Designer Discovery: Trimapee

Incase you haven’t caught on yet Austrailian fashion is starting to make a name for itself in the states. Trimapee is a company based out of Melbourne, AU, and if you ask me it totally rules. The things I love the most out of this collection are the short shorts, the draping outerwear and the amazing print on the knit shirt and bag. The price is a bit steep, but regardless Trimapee and all other Austrailian companies make me want to get on a plane and fly there now!

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TrendSpark: Use The Force

Collin Farrel rocks a flowy, slackeresque look for his new movie Triage. It reminds me of what a Obi Wan Kenobi would look like if Star Wars took place today on earth instead of “A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away”.  I feel this look could potentially be something workable, a nice relax from the undersized denim the Williamsburg boys refuse to take off.

What do you think?

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TrendSpark: High Water Jeans?

Uh oh– Bruce Pask, style setter and men’s fashion director for the NY Times, is finding his pared down basic chic look a little boring.

Now he’s feeling like rolling up his jeans, a la My Three Sons!

Here’s what he wrote in The Moment today: “The other morning I was putting on a pair of jeans to go to work — a regular, nicely worn-in shrink-to-fit pair of Levi’s that I’ve had for quite some time. I put on a pair of sand suede Clark’s desert boots (I’ve been wearing them a lot and loving them lately), looked in the full-length mirror… and felt totally boring. After many traditional jeans-wearing years, with the 501 hem hitting the shoe, this felt ordinary, banal even…and a bit off….”

What’s a fashion editor to do? Keep reading.

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Tom Ford Wants You to Rock Out with Your Cock Out





There are few things more troubling to discuss than dick love. While a penis has long (pun sooo intended) been seen as a phallis of envy for countless centuries, the modern man and society as a whole seems to have placed a taboo on the subject of honoring your King Richard. Well, Tom Ford, the perennially controversial everygay, has once again pushed some envelopes with his recent twig and berry worship in the spring/summer issue of Britian’s GQ Style.


His essay on the subject asks more men to be comfortable with their package and a) discuss them, b) compliment others, and c) whip them out in his presence. Okay, that last one’s made up, but I seriously feel he wouldn’t think twice about popping his mule out for a looksy if asked. Alright, before I venture into some questionable territories (even though some at the office seem to think I’m a bit passed that point) here are some excerpts from Ford’s strictly dickly report on his meat lust.

Tom, why do you objectify women more than men in your ads?

“As much as I’ve tried, it has been consistently harder to get images of nude men onto magazine pages and billboards than it has nude women. In a society where images of brutal violence are consumed during breakfast, the male nude is one of our last taboos. There’s a double standard at play here: magazines that are happy to fund ads featuring an artfully lit female nude will balk at an image of her male counterpart.”


American fashion magazines don’t show breasts like European ones do. Do you think nude phobia is a uniquely American problem?

“In Sweden or Japan, or other places … casual nakedness at the sauna or the bath house is part of daily life, but in the places that I call home, the fear factor around nudity seems to be rising. I have always found it ridiculous that, in America, if I wanted to run an ad of a woman with bare breasts I had to retouch her nipples. Now why would a woman’s bare breasts, created as nature intended, be more shocking than a bizarre pair of breasts with absolutely no nipples? What could be more perverse?”

So tell us the damn truth about being a woman.

“Women have long been objectified in our society; images of beautiful female forms are everywhere. Go to a dinner party and women are wearing tiny dresses, exposing their legs and baring their toes in high-heeled sandals. They’re basically naked, with a little bit of draping over their body. Think of how tough it must be to be a woman in our culture. Women are constantly judged by their bodies and the size of their breasts.”

But, Tom, what if we lived in a world where penises were breasts?

“Imagine … if our suits were entirely designed to show off our penises. Imagine if contemporary fashion demanded that you left your cock hanging outside your trousers, with perhaps just the head trussed up in a tiny pouch like a dick bra. Everyone would see our cocks all the time, in the same way that fashion features women’s breasts.”

Tell the ladies why male nudity is so very different from female nudity.

“Women may have a hard time understanding this, but imagine if, when they were dressing for a party, their breasts looked great, and then, just as they were stepping out of the taxi to enter the restaurant, their breasts withered to a sad, wrinkled little things. Perhaps the unpredictability of the penis can make us nervous about taking our clothes off.”

But the models in this photo shoot look so comfortable!

“[I]t was almost impossible to find non-professional models to volunteer for the photographs on these pages. The result is a mix of models, actors and ordinary guys … [M]ost of the straight models who showed up had their pubic hair completely shaved; some artistry on the part of the hairdresser was required to get the natural look we wanted.”

But you make clothes, Tom. Gorgeous ones, too. Why are you championing being without them?

“With a more natural relationship to nudity, we might also be freed up to find each other a lot more fascinating. There’s an equality to being naked; the fewer clothes and accessories a person wears the less you judge them, and the more you notice their truest traits, like their eyes or their charisma, their great hands or their one-of-a-kind hair or, most importantly, their personality and character. As much as I love clothing, it gives us one more layer to hide behind.”

Masculinity Stripped Bare [GQ Style]

Photo: GQ Style

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Maharishi: On the Front Lines of Sustainability

The war in Iraq, inconvenient truths and fashion merge in Maharishi latest collection. The designer, who was one of the forefathers of the sustainability front, offers a menswear collection that is militant with a mix of African guerrilla infusions.  Basically, it’s a collection full of looks for the modern day warrior.

Do you love the military trend that’s been hitting the runway or is it finally time to give peace a chance? 

Answer up indies and one lucky commenter will get a couple of eco-friendly goodies from our Earth Week adventures.

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WonderButt. Men Get A Padding Boost

Thought this was just one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a real long time. Men’s underwear can now be purchased with butt padding.  That’s right ladies, that hunky dude you see walking down the street with that perfectly rounded, muscular bottom might be hiding a pancake booty once the drawers hit the floor. Finally, men can be just as superficial as Wonderbra sporting ladies with a pair of boxers that ass-cent our favorite feature.

You can find your own pair of booty boosters at

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Tape Measure Belt


If any of you are looking for the easiest way to tell if you have lost weight, Martin Haldimann has the solution to your problem. This ‘tape measure’ belt will let you know daily if those inches are coming off. Pretty genius…

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