Merlin Bronques Raps!!!

So weird in a wonderful sort of way. Merlin Bronques from Last Nights Party fame raps!!!

The hipsters are getting restless.

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Costume Dept Leggins

These deliciously tacky leggings by Costume Dept. are so bad, they’re good. To those who are actually old enough to remember the era from whence they came, this was the kind of garment synonymous with crunchy hair, acrylic talons, spiked heels and New Jersey. But as far as most 80’s babies are concerned, this is just another addition to our schizophrenic wardrobe (and the perfect piece for that M.I.A. Halloween costume). The Hollywood-based brand offers a wide selection of leggings that come in edgy, throwback prints, and metallic and lame`. Made of mostly flammable material, they also come with cheeky names like Gaudy Gold, Liquid Mercury, and Midnight Madam. Bootylicious girls beware…these are for skinny bitches only.

Would ya wear these, indies?

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How To Look Hipster: Join a Fight Club

Oh, dear jebus. The hipsters have created the lamest fight club on the planet.

Listen folks, if you weigh as much as a paper clip and you spent most of your time this morning moussing your hair, you probably shouldn’t be in a fight club. No one thinks it’s hot when you flail your chicken arms around in the air and the bodily injuries your most likely to inflict is about as much pain as it would feel to have a tissue land on your head.

Stick to leaning the lyrics of some obscure Norwegian band you heard about on Brooklyn Vegan and leave the fight clubs to the men.

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