Post Rehab Mendes Spreads Them for Italian Vogue

Eva Mendes is vintagely hotness in Italian Vogue. Naughty, naughty Ms. Mendes. Rehab has treated you well.

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Chloe Sevigny. Faking Green?

Chloe Sevigny was recently interviewed by New York Magazine. The chick might me more eco-crazed than we originally thought.

“I’m really green, yeah. I annoy everybody, all my friends. Well, I have some friends that are really green, but most of them — I don’t want to use the term Nazi, but I’m very extreme,” Sevigny said. “I don’t ever use plastic bags. Um, I always bring my own to the grocery store. Even when I go to my local bodega, they’re like, ‘No bag, right?’ They always make jokes about me.”

“I try to take smaller baths, I try to eat less meat, I try to only buy organic, and I don’t dry my clothes in the dryer — I hand-dry them.” She “hand-dries” all of her clothes?!

“Sometimes I’ll put them in the dryer for five minutes just to soften it up,” she confessed.

But what if she wants to wear something last minute? “I don’t,” she said. “Ever.”

Okay Chloe, I think you just laid I giant pile of green bullshit cause no one is that much of an eco-nazi.

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Greatest MTV Show Ever!!!!

First Real World Brooklyn. Now this. MTV might be on a roll.

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First Look: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens Elizabeth & James Fall 2008

Nylon Magazine shot these looks for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Elizabeth & James Fall 2008 collection. The collection seems completely off from the high couture the girls normally wear, which is actually a good thing.  The youngest grannies in NY have really taken their collection to a new level as seen from the photos here. Gloves, overcoats and very must have hats.

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Real World: Brooklyn. Hell to the YEAH!!!

Has casting started for this yet?  Real World will be filmed in Brooklyn next season. That’s right folks. New York is out, Brooklyn is in. I hope they film this in Williamsburg or better yet DUMBO (that’s were we live) and hopefully they cast me, cause I own this bitch.

I know everyone will be hating on this cause hipsters suck, blah, blah, blah. But I’m just glad my borough is getting some love. I’m sure the show will focus around bloggers, cause there really is no better career in Brooklyn. Well, there is always selling rocks, but that’s way to Jay Z for my tastes.

Thank you MTV. You actually might be more relevant than I thought.

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Androgynous Fashion Goes to Far

Oh, Jessica Alba. What did they do to you?  Don’t you realize that Charlie Chaplan’s a Nazi. Now you’re a Nazi. Which means you’re baby will be some blonde haired supremist who’ll hate jews. Good job Albaquerque.

This spread in June’s Allure Magazine is at once the death of the androgynous trend and the nail in the coffin for celebrities paying flashback homage to dead celebrities. Seriously, Lohan as Marilyn, Jessica Simpson shaving for Esquire, Rosie O’Donnell as Danny Devito. It’s getting ridiculous.

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Daniel Saynt Weighs In on Grandma Crazy Hats

To say I love this hat would be an understatement. I want to make sweet passionate love to this hat, bury it in the ground, and then raise the half-man, half-acorn creature that arises from the demon soil of our sin. Super kudos for Sarah Jessica Parker for being brave enough to rock this look, full well knowing that all of America would question her style (and her sanity).

What this proves is that London, where this hat was premiered along with some little independent film called “Sex and the City”, is just a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. Don’t be shocked or appalled, it was bound to happen when Gap decided to introduce a pair of skinny jeans called the Williamsburg. Ya see, what happened was that Brooklyn got too cool to fast, to the point where it’s almost not cool anymore. London took over with it’s House of Holland crew, Peaches, and Ms. Deyn. Now we’re a few steps behind, but it doesn’t mean we can’t catch up, which takes us back to the hat. Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to show punk-poshed Londoners that NY still has a crazy sense of style, we’re still trendsetters and we know how to show it (in her case it was an acorn sprouting from her head. In your case it can be finally giving up leggings).

So thanks for giving us one final chance to prove our style worth SJP. I’m sort of glad the movie premiered in London now. Let’s remind these funny speaking nancies why NYC can’t be out sexed, but most importantly, out styled.

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Calvin Klein: The Original American Apparel

Yeah, American Apparel ads are sexualized and pornographic, but Calvin Klein was playing this the creepy lensman theme way before it was accepted. Check out these banned CK ads, imagine the camera man is Terry Richardson, and pray that CK is smart enough to hire him to make these ads happen again with some of todays models.  Dirty, Dirty.

PS. Number 5 is Bijou Philips


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Clemence Posey Mesmorizes

Yes, we’re still addicted.

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Sneak Preview: Weddings on Gossip Girl


As you can see a couple of our most beloved characters are sporting some pretty high-fashion outfits especially for the television event.

It is floral all the way at this GG wedding, with Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) looking spectacular in a Ralph Lauren yellow tiered halter neck from the designer’s spring 2008 collection. She has even continued the black gloves from the catwalk show for that extra special glamorous touch.

Looking equally glam is Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) in a pink halter neck bubble dress by Australian designer Collette Dinnigan. In typical Blair style, the Queen Bee of GG matches her outfit with pink accessories, not forgetting her signature headband.

The wedding season finale was filmed yesterday on location in New York. In other GG goss, it is rumoured that Lisa Loeb might actually perform on the show… how bizarre!

Content courtesy of ShinyStyle

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Gwyny P. Holdin’ It Down For Working Mothers


I have been known through the years to call Gwyneth Paltrow everything from a ‘melanin deficient bean pole’ to ‘bulimic boy chested trollop’ to ‘talentless slope headed bone bag’…..but I digress.  I never agreed with people labeling her a “Trendsetter” but I’ve also been known to form opinions in haste.  Therefore, I must apologize to Gwyny P. becuz clearly giving birth to two parasites has done wonders for her body.  I’m of course referring to her recently making the rounds to promote her return to the big screen but she’s killing the red carpet.  My favorite is the black lace and beaded Balmain mini dress with satine lapeled blazer and 4inch McQueen platform pumps (above) yea Mama, that’s the good stuff baby!  Hot Legs,  the greatest accessory known to man!

Look below for more Oscar winnin’ McGoodness:


   Peek-a-boo Stella McCartney


Hot’n'Sexy in Preen


    Razzle Dazzle in Sonia Rykiel 

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Terry Richardson Shoots Iron Man

It’s all fun and games till someone loses a testicle.

Robert Downey Jr (favorite actor ever) was shot by Terry Richardson for GQ magazine. The spreads were definitely tame by Richardson’s standards, which could be due to the magazines strict rules for Terry or Robert’s mainstream taming. God damn is rehab a bitch. If you haven’t seen Iron Man, go see it today. The movie is by far one of the best of the Summer blockbuster season and deserves a sequel or two.   More Robert Picts after the jump…

Photos courtesy of GQ

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Sundance Has Just Made Porno Green?!?

So watching this show.  There is nothing better than people in earthworm costumes fucking. The ridiculousness is amazing and the story plots focussed around animals, bugs and other creatures mating is the stuff of television gold. Plus

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