Artist Marco Brambilla Commissioned By Kanye West

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Kanye West has commissioned a video work by critically acclaimed artist, Marco Brambilla, to accompany the release of his new single “Power” from his upcoming album. Keep reading for more…

INTERVIEW: Gabe Saporta Of Cobra Starship

Styled by Alex Kazemi, 16 Year Old Music/Fashion Writer | View Comments

The spunky front man of pop punk band, Cobra Starship, had a successful mainstream success with the summer 09 party anthem “Good Girls Go Bad.” I got a chance to chat with him about Miley vs Selena, Justin Bieber, the Old MTV and insights from the next record.

How To Make Your BF’s Clothes Look Good On You

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I love men’s clothing. It’s roomier, softer, and very comfortable. If you can’t think of what to wear one day, don’t fret. Go in your boyfriends closet and make his clothes female friendly. Keep reading…


Styled by Alex Kazemi, 16 Year Old Music/Fashion Writer | View Comments

Brian Lichtenberg is taking the fashion world by storm. The young designer has already had his garments on Lady GagaNaomi Campbell, and Beyoncé. He normally doesn’t do press but took time out of his schedule to talk about his Forever 21 line, Fashion Week, and his inspirations. Keep reading…

Anna Wintour & Carine Roitfeld Are Sharks

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At least they seem to be comfortable with themselves in the new Humor Chic  illustrations titled “Vogue’s Sea” by aleXsandro Palombo. Keep reading for more…

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Funders

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Here is an exclusive look at this year’s group of Fashion Funders. VOGUE asked them a few questions before their presentations to the selection panel yesterday morning. I totally agree with their picks of nominees.  I love how they included some of my designer crushes. Take a look and see.

FIRST LOOK: Serena’s and Blair’s Wardrobe For Gossip Girl’s New Season [@LuckyMagazine]

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The main reason we love Gossip Girl is because of the amazing style the show carries. The cast has recently shot in Paris and from the looks of it; viewers will gag over some of these outfits. Keep reading for more…
Lucky Mag has complied

Whose Face Did Cher Steal for ‘Burlesque’?

Styled by Lester Brathwaite | View Comments

Cher is 800 years old and she looks not a day over 35 in the new stills from Burlesque. The Oscar-winning diva has been successfully turning back time since the beginning of time itself. Unfortunately we all have to wait til Thanksgiving to see the dark

Modeling 101: How to Model a Goddamn Handbag

Styled by Lester Brathwaite | View Comments

All right, class, everyone settle and take your seats. And by take your seats, I clearly mean sit without sitting. We don’t want those thighs spilling over. Anyway, today’s lesson is on the handbag. Every lady needs one, large or small, designer or (god help you) designer knock off. But

Essence Hires White Fashion Editor. Black Women Pissed. Are You?

Styled by Daniel Saynt, The Dude | View Comments

The latest controversy hitting the fashion world is Essence hiring of a whitie as their fashion editor. A few black women seem pissed and betrayed and now everyone is weighing in. See my opinion and share your own after the jump.

Blood Is The New Black: The Ultimate Tee Destination [@BloodyBlack]

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I’ve been a fan of Blood Is The New Black for a while, but it wasn’t until they were so cool to send me a few shirts that I realized I’m love. The shirts fit so well and add a sense of undeniable cool to any wardrobe. Keep reading…

INTERVIEW: Lala Vazquez [@lala]

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Recently we were honored to have a quick interview with TV personality and newly married Lala Vazquez before her wedding with basketball superstar Carmelo Anthony. Keep reading to find of if Kim Kardashian planed on being a bridesmaid, who designed her dress and more…

STATUS Q: Philly Chic

Styled by Rachel Khona, Q Model Booker | View Comments

No longer known for cheesesteaks and Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia is actually becoming kind of cool. I grew up a mere fifteen minutes away from the city in south Jersey and when younger I often yearned to live somewhere more cosmopolitan. But I have to say in

Jane Aldridge Exclusive Home Images on NOWNESS.com

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Tomorrow Tuesday, July 27th NOWNESS.com visits the ornately decorated Dallas home of popular personal style blogger Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes.  Jane’s impeccable taste has attracted the attention of the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West.  Celebrity photographer

I Love When a Plan Comes Together…

Styled by Lester Brathwaite | View Comments

After what felt like an eternity of scheming, plotting, lying, bribing and pretty much guaranteeing my first class ticket to hell, I have finally accomplished my goal. Next step, stalking Marc Jacobs. Part three.

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