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STREETSTYLE / August 9 2012 5:13 PM

San Francisco Streetstyle from Haight to Castro

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Between the hills and the consistent chilly wind, San Francisco is given some fashion challenges to tackle. With more layers here than we’ve witnessed all trip, we were exposed to a pre-fall that, for the most part, felt like the chill west coast we expected. Then we also found a Chanel makeup artist that surely belongs in New York. 

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Thrifting in Austin with a Streetstyle All Star

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On a Saturday at a Farmer’s Market in Austin, Texas I spotted pattern explosions on Emmanuel and snapped a streetstyle shot. When we ran into each other once more at the market, I asked his favorite stores, then just invited him along on our thrifting adventure. We all piled into the Cube, and brought him to Amanda’s favorite vintage haunts Room Service and Blue Velvet. Then we took his advice to hit the New Brohemia and Cream on other side of town. 

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STREETSTYLE / July 30 2012 6:28 PM

Austin City Slick Sixth Streetstyle

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Fashion is rising in the streets of the fastest growing city in America: Austin, Texas. This rare breed of Texans thrive on thrift, fresh brews, food trucks and live music, and those who have embraced it all embody a chill sense of cool. Austin feels like what Brooklyn could be if it only had the sprawling space and year-round temperate climate. And the best graphic design/sign makers in the country. See what they’re wearing down on the super hopping 6th Street, and then out at the local farmer’s market. 

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Hottest Trend Spotted in Austin, TX: Racy Lace

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In the most scorching city we’ve stopped in yet, one cool trend permeated clear through the streets: Lace. The spacey material came in crop tops, layered dresses, over neon underlays, and in racy red. Hell, even I was wearing lace! I wore this ivory lace dress I scored at The Vintage Twin trunk show right before I left on this road trip across America. See how Austin, Texas served up the daintiest/sexiest trend of the season, and how you can, too. 

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STREETSTYLE / July 24 2012 11:13 PM

Bourbon Streetstyle: 25 Coolest Cats in New Orleans

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In a city where open container laws simply do not exist, liquor is sold by the fishbowl, and streets are closed at night to ensure that pedestrians have full run of the bars, people are out and dressed to the hilt. Well, almost all. I’m not counting the 35,000 Lutherans gathering for some kind of convention in Church-themed t-shirts, trolling around Nawlins allegedly not drinking. Those I did find nearly all happened to be involved in fashion one way or another. I met indie designers, stylists, a Princess, and one guy who, outside of work, strictly wears platform Jeffery Campbells. Take a look.

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STREETSTYLE / July 20 2012 4:03 PM

East Coast Southern Streetstyle from Richmond to Miami

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In the week I’ve been driving across the country in search of fashion, I’ve stopped at least 50 people dead in their tracks to snap their photograph. Each of these fashionable independents is elevated from the mass population in a way that catches my lens. Whether with a shiny silver sneaker, a set of studs, or a sweeping lace maxi, it’s also the attitude that says they feel good looking good. See how they show it through Richmond, VA, Wilmington, NC, Savannah, GA, St. Augustine & Miami, FL. 

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NYC, STREETSTYLE / July 20 2012 3:55 PM

Bounce Boat Style Swag

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The Lonely Island‘s “I’m On A Boat” was the theme song for last night’s shindig Bounce Boat. Girls clad in skin tight dresses and sky high heels graced the deck as DJ Jesse Marco spun the night away.  KirillWasHere and @NYUNightlife‘s stickers floated through the air, but it’s yours truly that captured the boat style of the night. Whether you missed the party or not, (and seeing Kirill and Jesse tango) here’s a recap on the boat style.

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