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BeautySpark: 1960s Hair

Most woman love volume in their hair, but at times it is hard to get without a professionals stylist at your beck and call. Shecky’s checked in with Antonio Gonzales of Eva Scrivo Salon for some tips on how to get fab 1960s hair, fast and easy. Check out his take here.

BeautySpark: Crimped Hair

Tyra’s been spotted rocking crimped hair. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to rehash this 80/90’s hair disaster.

To be completely honest though, I really do like the way this looks on Tyra. The crimp almost feels like what a white chick would do if she wanted to get some afrodite-esque hair. And since Tyra really doesn’t have any of her own hair, this look works well since it isn’t actually destroying her locks. 

So I guess what I’m saying is that this look might actually work if you had a weave, wig or extensions. Other than that I would never suggest destroying your hair for the chance to catch onto this trend. 

I guess I’m also complimenting Tyra, which might just be a first on Fashion Indie (I personally love her, but some of our other writers are less than excited about the Top Model).

BeautySpark: Cult of Cherry

MAC’s Cult Of Cherry collection will launch in September. This collection looks fabulous with all the red and plum variations, anyone can find a color that compliments their skin tone.

Crème Cerise Sheer yellow taupe (lustre)
Lightly Ripe Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
Russian Red Intense bluish red (matte)
“O” Intense purplish red with metallic gold (frost)
So Scarlet Clean grape burgundy (amplified)


Cherry Blossom Sheer light pink with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
Rich & Ripe Mid-tone pinkish red with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)

Cult of Cherry Clean red with red pearl (frost)

Liqueur Neutral brownish mauve with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
Jampacked Sheer grape with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)

Thanks Blogdorf for the pics

BeautySpark: Henna for Boys

Alright, I haven’t seen this one on the streets just yet, but give it a week or two and I’m almost sure I’m gonna spot it. Henna on men is the new fedora. Seriously, I want to see someone attempt to bring this look back in a fresh way. 

The girls had a henna addiction back when Madonna was getting all spiritual, but the trend never caught on with men. Hopefully, enough time has passed and we can see this look hit the block. 

Best ways to be a henna man…

1. Skip the all over body shit (like tittie boy above) , it’s way to Jersey and will probably stain your shirt on a hot day (I’m just assuming cause I’ve never had it done).

2. Keep it on the arms and hands.

3. Don’t be a afraid of flowers. Seriously, only closeted girl-boys refuse to wear florals. 

Give Good Face: Gold Rush

It’s no surprise that everyone likes the feeling of gold rushing through their fingertips. But now, gold has made its way to your face! New facial treatments use gold flakes for the ultimate replenishing treatment. Chantecaille’s Nano Gold Energizing Cream promises, “unprecedented antioxidant and anti-ageing powers.” Just make sure you have a good $700 to swap at the cash register. Umo’s 24 carat gold facial uses sheets of gold to press and massage into the skin. With these establishments created by Japenese companies, the gold rush has been unstoppable. Gold facial products are rolling into stores by the minute!