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Beauty Awards 2008

Best Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo

The archetypal Pantene girl has hair so shiny, you can almost see your reflection in it. Rich in cuticle-smoothing silicon, the bestselling Time Renewal Shampoo may not carry any natural credentials, but it can be relied on to give hair a soft-as-silk finish that makes you want to run your fingers through it all day long.

Best Conditioner

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, Sheer Blonde and Radiant Red Conditioner

For such a reasonable price, the softening results of John Frieda’s color conditioners are undeniably good. The purple-toned Sheer Blonde eliminates brassiness, Brilliant Brunette gives multidimensional shine to coffee-colored hair and Radiant Red stops auburn hair looking washed out. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, the peachy balm that deep-conditions in next to no time, came a close second.

Best Styling Product

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum

Launched in 1990, this serum is a godsend for unruly locks, sealing moisture into curly and straight hair, so it falls either in perfectly formed ringlets or in a glassy curtain. And don’t we know it. It sells at a breakneck rate – 3½ bottles a minute in 2007. There are now four formulas: the original, extra-strength, one for heat protection and an overnight serum. The runner-up was Elnett hairspray, the session hairstylist’s choice for lasting hold.

Best Eye Shadow

Mac Eye Shadow

No matter how enticing it looks in the pot, the key to a good eye shadow is that the color stays true on your eyelids. This is where Mac excels. Its richly pigmented eye shadows come in a colossal range of 158 shades and eight finishes, from matte (the pro’s favorite) to iridescent frost. A back-stage staple at fashion shows, these pots are a joy for amateurs, too, providing easy-to-control color that glides on evenly.

Best Mascara

Max Factor Masterpiece Max

A previous Style winner, Masterpiece Max is the bestseller of Max Factor’s 11 mascara formulations. It claims to amplify lashes by 400% thanks to a rubbery, multi-pronged wand that transforms stumpy lashes into a thick, fluttering curtain. It flies off the shelves – one is sold every five seconds – and comes in three colours: black, black/brown and navy.

Best Foundation

Max Factor

There are six foundation formulas in the Max Factor range. The bestseller, and the most innovative, is the recently launched Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion. A compact that transforms from a solid formula into a lightweight liquid on contact with the skin, it minimizes pores and irons out imperfections without masking the skin’s natural luminosity.

Best Lipstick

Lancôme These days, lipsticks are so advanced that you should expect them to provide colour with clout and keep lips moist at the same time. Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu combats dryness with a water-catching polymer that is said to keep lips moist for six hours. You’re in good company if you wear it – Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel are fans. Your second choice, Dior Rouge Dior, comes in 35 shades and has a collagen-boosting formula.

Best Nail Polish

Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon has managed to build a global cosmetics brand out of Revlon Red Nail Enamel, the first product it launched, in 1932, so it’s no surprise that it has sold more than 30m bottles since. The foolproof formula goes on in a thick, smooth layer, providing a durable coating of the perfect femme fatale red that has bombshells such as Halle Berry and Jessica Alba hooked.

Best Facial Moisturizer

Clinique We’re finally buying moisturisers that offer turbo-powered protection against future damage. Clinique’s bestselling antiageing moisturiser is Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer. Packed with in free-radical-fighting antioxidants, it provides UVA/UVB filters to shield skin from the sun – the worst culprit when it comes to wrinkles and uneven skin tone. It comes in three formulas for different skin types and has a satisfying nongreasy finish.

Best Body Moisturiser

The Body Shop Body Butter

Body Butter is a rich body cream made from fair-trade shea or cocoa butter. Since its launch in 1992, it has become a tried and trusted favourite that locks in moisture and smells good enough to eat. There are now 15 varieties, including coconut, mango, pink grapefruit and moringa, which smells wonderfully clean and is brimming with fatty acids to give supple skin. A close second was Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, for its emollient consistency.

Best Ethical Brand

Origins Organics

Organic beauty products are no longer just a well-meaning sideline. In 2006, the market in the UK was worth more than £2 billion – and the big brands are taking note. Origins Organics, a range of nine products, bears stamps of approval from three organic governing bodies: the US Department of Agriculture, Ecocert and the Soil Association. Try the Body Pampering Massage Oil, a 98%-organic blend of essential oils in a sumptuous jojoba-oil base.

Best Fragrance

Chanel No 5

When Coco Chanel commissioned her perfumer to create Chanel No 5 in 1921, she insisted on excessive quantities of jasmine, claiming that she wanted to make “the most expensive perfume in the world”. It paid off. The first to use synthetic floral aldehydes as top notes, giving it that grown-up, almost powdery smell, it is arguably the best-known fragrance in the world. It has an illustrious fan base, too: in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe said that two drops of No 5 was all she wore in bed. Chanel is launching a modern interpretation called Au Première in October – you heard it here first.

Best Self-Tan for the Body

Johnson’s Holiday Skin

When it launched in 2005, Holiday Skin was an instant hit that spawned countless of imitations. It sold out so quickly that bidding wars started on eBay, where eager customers paid upwards of £40 a bottle. An innovative moisturiser/fake-tan hybrid, the gradual tanner promises a natural-looking glow, not a streaky finish. The improved formula promises to keep skin moisturised for 24 hours.

Best Bargain Buy

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Although it is made of petroleum jelly, a petrochemical many eco-beauty consumers do their utmost to avoid, the cute, retro-looking tin and comforting slip it gives to lips (and any other parts you choose to soothe) make Vaseline Lip Therapy a favored bargain buy. There are now aloe vera and SPF versions.

Best Beauty Website


With branches of Boots on every high street, and in train stations across the land, you would have thought that picking up everyday beauty essentials couldn’t get much more convenient. Then it launched a website. It’s not all toothpaste and cotton-wool pads, though. Visit the online Beauty Boutique and you can stock up on luxurious products from the likes of Urban Retreat, This Works and Caudalie at the click of a mouse.

Popularity: 2% [?]

Organic Pharmacy Beauty


Organic beauty products are an integral part of the organic trend, and the Organic Pharmacy is one of the most dedicated sources for organic beauty products. Their philosophy starts from creating organic products free of toxins commonly found in cosmetics.


When you consider the average woman eats throughout her live 5 pounds (450g) of lipstick, using a natural and organic lip stick is important. But Organic Pharmacy goes one step further, creating a range that not only was free from artificial preservatives and fragrances but also uses mineral colors, herbal extracts and antioxidants to enhance the skin even more.


The result - a range of glossy lipsticks, shimmering eye shadows, flattering blushes and flawless, ultra natural foundations that all work to make the most of your unique features and enhance your beauty. You can also use their beauty guide to create unique looks based on occasions.

Popularity: 3% [?]

SunBotanicals Sunscreen


With the sun out so hight, and the weather getting warmer and warmer, I thought I would introduce a new type of sunscreen product infused with aromatherapy essences gentle enough for daily use. This product is all natural, made in small batches therefore guaranteeing that this is not just another mass-produced sunscreen.

SunBotanicals is made by women for women specifically designer to protect against the sun’s harmful UV radiation from damaging the skin. It’s an SPF30 and has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. SunBotanicals’ research and development team has created three great scents that not only smell great, but can also be worn all day, everyday in lavender, rain, and tropical. SunBotanicals promises every woman a pampering and luxurious sunscreen, gentle enough for face

Popularity: 2% [?]

Eco-Friendly Beauty, To Go–>

Leave it to the Ford models to drop some tips on us about organic, travel-sized beauty products.  Really, is this what Ford models do when they’re not on the runway, chill out in pools and hawk beauty goods?

Popularity: 2% [?]

Must Buy: A Scent From Demeter


Earl Grey Tea- Another fabulous scent from Demeter Fragrances. If you are looking for something different in the perfume category than this is for you. With scents like Angel Food Cake, Rain, and  Dirt (actually smells like Dirt, in a good way) there are almost a hundred to choose from. There are also collections of scents, ranging from Happy Hour (you can smell like Gin and Tonic or Sex on the Beach), to the Jelly Belly Collection (Sugar and Spice or Blueberry Muffin), and the Herbology Collection (Green Tea, Ginger Root, and Lychee ).


Popularity: 2% [?]

FutureNatural : Green Beauty for the Jetset



There are a lot of terrifying choices out there for the eco-savvy beauty addict. “Organic” when it comes to lip liner usually can fall into a couple of different categories and the selection in the bath and body aisle of Whole Foods at times is leaves a bit to be desired.  Well, green beauty loves a new site promises to offer a few more options for the dedicated granola with a bit more cash to spend.  FutureNatural.com is a new player on the eco-scene that has been compared to the “Sephora” of green.  Check out the site today and stock up on goodies from Kiehl’s, Jo Wood’s, John Masters’ skin and haircare line, and 25 other organic and/or natural brands from around the world.

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True Romantics Think Pink

As the days get longer and the evenings get brighter - I too reflect that change; by swapping my wintry warm orange toned blusher (it’s a lot less frightening than it sounds) for the softer, sweeter shade of pink. As I try to resist the urge of breaking out into Aerosmith’s Pink, let me tell you that pink, it’s not even a question! Especially since the Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear collections are awash with romantic ruffles, frivolous frills and flower details. It’s only right that our faces should reflect this decidedly feminine twist.

As seen on the catwalk of Giles


It may not be listed in the Spring/Summer makeup trends of 2008, but I will always be a faithful follower of pink. And you too can be pretty in pink, just make sure you don’t go over the top like Christina!


While I do think that Christina would not be our Christina, if she wasn’t a little bit trashy; there is such a thing as wearing too much!

Tip - For a beautiful soft pink sheen on your skin, think about investing in shimmer bricks like Bobbi Brown in Rose Quartz. Use it to create a beautiful dewy sheen or as a subtle blush!

Tip - Remember that it’s always best to smile and sweep your blush for a more subtle graduation in colour. Don’t be shy about the shimmer! It will add depth to places that need it.

Tip - Invest in pink palettes. Though best not to wear all the shades at once. Experiment and see which shades work best for you.


But will Pink suit me?

If you want to try choose a pink according to your skin tone:

As a general rule, paler skin tones should opt for lighter shades.

Darker skin tones can afford to be a little more adventurous. Anything from pale glosses to hot fuchsias will suit you!

Those with skins that have yellow undertones should avoid very pale peach shades, as this will make you look washed out. Your best bet is to plump for pinks with a tinge of blue.

Those with olive skin can opt for cool or frosted shades of pinks. Just bare in mind that pinks with red undertones will not be very flattering.

If you want to try choose a pink according to your hair colour:

Redheads can indeed go for pinks, just as long as you keep them very sheer and subtle. Nothing too overpowering!

Brunettes look lovely in peach tones. Take a look at Kimberley from Girls Aloud. She’s got a natural gloss slick over her lips with peachy pink cheeks to match.


Fair haired beauties can play with the paler shades, especially pink with hints of blue. If you have warmer tones of blonde in your hair, you should go for pink reds. While cool shades of pinks look gorgeous on platinum blondes.

As demonstrated by Christina below.


And doesn’t she look better for it? Yes, much better!

Content courtesy of GirlzNight Mag. 

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The Ultimate Swag Bag

Fashion week is meant to douse us in advertisement on and off the runway in a multitude of ways. One sure way to grab the attention of the VIP’s and fabulous nobodies is to find a way to offer a sampling of your product inside a gift bag. It is these advertisers that make fashion week happen for nearly all designers, because they often sponsor the show with their free services, which is why it is important we recognize them here at Fashion Indie.

I’ve been to many shows from Paris to New York and a few parties here and there. I can honestly say I’ve never gotten my manicured fingertips into anything quite like the swag bag that Bui-Lavry PR put together for the Mandate of Heaven show. I was so impressed that I had to simply lunch with the ladies and introduce my creativity so we could work together in the future.


I felt like it was Christmas time as I plowed through the Vidal Sasoon gift bag for a huge sampling of their hair hydro mask and cream polisher. Makeup Forever supplied their luxuries of a cosmetic bag filled with liquid foundation,lip gloss and a sparkling diamond eye powder. Skinny Skinny Soaps samplings of bath salts were made available as well in more than a sampling packet. I’m happy to say that I just bathed with the revitalizing substance. Oh dear I wish I had a picture of the fabulous high heel shaped cookies that where baked and in sight everywhere, fashionably delicious, which we owe a big thank you to Sabina who runs the Corner Stone Bakery


Best of all and completely decadent, at the very bottom of the bag was a packaged box full of jewelry hand crafted by indie designer Dana Blair!!! I was lucky enough to receive a semi precious jeweled bracelet which sells for $140.00!!! Actress Mena Suvari just bought the same one the designer herself informed me as I worked the room.

As I left I felt as if I’d seen the catwalk and won a shopping spree in downtown Soho!!! Now that’s swag!!!

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