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Last Nights Party: Louis Vuitton, Radar Magazine and the Koreans

What started out as a Louis Vuitton Cruise preview quickly escalated to an all out bash for Radar magazine and then hit a high note when we crashed a Korean society party at Marquee. Just another night on the town for the Fashion Indie crew.

Our first stop was Louis Vuitton’s Cruise collection presentation. The event was frequented by premium customers from local shops, editors, and a handful of bloggers selected by the luxury giant for admittances.  While the Growing Up Gotti set from Westchester were a bit disheartening with their over tanned skin and bling blinging silver Louis goods, they didn’t distract too much a collection that incorporated TrendSpark worthy items like embellished biker gloves and askewed square toed wedges.

After sipping just the right amount of Moet spritzers, we took our crew, which included newly appointed PR intern Corey (dude looks like a better version of Zac Efron) and fellow bloggers from Haute Concept and another blog which I am completely forgetting right now cause my memory as reliable as a Alzheimer patient (please contact me ).

We headed straight to a Radar Magazine party where we were hoping to meet cover model Pamela Anderson. She’s was MIA, but we spotted a big mix mosh of fashion donts and folks not trying hard enough to impress. The lack of AC and poor music choices by the DJ ( Jackson, Celebrate Good Times, and Bee Gees. Good for weddings, not “hot” parties) made us wish we hadn’t ordered Room Service (See what I did there, I mentioned the club in a pun. HAHHAHA. Someone get me a reality show).

We ran out of Room Service with our entourage in tow and headed to Cain where a friend of mine was set to DJ. We arrived earlier than we should have (10:00 PM is not the time to arrive at a club) and decided to head to Marquee to see what was happening.  We hit the door and the bouncer asked what party we were there for. A giant sign provided an answer, KAFP.  Of course we didn’t realize the event was for the Korean Association of Financial Planners when we headed in, but the open bar and the uberly cute Asian DJ mixing a proper dance track kept us affix.

After dancing our asses off the ladies were ready to retire. We headed out and made it home at a fairly decent hour ( yeah, we’re getting old).

Oh yeah, total SceneSpark, Marquee when the Koreans take if over. Them be some people that know how to party. is Painfully Cool

Oh god.

I want to make sweet dirty love to Photos from their past events, blogs, and a street style section. You know you love it already…

How To Look Hipster: Join a Fight Club

Oh, dear jebus. The hipsters have created the lamest fight club on the planet.

Listen folks, if you weigh as much as a paper clip and you spent most of your time this morning moussing your hair, you probably shouldn’t be in a fight club. No one thinks it’s hot when you flail your chicken arms around in the air and the bodily injuries your most likely to inflict is about as much pain as it would feel to have a tissue land on your head.

Stick to leaning the lyrics of some obscure Norwegian band you heard about on Brooklyn Vegan and leave the fight clubs to the men.

Fashion Indie at El Museo del Barrio Quinceanera

Last Thursday, Becks and I were invited to attend the Quinceanera for El Museo del Barrio at Cipriani. The night was filled with a who’s who of hispanical designers and tastemakers, the creme de la creme of latinoness. I was in heaven.

When we first received the invite to the attend THE hispanic philanthropic event of the season, I was livid. The thought of being in the same room as some of the most well known spanish designers had my head spinning. We prepped days before, getting ready for the black tie event. Becks picked up a full length, navel revealing dress that made her look red carpet ready. I polished me shoesies and donned a black suit and gunmetal tie. The event called for full length gloves and a tiara, keeping in line with the Quinceanera theme, which we couldn’t seem to find anywhere.

Unsure as to what role press has at black tie events such as this, we were a bit confused when we spotted dozens of tables prepared for dinner. We quickly learned that our press invite was limited to cocktails. We downed a couple Cuba Libres and after the room started getting fuzzy we began critiquing guests. One woman wore a horrendous orange poopsicle dress, which made her stand out like a sore anus. Another dude thought it would be cute to put on one of the tiaras that were being passed around by white jacketed wait staff. It wasn’t.

Maria Cornejo with Narcisco Rodriquez

Becks pointed our Maria Cornejo, who she had worked with during her past fashion week show at her soon to be opened retail shop in NoHo. Maria was rocking one of her classic designs and was chatting away with Narcisco Rodriquez. I spotted Simon Doonan in some ridiculous get up which included a shirt with tiny bugs on it. He said something about how when he’s in Latin countries he’s attacked by bugs hence the shirt. It was only funny to the tiny queen.

Isabel and Ruben Toledo on the dancefloor.

Guests were being seated for dinner so we decided to sneak out and get some of our own grub. We headed to Havana Central (being in the Latin mood) and Becks downed two plates of platanos in record speed. A live band played classic samba as we rocked back and forth.

After, we decided to head back to Cipriani to enjoy the third part of the night, the live band. We snuck back into the party and hit the dance floor. We finished the night salsa and merengieing with Isabel and Ruben Toledo (who I had to Wiki to get who they were), upon which hearing my very hispanical parents deemed me the second coming of Christ.  More photos below.

Dance bitches!!!

The dude with the tiara on.

Becks and Saynt. Match made in blogger heaven

SceneSpark: Does Anyone Strip Poker Anymore?

Robyn (a 90’s VH1 star who found fame in Sweden and is now hitting a US comeback with a recently dropped album) makes me long for a game of strip poker. I’ve never played the game and feel that it’s become a bit of a throwback for games to play when you’re nice and tipsy. Can we bring this goodness back?

Has any of you in the indie world ever played the game?  If so, please share and invite me next time.