FILM FRIDAY: Straight to Hell (1987)

What happens when you get a kooky British filmmaker, a failed punk festival, and a Dennis Hopper cameo into the desert?  The campiest pseudo-Western this side of Sergio Leone.  In the vein of those spaghetti westerns, filled with punk icons, Alex Cox‘s Straight to Hell is a helluva (stylish) ride.

Lindsay Lohan Is A Dirty Nun

I like this poster for her new movie “Machete” which comes out September 3rd. People will surely be talking about this film no matter what. Do you think they have Netflix in prison?

The Moment Talks With Tim Hamilton

The Iowa-born designer Tim Hamilton is not one to shy away from his roots. “My vision comes from where I grew up and the experiences I’ve had,” Hamilton says. Nevertheless, the all-American boy-makes-good clichés don’t quite ring true. Hamilton may have Midwestern roots and a C.V. that includes stints at [READ MORE]

WIN IT: Our Family Wedding DVD

To have and to hold… ‘Til dads do us part. The battle of family traditions is on when Our Family Wedding ties the knot on Blu-ray and DVD July 13 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) and Carlos Mencia (“Mind [READ MORE]

FILM FRIDAY: Le Samouraï (1967)

Welcome to a new feature where films with style in the wardrobe department are discussed.  And the movies aren’t half-bad either.  For this, the inaugural edition, Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1967 French noir Le Samouraï starring one of modern cinema’s earliest sex symbols M. Alain Delon.


The 1963 film starring Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra is filled with a style that is still relevant in fashion. I could definitely see some of her gowns being worn in today’s world—like this deep v, bright yellow dress she’s wearing here. Keep reading…

LOOKBOOK: Iris Van Herpen F/W 2010 Collection

Iris Van Herpen’s A/W10 collection, titled ‘Synthesthesia,’ is more beautiful then words can describe.


I loved many of the 1930s costumes seen in the movie Atonement.

This green, low back dress that Keira Knightley’s character wore in the film has become an iconic piece and inspired many knock-offs. Understandably so, because it is stunning. It’s something very few people could pull-off and I [READ MORE]

MOVIES WITH STYLE: Marie Antoinette

I loved all the bright, pops of color that was a part of the Marie Antoinette film that Kirsten Dunst starred in.

The movie has gone on to be a huge source of inspiration for many in fashion, and when you look at the many various costumes throughout it, [READ MORE]


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were a famous pair and had been in many films together—but one of the most stylish, in my opinion, was Swing Time. It featured Fred’s signature suit & bow tie look on his character Lucky, while Ginger played Penny– who was dressed in many [READ MORE]


The 1950’s film Sabrina shows how Audrey Hepburn’s character transforms from chauffer’s daughter to a more sophisticated woman after attending school in Paris.

This black and white gown she wore is probably one of the most iconic pieces from the movie—and understandably so. It’s stunning and has maintained its [READ MORE]

MOVIES WITH STYLE: Bonnie and Clyde

This iconic movie about two bank robbing lovers during the Great Depression is full of style in every frame—especially coming from the second half of the duo, Bonnie Parker. I love this belted trench she’s seen wearing here.

The movie was Oscar nominated for Best Costumes, thanks to costume [READ MORE]

Movies with Style: The Notebook

The style of the 1940’s is a favorite of mine, which is probably why I loved looking at the many costumes seen in The Notebook.
Wardrobe always plays a role in defining someone’s social status, especially in period pieces like this. There’s a definite and distinguished difference between Rachel [READ MORE]

MOVIES WITH STYLE: Slums of Beverly Hills, 1998

Slums of Beverly Hills takes us back to high school and those familiar adolescent woes with Vivian Abramowitz, played by Natasha Lyonne, in this late-90′s independent classic.

Movies with Style: Chicago

Some may say it’s one of the most over-hyped movies, while others find it to be cinematic magic—however you feel about the movie musical Chicago, you cannot deny that it is visually enchanting. The costumes dazzle off the screen, thanks to the genius of costume designer Colleen Atwood.


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