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ROUNDUP / November 13 2012 3:09 PM

A Dozen Adorable Socks Made with Care

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FashionIndie will be sock hopping in step tonight at Kristalbelli, rounding up socks to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims in the Rockaways. Richer Poorer is lending a major hand to cold feet in Queens by donating a massive amount of awesome socks to the cause. This got our minds wandering on how many more ballin’ indie sock companies exist right now, making the top-of-the-bootie peek the perfect eyeshot. We got a dozen stellar socks for you, right here, including one that sorts itself. 

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FASHION, ROUNDUP / October 29 2012 9:01 AM

Sandy Asks: Are Raincoats Still Dorky?

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A quick look outside into the womb of Hurricane Sandy makes me yearn for a rain coat of yore. Not a long orange trench. Not a water resistant Stella McCartney x Adidas running windbreaker. I want a fully waterproof rain jacket that doesn’t look like Mommy has to zip it up for me. Somewhere along the lines of teenagerdom, a proper raincoat became properly nerdy, so we drifted into the cool wetness. But with these raincoats to lead as an example, would you suit up waterproof again?

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ROUNDUP / October 24 2012 12:34 PM

10 Best Run Around All Day/Party All Night Shoes

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Sure, you’ve got a wall full of heels and a strong set of calves that get the job done. But right now, we’re looking at the the 3-inch and under, no stiletto silhouette that will take you from your day job, to errands, to meeting your besties for a dance-all-night-athon. The key to these shoes: the first thing you notice is not the heellessness, but simply that they are cool. Heel or no heel, you’re getting noticed. Take note of these 10 shoes that’ll take you there without a chirp of foot pain. 

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ROUNDUP / July 11 2012 10:00 AM

9 Designer Camera Bags for the Chic Photographer

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Sure, actually camera bags come equipped with padded sections and hidden pockets, but is the average camera bag cool? No way. Thankfully, 9 designers like Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam and Lanvin stepped it up and took the photo tote to the next level of beautiful. Because while it’s the the photographs’ results that are important, it’s also imperative you look fly while shooting

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ROUNDUP, SHOES / June 13 2012 10:16 AM

9 Chic Shoes for a Muddy Festival

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A single drop of rain can turn a festival into a mushy moshpit. You have several (pretty terrible) options: Destroy your TOMS/Chucks and walk with soggy feet. Sacrifice an ankle strappy sandal. Go barefoot and risk shards of bong in your foot. Flip flops are not an option. (Trust.) The solution: Bring a pair of rain shoes and become impervious to the muddy elements. There are a lot of hideous ones out there. Check the cute ones we found, like the brand new all rubber Docs.

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