TrendSpark: The Andre J Twirl

05 May 2008

I’m not saying that Sarah Jessica Parker reminds me of a twirling, 6 foot tall drag king, but …

Sarah Jessica Parker in New York Magazine - 2008


Andre J in New York Magazine - 2007

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Sundance Has Just Made Porno Green?!?

02 May 2008


So watching this show.  There is nothing better than people in earthworm costumes fucking. The ridiculousness is amazing and the story plots focussed around animals, bugs and other creatures mating is the stuff of television gold. Plus Isabella Rossellini is the hotness, yeah, she’s ancient, but she’s the hotness.  I just want her to lightly whisper things in my ear like “Go get my bedpan.” or “I just sharted.” She looks like how Demi Moore would look if she didn’t have $100,000 in plastic surgery, a hot old mess.

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Lily Allen Likes It Rough

30 Apr 2008

Lily Allen Rough Trade

[London, April 30. Image via Bauer-Griffin]

When Lily Allen is looking for a little ska-punk, electro-infused, punk but not vicious, modern instrumentalish inspiration she heads over to London’s Rough Trade. The singer/talk show host/blonde was recently spotted leaving the Trade’s eastern outpost. No idea what she picked up, but the location is known for it’s indielicious bands and for housing some amazing talent under its home label.  Originally specializing in US and Jamaican imports, it soon became one of the leading outlets for the burgeoning punk scene, and subsequently a pilgrimage point for anyone buying or selling new DIY new wave music and fanzines.

Definitely a must see spot, but for those who can’t take a hopper across the pond head to their website for a must have list of some of the store employees favorite tracks and artists.

 Rough Trade East
‘Dray Walk’
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Rough Trade West
130 Talbot Road
W11 1JA

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Views of Fashion: Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air

29 Apr 2008


The Market got a chance to step into the world of Hood By Air recently, interviewing the brands poster-boy designers Shayne Oliver.  He tries to explain the difference between hood and ghetto, tells us about the future of the brand, and share his design inspirations.  We have bits of the interview below…

“Whether he’s co-hosting a party with Roxy Cottontail, or chillin’ with Vashtie at a 1992 affair, Oliver has become a part of the backdrop of the new LES scene.”

A label’s name usually captures the designer’s aesthetic. What’s the story behind “Hood By Air”?

It’s a multi-faceted name. It has to do with the sensibility that my friends and I had acquired from being involved in fashion but being from a different background than many of our industry peers. It’s like Men In Black (when the aliens were trying to appear like humans). We learned to appreciate, not condone where we came from (the hood), and incorporated the hood look into our style of dress and vice versa. So instead of it becoming streetwear, it evolved into street fashion. This is what Hood By Air works to epitomize. To us, this is the future.

I also believe that being “hood”, not ghetto (huge difference), is skill: to make something out of what you have. Instead of becoming a victim to your circumstance, find the pros and run with it… to find your way out of it!

The pieces have an unusual mix between edgy and chic– something even more unexpected from a boy who grew up in Minnesota. What would you cite as your inspiration growing up?

I was born in Minnesota, but grew up mostly in St. Croix and Trinidad. My grandparents served as a huge inspiration to my views (in terms of fashion). My grandmother used to be a label-obsessed seamstress and my grandfather was a don dada.

In Minnesota I was inspired by the hood girls, they all dressed like their boyfriends (who were usually vice lords) with better hair.

St. Croix is where I first learned the concept of “getting dressed”. Everybody hung out in malls. The sneakers, the clothes, the music (The Fugees’ The Score had just dropped)… so much fun!

Besides the don dadas, Trinidad is a lifestyle inspiration for me. They are very free and work hard to be happy…. to me, Americans work hard to appear to be happy.

What would you say inspired the Fall ‘08 collection?
The goths and punks of Astor place, Wu Tang Clan and Joan of Arc. I wanted to play with the dark side of hip-hop.
Are there any trends in menswear that you love, or on the other hand, would like to send out into fashion exile (”hammer pants” style)?

Trends I don’t really know. I like when people acquire their own classics; hood boys in skinny jeans, that’s kinda’ cool (if you fit them right).

We should do away with exact interpretation dressing. If you’re gonna’ do it, apply something new. If you don’t, at least be good at it… Oh, and the Keffiyeh scarf.

This is literally just the beginning; what can we expect in the near future from Hood By Air?

Art, multimedia, events… they are all in the works. I want to make Hood By Air an obtainable product of our lifestyle. I just want it to be good.

Written by Virginia Jackson-Reed  for The Market

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Uniqlo Steals From The Misshapes Which is Probably the Coolest Thing a Major Retailer Has Ever Done

24 Apr 2008

Is it just me or is Uniqlo trying to take the place of the Misshapes in New York?

The brands quirk, stylish, cool kids vibe just seems uber familiar.






Uniqlo and Misshapes. Weird.

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