a practical resource, Fashion Binge helps you find the latest trends at prices you can afford.

Time Out New York / Issue 651 : Mar 19–25, 2008



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Sheila Frank Runway Photos


To see all the photos, visit Flickr. 

Photos courtesy of a dear friend and great photographer, Rick Louis.

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Fashion Indie Get’s Nominated for a Glam Award!!!

Hey Indies,

Big news. We got nominated for a Glam Award!!! It’s kind of like the Academy Awards of fashion blogging. We were nominated in the fashion category and we’re craving a win!!!  Be sure to vote for us and tell your friends to vote and possibly even hire some people to vote cause we really do deserve this bitch.  If you love Fashion Indie and want us to be happy, VOTE NOW!!!

Peace in the Lower East,

Daniel Saynt

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Arizona Loves Us

Daniel Saynt and Fashion Indie just got a big mention in the Arizona Local News.  Yeah, random…

You can read the full article after the jump. My parts are highlighted for emphasis (why does that sound dirty to me).

Thanks so much for your article Pilar Conci.

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The Gucci Saga Continues : Fashion Indie on Gothamist

 Our post on Gucci’s lack of love for New York bloggers got linked to in today’s Gothamist.Apparently Gucci never got the okay from the state to use the “Heart New York” logo.  Sorry to hear that Gucci, hopefully all the money raised from the bags won’t go into legal fees.Read the full article here.  Thanks for reading Fashion Indie blogging buddies. 

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