Amy Winehouse Is One Rich Trainwreck

25 Apr 2008

Amy WinehouseI must be doing something wrong with my life. Amy Winehouse is worth $10 million dollars!!!

The Telegraph is reporting that she has amassed a massive fortune from her debut album.  What the fuck?!?  No wonder she’s always trashed, she’s got enough cash to take her through 20,000 vials of heroin, 10,000 bottles of Jack Daniels and enough AquaNet hairspray to burn a hole the size of India into the ozone.  I have decided to officially give up on my dreams of dotcom stardom to start singing some gospely tunes about being an alcoholic.  For full effect I will also stop brushing my teeth and get a bad toupee.

Upon hearing of the news of her riches, it was reported that Amy decided to pack up her bags and leave the park bench she was living on to move into a bigger house with available stovetops for cooking meth.  Goddamn do we love our trainwrecks.

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Taylor Momsen Talks About Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park

25 Apr 2008


Taylor Momsen talks about Gus Van Sant’s “Paranoid Park” and all I can think about how in the hell a Gossip Girl got selected for such an amazing movie. The film just got back from the Cannes Film Festival and it’s ability to play on the insecurities of it’s characters to create an amazing tale of crime and punishment in today’s slacker society is one of the reasons why it’s one of the betterish films of the year. Check it out if a)  you’re so addicted to Gossip Girls you can’t wait another week to see one of your favorite characters, b) you really need a depressing teen drama to bring you down, or c) you really, really love Gus Van Sant.

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Uniqlo Steals From The Misshapes Which is Probably the Coolest Thing a Major Retailer Has Ever Done

24 Apr 2008

Is it just me or is Uniqlo trying to take the place of the Misshapes in New York?

The brands quirk, stylish, cool kids vibe just seems uber familiar.






Uniqlo and Misshapes. Weird.

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Thank You Radar Magazine

21 Apr 2008

Pope frenzy has hit the NYC.  OMFG!!!

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Sex Tapes Are A Girls Best Friend

14 Apr 2008

A Marilyn Monroe sex tape from the 1950’s has just sold for $1.5 million dollars to a New York businessman. The steamy tape is s FBI-classified reel with 15 minutes of the blond bombshell performing oral sex on an unidentified man (it’s called felacio). The tape may be the most expensive celebrity sex tape per minute clocking in at $100k for ever 60 seconds of action.

What really gets me going is the person who bought it? Who has a $1.5 million dollars to blast on porn? Plus, does this little scandal now shoot Marilyn up to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian fame? Can someone give her a reality series already!!!

On a sidenote, this is definitely shaping up to be Marilyn’s year.  She was in a Superbowl ad for Sunsilk, her impersonator is in Mister Lonely a new movie directed by the dude who made Kids, Lindsay Lohan and Micheal Musto paid homage to her last photo shoot, and now a sex tape!!!  For someone who’s been tramping it up with JFK’s ghost for years it’s amazing to see she has more staying power than Biggie and Tupac combined!!!

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