N.E.R.D. Nose

N.E.R.D. nose what you’re doing in the bathroom ladies. Well, actually everyone nose what you’re doing in there. Seriously, you have to remember to wipe your nose when you come out of there. This looks like every party I’ve ever been to in New York. I’m really glad rappers are stepping away from the normal big booty, crazy shaking videos and showing the world what the scene in the city actually looks like. Sweaty, coke filled, and slutty.

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Agyness Deyn and the Five O’ Clock Heroes Who Video


Someone loves voice synthesizers.

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April 77 Records Artist of the Month: The Red Hearts

Vintage-inspired skinny jeans $200, limited edition tee $110, hair cut from punk chop shop $80.

Looking like you’re part of the band. Priceless.

Our sound is fast and tough. We dig the Clash, Buzzcocks, The Jam and all that mid-70’s early punk stuff. The list could go on and on…

-Lenny Pops, singer of THE RED HEARTS.

The line between fashion and music get blurred a little bit more this month as French jeanswear label April 77 introduces April 77 Records, a collaboration between fresh bands and the clothing company. Each month, April 77 jeans and merchandise will feature special codes which can be used to redeem free music on their site from some of the world’s best up and coming bands.  This month, THE RED HEARTS

are a household name in the Los Angeles indie rock and punk scene. They are lead by Lenny Pops, who formed the band in 2004 after having played in the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The guys have shared the stage with cult icons such as Silver Apples, The Avengers, as well as playing with many of todays top bands including Black Lips and Lords of Altamont.


I first saw Lenny on New Years Eve of 2007. With his jangling Rickenbacker, striped shirt and curls, he stood apart from his garage rockin mates. This boy was pop-incarnated. As I danced my ass off I couldnt help but wonder what his story was. Where did this guy come from? Obviously not Lala, the land of garage psychedelia.

And so it goes, his name is Lenny Pops, hes from Detroit and spent a chunk of his youth in Atlantic City, which explains his intense fondness for Lucy the Elephant (The Amusement Park). His beating red heart is shared by Punk and Powerpop and, of course, his lovely wife.

When he started THE RED HEARTS, their first single - More and Faster - manifested itself as a proper punk anthem best described as raw. But I thought they were a Powerpop band… At least thats what their MySpace said!

Being the snot nosed, MySpacin’, Powerpop victim that I am, I was immediately up Mr. Pops ass about this. Are THE RED HEARTS a pop band or not? Four drummers later, and then there was light!

Their next single, Let’s Get Lost - out as APRIL77RECORDS first release in April - is a fucking gem. A perfect balance of everything we love. Gary Valentine meets Elvis Costello on Adderall with a Farfisa! Punk, Powerpop, whatchamacallit, its a mover!

-Stephanie, Sales Charmer at APRIL77RECORDS

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Listen Up: The Plastiscines

Last night we missed French export Yelle as she preformed at Hiro Ballroom (indie friendlies Love Brigade didn’t miss the festivities), but its a quartet of ladies from the land of Evian that have gotten our attention lately. The Plastiscines are quickly becoming a group worth noting since they rocked the Coachella music festival last weekend and managed a WWD photoshoot just a few hours after their performance.  Lead singer Louise talked to the paper about her style saying, “I like to mix everything — Seventies, Sixties and Nineties stuff…I really like Patti Smith’s style and Debbie Harry’s style, but I don’t have one specific influence.”

When comparing style in Paris to the US the Louise said,  “It’s way easier to dress as you want [in the U.S.]…In Paris, people are stylish, but in a classical way. Like, Katty wouldn’t wear that (an electric blue vintage dress) on the street in Paris.”  Really, you can’t wear electric blue in Paris?  Not even in the Red Light district?

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TrendSpark: I’m Loving It

Amy Winehouse is once again setting trends, this time it’s all about the grub. That’s right indies, McDonald’s is officially in. Alright that’s a whole lot of bull shit. McD’s french fries taste like soggy, salted cardboard when compared to the fine frites we get here in New York, but in honor of Amy’s greasy potato addiction, we figured we’d leave you with a few spots in NYC to get some wicked fries that won’t have you walking into the loving arms of Ronald.

Pommes Frites. 123 2nd Ave. New York- One of the original prevaricators of crisp taters, Pommes Frites are a Belgium creation that gives you cones filled with delicious fries. Best of all each batch comes with your choice of dipping sauce, which includes wild creations like mango chutney, Vietnamese pineapple mayo, and pomegranate teriyaki.

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. 138 Montague St, between Henry & Clinton, Brooklyn - Shoestring fry lovers will have to hit up this spot where the classic burger has been revitalized and the fries are always freshly made. The secret is that the fries are made in peanut oil, which makes them feel less weighed down and lighter.

Big Daddy’s Diner. 239 Park Ave, South, New York - Since watching Napoleon Dynamite I’ve had this strange lust for tater tots that have driven me to the brink of heading into a middle school and waiting in line with a bunch of prepubescents a-holes (I don’t like kids when they reach that I’m better than you age.) Which is why I love Big Daddy’s restaurant. They have the best tater tots in the city and if you ask Rebecca nice enough she’ll let you know how that spot holds a special spot in our hearts.

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The Teenagers After Party - Tonight at Studio B

Official after-party for THE TEENAGERS Music Hall of Williamsburg Show!

With the return of EROL ALKAN (UK)

Plus resident DJs JDH & DAVE P

10pm, 21+
$10 advance tickets at, and Other Music. $12 at the door.

@ Studio B, 259 Banker Street (between Calyer & Meserole), Greenpoint.

*Complementary Colt 45 and RiZE from 10-11pm

**Anyone with a ticket stub from The Teenagers show gets in to FIXED for $8 at the door!

If you miss the Teenagers tonight at the Music Hall be sure not to miss them at their after party.


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Gareth Pugh Parties with the Misshapes

Photo Illustration: Getty Images (

Fashion Week comes early this year. Dozens of designers are flying in for the MET Gala next week, but only one is throwing a party. Gareth Pugh will be playing nice with the MisShapes for a party that only a select elite will be able to get into (that means all of you indies).  Definitely not the one to miss.

GrandLife NYC, MisShapes & Seven New York Invite you to a night with: Gareth Pugh & Tommy SalehGareth Pugh
Joseph Quartana
The MissShapes [sic]
Spencer Product
2 Mandy DJs

This Saturday May 3rd: 10pm-3am

Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of the Americas

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MIA’s Clothing Line Isn’t Really Worth Stealing, But In Case it Is…

Sri Lankan rapper and Marc Jacobs covergirl M.I.A. has a clothing line.  I know very, very shocking that another celebrity has another clothing line. wow.

The self titled collection is inspired by M.I.A’s own tour gear and the tiny raptress wears the line while on stage. Made up of really bright bomber jackets, leggings and T-shirts, all done up in the bold hues and graphic prints for which the singer is known, the collection is available in London (but I’m sure there are some plans in the works to get them in the States soon).

Aside from being a perfect way to express you love of Paper Planes, M.I.A’s line also offers a bit of security from theft.  Explains the pint-sized rhymesmith to WWD: “With my stuff, because everything’s really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, ‘Oy! Give me my shirt back!’”

Of course the question remains, who would actually want to steal your neon bomber jacket?  Aside from this guy, that is.


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The Misshapes are the Naked Cowboys of the Hipster Set

Gawker categorized the Misshapes into a list of New York Eccentrics (also see weirdos) that consists of He-Man, The Naked Cowboy, some Asian dude with pigtails and that weird balding dude from Williamsburg with a mullet. Ouch.

I guess being different has it’s penalties.

Gawker’s article is below.

Picture 3-17

“He-Man” is stalked by Paul Briganti and his informants at, which Briganti created with the comedy group Beast after “I was at a bank talking to a friend about this guy and someone overheard me and knew who we were talking about,” Briganti told Wired. Top marks for muscle definition.


The Naked Cowboy has been around forever and kind of wants his infamy a bit too much. And yet there he is, still at it. You have to admire naked ambition (HEY-OH!).


The DJ trio MisShapes have elevated themselves, if only barely, beyond the typical, calculated quirks of hipsterdom and into the gloriously marketable and annoying arms of arty eccentricity.


We still don’t know the name of this Asian guy with ponytails. But a couple of weeks ago he took a near-naked walk through SoHo with a Whole Foods bag, and we’re betting he’s going to keep distinguishing himself.


Williamsburg mullet guy needs no introduction, because he became the obsession of a borough — no, an entire city — for months on end. His bald-in-the-front, skyscraper-in-the-back haircut terrorized Brooklynites at the start of what was supposed to be a happy New Year. An ironic-hair-cut sketch artist quickly issued a rough whiteboard rendering. A reward was offered. Weeks passed. Nothing. Then, a photo. Eventually, an identity emerged: He was a cellist and composer; he did crazy things with his hair all the time; he wants a sarcastic braniac girlfriend with green eyes. Whatever. Just don’t touch the hair.

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TrendSpark: The Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox is a pint sized teen idol from the days of Feris Bueller and Pop Rocks, so it should could as no surprise to anyone that his signature doo, a feathered style haircut ideal for the yuppie set, would makes it way onto todays 80s addicted fashion scene. John Mayer is one of the first “celebrities” rocking the look, which personally I feel is just his way to better connect with his over-the-hill love interest, Perez Hilton Jennifer Aniston, who actually grew up and was a teenager when Alex P. Keaton was running prime time TV with his Reagan lust.

Mayer, in true cooler than thou, look how much I don’t care, but really do style decided to rant on about his new hair cut and provide inspirations for the look on his blog. Yes, John Mayer keeps a blog where he talks about his hair. He claims the look exudes  an “attitude of ease and quiet confidence that seems to have all but eluded our generation.”  I think it exudes an attitude of douchebag ala douche.  Hopefully, Mayer will eventually stop focusing on his hair and begin focussing on new songs we can bang to. “Your Body Is a Wonderland” just doesn’t guarantee the same type of action it once did.

We have John Mayer’s full take on his new look below…

Today I set off on my newest project; to grow and maintain an authentic ’80s style feathered haircut. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time and I’m very excited to bring this amazing look into today’s pop culture landscape. The feathered cut projects an attitude of ease and quiet confidence that seems to have all but eluded our generation.

This is a work in progress, and as my hair grows longer it will serve to become a more stirring and poignant statement.

Below are some photographs I used as inspiration. I look forward to reporting on my progress in upcoming blogs.


Back View

Below are some photographs I used as inspiration. I look forward to reporting on my progress in upcoming blogs.

Michael J Fox, the Master.

The Masterwork

Shaun Cassidy, the One With the Better Hair

Mary Lou Retton


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Lily Allen Likes It Rough

Lily Allen Rough Trade

[London, April 30. Image via Bauer-Griffin]

When Lily Allen is looking for a little ska-punk, electro-infused, punk but not vicious, modern instrumentalish inspiration she heads over to London’s Rough Trade. The singer/talk show host/blonde was recently spotted leaving the Trade’s eastern outpost. No idea what she picked up, but the location is known for it’s indielicious bands and for housing some amazing talent under its home label.  Originally specializing in US and Jamaican imports, it soon became one of the leading outlets for the burgeoning punk scene, and subsequently a pilgrimage point for anyone buying or selling new DIY new wave music and fanzines.

Definitely a must see spot, but for those who can’t take a hopper across the pond head to their website for a must have list of some of the store employees favorite tracks and artists.

 Rough Trade East
‘Dray Walk’
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Rough Trade West
130 Talbot Road
W11 1JA

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Agyness Deyn Collaborates with Five O’Clock Heroes

“Supermodel Agness Deyn is set to release a collaborative single with New York band Five O’Clock Heroes.  The single, ‘Who’, will be released on June 23 on seven-inch vinyl and download formats. Deyn provides vocals on the song.  The model appears in the promo video for the single.” Source NME

I guess we will be hearing a lot more from Aggy than we a bargained for. I hope this single doesn’t completely suck. The band isn’t completely terrible and it would be nice to finally see Aggy be famous for something more than questionable fashion selections and stealing the spotlight from Kate Moss.


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Francis Bean Cobain for Chanel

francis bean cobain Karl Lagerfeld knows how to spot fresh talent. The designer has been talking about signing on Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, for an upcoming Chanel campaign.
The Daily Mail broke the story stating that the 15-year-old Frances has already appeared in a number of upmarket American magazines.

“She’s only young, but there’s a lot of interest in Frances,” says a friend. “She is incredibly pretty and has the most perfect porcelain skin.

Courtney, in a rare dose of motherly care, “is concerned about Frances pursuing a catwalk career at such a young age, so she has been involved in all the talks so far.” Which basically means she wants to make sure she gets some air time through this whole process.

I wonder if this means British-skeleton Keira Knightly is losing her Coco Mademoiselle spot?


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