Must Buys

Hefner Approved T-Shirts. $39

Playboy has just released this limited edition collection of tees designed by indie favorites like Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Hot Chip, and New Young Pony Club.

The shirts are worth their weight in cred points and are definitely worth checking out cause proceeds from the shirts benefit Rock the Vote.

You can shop the tees, which retail for $39 bucks at Collette and at

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Uneven View

So want these shades right now.

They are uneven, asymmetrical genius glasses that properly reflect my view of the world, just a little bit off.

Plus they come in happy world colors.

You can get them here.

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Alexander Wang Hits Uniqlo

Alexander Wang hit Uniqlo this morning at 11am (with a two hour preview for friends and family which opened at 9). The exclusive five-piece dress collection has only 200 units to refill with, and will be restocking “a really small amount” on Monday as well, as mentioned in NYMag.

“Wang didn’t have long to linger with his fans; he’s off to shoot his resort look book. And then to get ready for Monday’s CFDAs. He’ll be going with model pal Erin Wasson. She wasn’t involved at all in the Uniqlo collection, but she’s a “great friend and it’s good to go to those events with someone that you’re comfortable with, that you want to hang out with.” Asked about his nomination, Wang mentioned he wasn’t nervous, just honored to be going. After, his focus shifts to his spring 2009 collection. And then … shoes! Accessories fanatics rejoice.”

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Must Buy: Dirty Librarian Chain Necklace

I thought this necklace from the Dirty Librarian designers took the cake for shit I want to drape around my neck right now. I’m getting ready to hit Central Park for some midday sun and I’m just rocking a tee shirt, so I’m feeling very, very naked. Kick ass necklace + cheap Uniqlo tee = instant fashion cred.

Dirty Librarian Chains are comprised of vintage chains that were deconstructed and reconfigured through draping, knotting and tangling into new designs that could be worn in both casual and more formal contexts, pieces that were meticulously composed, but still exuded an easy, streetwise wearability.

So basically, your not just buying one chain, you’re buying a couple.

It’s $116 at

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MIXKO Updates Skull Rings

An updated idea on the skull rings from Mixko. The collection also includes Barbie inspired rings of Barbie, Cindie, and Ken heads cast in bone china. They have also created a LOVE ring and Sovereign Ring, in addition to some 1D multifaceted diamond bone china rings! Also, the entire collection is quite afforadable, at a mere 40 bucks a ring (check them out in their online store).

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High Fashion Reusable Grocery Bags

I know there have been many versions of the reusable grocery bags, but not one has been designed with high fashion in mind. Now you can carry your groceries in high fashion style, with a new line of colorful reusable shopping and grocery bags.

The ‘its-laS-tik’ line utilize a special flexible nylon and lycra fabric blend in a wild array of colors and patterns.

They are manufactured totally by Hurricane Katrina survivors in New Orleans.

The bags are designed to stretch and take the shape of the contents you place inside. Big, small, heavy, light… they move with you and STRETCH, making it feel like you aren’t really carrying much.

What’s more, they move up and down when you walk, springing up and down, as you walk. It’s a whole new experience as the elasticity and flexibility of the bag reduces the stress on your body and makes the load easier to carry.

The bags are washable, reusable, economical and fashionable. The bags spring back into shape when emptied and roll up into a very compact little configuration.

They presently come in two designs and can be ordered in a wide range of solid or metallic colors or prints.

Five percent of all sales are donated to Hope House in New Orleans, LA.

Bags are 12″ x 13″ cost $12.99 and pouches 5″x 9″ with zipper & wristlet cost $11.9

For more info visit their website,

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Designer Discovery; Jessica Jensen

A signature collection of sophisticated handbags defined as pure affordable luxury. Launching for spring summer 08, this rising Canadian designer has enlightened us with a modern perspective on classic design. Jensen highlights basics with carefully selected, European leathers and an infusion of unique detailing creating effortlessly stylish bags. As one of the most talked about new collections in North America, Jessica Jensen is the latest must-have label in women’s designer accessories.

Jensen’s debut collection is praised for designs that are clean, crisp and impossibly fresh. Her talent is unveiled in the creations of her limited-edition totes which are hand-finished in indulgently soft leathers. Each bag is a work of art, designed from her studio in Toronto and carefully crafted in New York and Italy. Chic and feminine, Jessica’s bags are lined with her signature blush pink suede which speaks to the girl inside of us all. Bags are available online at Jessica Jensen.

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Wireless Headsets Get Sexy

So very much want one of these. I’m so glad the wireless earpiece went chic cause those monstrosities that Wall Street types love to rock make them look like they watched way too much Star Trek as a kid. Tiny, sexy and very mucho fashionable the New Jawbone is a major step up in phone gear.

Okay goddamnit, is that enough of a plug to get me one of these. If you are the company that reps the Jawbone 2.0 be sure to send one over to the fashionindie media offices. Daniel Saynt needs a cool freebie.

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The Official Soap of Hipsters

The official beer of Williamsburg (sorry Brooklyn Brew) has been made into soap.  It seems someone discovered how fresh their skin felt after a night of binge drinking when they woke up in a cheap puddle of barfed up Pabst Blue Ribbon.  The soap is available on Etsy and is by far the last thing I would ever want to bathe in, but hell, it would make a great gag/intervention gift for that special someone in your life who still hasn’t discovered their tolerance level.

You can find Beer Soap here for $4.75 a bar.

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55DSL announces a new collaboration with SPACE INVADERS to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The collaboration activity includes the release of the 55DSL edition of SPACE INVADERS WORLD WAR (tentative name) a new online game, and 55DSL x SPACE INVADER a collaboration t-shirt.
The brand new shooting game made for PCs can be played by anybody from around the world. Using just the mouse, players can enjoy competing against players from other countries, what makes this game special is that players are not only fighting against the SPACE INVADERS, but players can also enjoy the thrill of teaming up with his or her peers as well as sharing tactics with different countries.
This special 55DSL online version of the game was created by the 55DSL design team located in Italy with a exclusive design and will be distributed from March 2008.A limited edition t-shirt has also been designed by the 55DSL design team in Italy for the collaboration with SPACE INVADERS and will be sold at select number of stores worldwide.

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Holy Shit!!! Fashionista Sends Us Some Love

im not a douche bag bag.jpg

We are so in love with the Fashionistas right now. They just spotted our “Douche Bag” tote on Cafe Press and decided to show us some real love. I can here the registers at Cafe Press ringing now!!! Send us some money!!!


The full review below…


“It’s been a while since the last time we came across a spoof of the Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote, but we think this one really beats them all.

Despite the bag’s popularity, and the good things we know came from it, we couldn’t help but burst out into laughter when we came across Fashion Indie’s “I’m Not a Douche Bag” tote on Cafe Press.

So seventh grade, and yet, so on point - we’d love to swing this around the Whole Foods salad aisle while enunciating our plans to offset the bag’s carbon footprint using only macrobiotic beets.”

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So this is my own little shameless self promotion. My bows and head pieces that will soon be in Henri Bendel’s with hopefully alongside Leighton Meister aka Blair the queen bitch of the bunch. For now take notice of my dazzling sparkle bow that is two toned died in violet and the ribbon binded headband with an over sized silver bow.

If you are interested in purchasing them (of course you are) visit

Julie’s purple number will soon be all the rave with uptown and downtown elites.

Check back for more of my stuff on Etsy

Love-Kristen May Anastasia

fyi sorry about the mess up in the Bendel’s show I will repost the propper dates!!!

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There’s No Business Like BOW Business


Henri Bendel’s will feature Angel Lust headpieces which were designed by fellow indie, Kristen May Anastasia.  Kristen has been building a cult-like following amongst downtown and uptown girls for her hyper-styled headgear, which was recently featured on Gossip Girls (I know, we said we wouldn’t talk about them again, but come on, one of our friends got her goods on the show and it’s worth a mention).

You can pick up one of these exclusive head pieces at Henri Bendels thru Wednesday so stop by. If you really love Gossip Girls (which I’m sure you all do), then head there on Tuesday cause one of the stars of the show will be available to sign autographs with Kristen.

If you can’t stop by Bendel’s, you can pick up Angel Lust at Shop and Patricia Fields.

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