BLOG TO KNOW: Modistiskt

Picture 5

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Naomi and Veronica of Modistiskt are from Sweden, so I can’t exactly read anything on their site, but they’ve got some great photos of products, shopping trips, and street style. Check it out, and if you can read Swedish, you’re really in luck!

See them here



Grand Opening of Carnival!

Grand Opening of Carnival! fashion

I read a review about this place earlier and it sounds kind of cool, unless you’re terrified of the circus. It’s above Bowlmor, and is apprently going to be there, which means she’ll walk in take 50 pictures then leave.




NEWS: ROGAN NYC Needs PR Interns

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Fashion Week is over, so designers are looking to revamp their companies, and their staff! ROGAN is looking for PR interns:

Interns will be responsible for a wide variety of PR and sales-related duties, including managing samples and press clips, as well as assisting with event planning and media outreach.

The ideal candidates are detail-oriented, experienced with MS Excel, hardworking, independent, have strong communication skills, and are interested in learning about multiple facets of the fashion business. You know, the usual.

This is an unpaid position, and applicants should able to dedicate 2-3 full days per week for the duration of the fall semester. You do not need to be a student to apply! Please submit a short cover letter and your resume to

Sound like your dream internship? Email to apply!

LINK LOVE: Fashionista



PARTY CRASHER: Love Brigade Unveils S/S 2010 ‘Revival’ FRIDAY

Picture 8

This Friday at 8 & 9PM you can see Love Brigade’s S/S 2010 collection ‘Revival’ at The Space on 8th (with free drinks!)…, list closes Thursday, and spots are filling up fast! Afterparty with some great DJs, Guru, and Nicky Digital

Again: email,  or for press peeps,



FIRST LOOK: 5Preview And A Question Of Collab. Organic Tee Line

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Picture 6

5Preview has teamed up with the Danish T-shirt company A Question Of… to create a sustainable line, ‘Faith Hope and Love,’ featuring three shirts that will be released one by one until Christmas.  The shirts are manufactured in Africa, but don’t worry, no sweatshops here.  A Question Of is all for helping out East Africa and using organic fabrics, while making sure everything is fair trade, their workers receive full wages, English classes, and training in health issues.  The first shirt released, and pictured above is ‘Faith,’ and you can get it from now until Christmas at A Question Of…’s website



BLOG TO KNOW: .DirtyFlaws.

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BLOG TO KNOW: .DirtyFlaws. fashion

Nikki, another Fashion Indie friend and friend of friends from Ruff Club has what could be the most killer blog I’ve ever seen.  Complete with style photos, runway reviews, spreads, and DIYs, she’s as sharp as it comes, with edginess dripping from every post. It’s refreshing to see someone posting things that you aren’t going to find on or other mainstream fashion blogs, and instead works of art, lines and spreads that are actually creative, and DIYs that make us swoon.  Here’s some proof:

BLOG TO KNOW: .DirtyFlaws. fashion

BLOG TO KNOW: .DirtyFlaws. fashion

BLOG TO KNOW: .DirtyFlaws. fashion

We love fashion people, but we especially love fashion people that have blogs. Check out .dirtyflaws. and prepare to be overly-inspired for days and days!




She’s a photographer, she’s a videographer, she’s a model, she has the best style, she travels the world, she takes the most amazing party photos, she goes everywhere you’d want to go, she knows everyone you’d want to know, and she looks like this:



Fashion Indie’s favorite, and most fashionable nightlife photographer, Elle Rex, had her last night at Ruff Club on Friday.  We’re going to miss her fierce style, and everyone all over the internet is going to miss her weekly photos that capture them in all of their ridiculousness.  Elle’s heading off to Europe with Designer Drugs, so don’t worry, she won’t disappear completely, but her nights of taking photos of our favorite Ruff kids are over, as the end of Ruff Club is set for next week. 




See some of our favorite pics on Cult, and check out Elle’s photos from all of the Ruff Club parties, as well as other parties worldwide on her site.  The site also includes party videos, like the one below:


We’ll definitely miss seeing Elle around, and the final Ruff Club won’t be the same without her, but I’m sure we’ll be partying together in the future. Have fun in Europe, Elle!



THE MAN BEHIND THE MAG: Jeremy Fall, Editor-In-Chief Of Cliché Magazine


THE MAN BEHIND THE MAG: Jeremy Fall, Editor In Chief Of Cliché Magazine fashion

(photos by Kris Kidd)

Four months ago a bunch of my favorite people to follow on Twitter were filling up my feed with news of a new magazine.  ‘Check out  @clichemagazine!’ so I did. I headed over to the site and saw the clean format of their first issue with Cody Kennedy on the cover, and started e-flipping through to pages, reading articles, and seeing photos from some of my favorite photographers.  From then on, I became a huge fan of Cliché, an online magazine based out of California that publishes monthly, and features spreads and content that you aren’t going to find anywhere else on the web, or at any store, for that matter.  I continued to check back monthly to see Brittany Flickinger on the cover, and an entirely green issue, all complete with great feature stories, interviews, street style photos, and spreads from the Cliché staff; but then I realized: outside of the photographers I already follow, I have no idea who is behind this magazine.

Naturally, I scoured the internet to figure things out and found the editor-in-chief’s name, Jeremy Fall, and I made one of those emails to a general address to try and get ahold of Jeremy in order to figure out just what goes on behind the scenes at Cliché.  After long chains of emails and iChat conversations, Jeremy and I have grown to be great friends, and I’ve learn that Cliché is definitely a magazine that is here to stay, and here to join Fashion Indie in the ‘print is dead’ campaign.


Picture 2

See what Jeremy had to say on the start and growth of Cliché, and why the internet is way better than Condé Nast:

FASHIONINDIE: Where were you at before Cliché?

JEREMY FALL: Before starting Cliché, I had an event production & artist management agency in LA. We mainly produced events in clubs around the city and represented artists from around the world. I also organized private events on the side ranging from fashion shows to corporate events to birthdays.


FI: Once you got the idea (and how did that even happen?), where did you go next?

JF: No one ever believes me when I answer this question, but I got the idea for Cliché at 5 AM when I couldn’t sleep. I suddenly felt the need to take on another project and always thought that there weren’t many magazines out there that take a completely different approach to their themes. I was looking through a few issues the other day at Barnes & Noble and found one with an “up and coming talent” theme. The issue consisted of 100 little biographies of people that no one has ever heard of, and it just seemed like the creators were crossing their fingers that at least one person of their choice would someday blow up and give them credibility. As for Cliché, I’m not saying that we don’t go for up and coming talent, I think that’s great, we just prefer showing different things in our issues. For example, in our July rising stars issue, we also showed a merging city, growing hotels, different types of designers, etc.. Sorry I might be getting a little off topic, to answer your second question, once I had the idea for the mag I immediately started looking for photographers and writers over the Internet and through people that I knew. This was probably the hardest part and I admit that I didn’t have any experience in creating magazines. It took about a month to completely assemble our team and then we started creating issues.


FI: Is this something you always wanted to do?

JF: Being the editor-in-chief of a magazine was something that I had never thought of doing. I’ve always had a passion for management and when everything started coming together, I fell in love with the idea.


FI: Did you anticipate it would grow so quickly?

JF: A lot of people ask me that too actually, and honestly I really didn’t expect this at all. I’m so grateful for all of our readers and the attention that Cliché’s been getting. I had projected around 100,000 readers monthly by January 2010 thinking that I was crazy for aiming so high, and we’re at over 600,000 monthly now. I definitely think that it’s not done growing yet and that there are still many improvements to be made.


FI: Where do you plan to take Cliché, assuming it continues to grow exponentially in viewers?

JF: I never say never but I really don’t think that we’ll ever become a printed magazine. In 10 years, glossy magazines will be considered luxurious items and everyone else will have theirs available online. The way technology’s growing right now, it would be surprising if the Internet didn’t take over printed publications, but you can never know, that’s just my opinion.


FI: Do you think you’ll ever switch to a daily update format, or just stick with the monthly issue?

JF: Actually, we’re in the process of integrating a blog called Kitsch on our site to give a more “frequent update format”. This should be out soon and we really want to give our fans a more personal feel and interaction with who’s behind the mag. The goal right now is to make it daily, we’re just figuring out if that’s going to start right away. As far as the issues, those will remain monthly.

THE MAN BEHIND THE MAG: Jeremy Fall, Editor In Chief Of Cliché Magazine fashion

FI: We love you for it, but why jump on the ‘print is dead’ bandwagon? And why did you decide to turn your magazine entirely ‘green’?

JF: (laughs) The “print is dead” bandwagon, like I said earlier, is something that’s really growing exponentially. I honestly don’t see what the point of printing is aside from making it “look pretty”. I mean, I do agree on the fact that holding a mag in your hands on the plane or at the dentist is a nice feeling (when its a good publication) but in the end, the result is the same as when it’s online. In a few years from now, you won’t remember how nice it was to flip the pages, but how interesting an article was. Whether you read it online or on paper, you retain information the same way. Sometimes it is scary to see how technology is quickly taking over, but we also can’t live in the past when new mediums are being developed everyday. If you still don’t agree with me, take a look at how blogs have grown and how you mostly read the news online now, or how you’re sending e-mail more than paper letters, or how you text instead of sending notes (for high schoolers), or how you’re reading this interview on Fashion Indie. The list goes on and on and on. 


FI: How do you decide on a theme for each month?

JF: Honestly this might really sound cliche but I really get inspired from anything that happens around me! I know that everyone always says that but its seriously true in my case. I don’t sit in a field pondering for hours but themes come to me at random times throughout the day. Usually it starts when I’m reminded of a topic that interests me a lot and then I develop it from there and find a way to turn it into an issue. It can get hard sometimes, but I try to think ahead.


FI: Tell us a bit about the rest of your staff, you’ve got some younger talent working for you, do you think young people are taking over the industry?

JF: Our staff for the most part is pretty young. I definitely think that we are taking over the industry and feel like the generations to come will start even younger.


FI: Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?

JF: I truly think that every single person I work with strongly contributes to the mag. Now, I’m not just saying this because they’re going to be reading this interview, but honestly everyone has helped a lot. Its actually really cool because the team that you see now was built really quickly, most people have been around since day one. 

One of the best additions to our crew was definitely Dirk Mai (, one of our main photographers. He’s an amazing artist and one of the best people to work with. You’ll find his work throughout every single issue that we’ve done so far and I honestly believe that Cliché wouldn’t be what it is today without his contribution.


FI: What has been your favorite part about this experience?

JF: My favorite part about this experience is seeing the number of readers grow and communicating and being able to directly communicate with them. I do as much as I can to be in contact with our fans and love hearing feedback, that’s really the only way to get better. 


FI: What are some of your favorite magazines?

JF: I actually didn’t read many magazines before starting mine. If I had to pick one to read for the rest of my life, it’d have to be Vanity Fair. The reason being that it’s probably the most intelligent mag available in the US and the photography you find is truly amazing. I also read Nylon monthly and open GQ when I stumble upon it.

THE MAN BEHIND THE MAG: Jeremy Fall, Editor In Chief Of Cliché Magazine fashion

FI: If Condé Nast offered to print Cliché, but you had to give them full ownership of it and would only collect royalties, would you?

JF: I would never do that, it would completely negate everything I just said in this interview, and make me look like an idiot.


FI:  You’ve got 1 hour until stores close and $500 dollars to spend, where do you head first?

JF: I’d probably head to a restaurant first to eat, and then with whatever I have left head to Alexander McQueen (my favorite designer).


FI: Any secrets you can give away?

JF: I can’t really say anything except for the fact that we’re going to be getting better and better. We have our new site launching very soon, created by my wonderful web designer Michael Gramling (, new amazing writers and photographers. You’ll have to take a look to see what I mean.

And that’s what you should do!  Check out the new issue of Cliché that is out TODAY on their site, see the new webisode on Cliché TV, and follow them, and Jeremy Fall on Twitter to keep updated on their world takeover(I smell a blog coming soon??!).

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THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)

We asked, and you told! Here are some of the best street style blogs (besides ours), including some favorites mentioned by our Twitter followers (in no particular order):


Picture 2Picture 3IS MENTAL: An awesome blog in itself, but also featuring some rad streetstyle from the webworld


Picture 4THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionAltamira NYC: Nicknamed the ‘off duty models blog,’ all sorts of industry peeps are featured on Altamira, making it even better than it already is to look at for street style.

Picture 5THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionHoy Fashion: Streetstyle from London, Manchester, and Liverpool. What I like best about this styleblog is that it also includes close-ups of everyone’s faces

Picture 6THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionJak and Jil: An absolute favorite, Jak and Jil frequent events and fashion shows, catching models, designers, and other fashion peeps, which makes for the most fashionable styleblog on the web

Picture 7Picture 8Glam Canyon: A typical feature in Fashion Indie’s RAW feed, and another unique look at style worldwide


Picture 9THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionStyle Defined: A look at NYC’s style elite, and a guest photographer at Fashion Indie’s SoHo Grand events!

Picture 10THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionThe Sartorialist: Given.  So painfully cool that they have their own book.

Picture 11Picture The roots of style blogs everywhere (including numerous style bloggers). was formerly an exclusive street style blog for invited members only, but I think they’ve opened it to the rest of the public now (judging by some of the horrors found on the site…) Regardless, it’s always a good site for Street Heroes, by the thousands.


Picture 13Picture 14Face Hunter: Another worldwide photo snapper, Face Hunter was the first style blog that I ever began to frequent (back when I was still in Michigan and didn’t know my way around the internet). I think I made a wise first choice, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Picture 15blog 089Click Clash: An East Coast street style blogger with a lot of fresh taste. Also, check out the blogroll in the right column, tons and tons of good clicks!


Who’s your favorite? Someone we missed?

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THANK YOU: Little Designer Book Purchased Our First Platinum Membership!

Picture 25  has purchased the first membership to the ‘I Heart Fashion Indie’ campaign! Thanks to them, we’re on our way to raising $200,000 from the readers in our network that love us, in order to create all sorts of goodness on the Fashion Indie site.  Now that Little Designer Book is a part of our Platinums, they’ll get all sorts of perks like:

  • Access to, a private network where you can connect directly to otherPlatinum Members and get insider information about our upcoming projects, view our business and marketing plans, keep abreast on company developments, and discover additional investor opportunities.
  • VIP Status at Fashion Indie Events including our fashion shows, lounge events, nightclub parties and sample sales.
  • Invitation to our quarterly Investor Lounge where you can meet additional supporters of Fashion Indie.
  • Listed as a Platinum Member on
  • Monthly Live Chat with Fashion Indie President & Cofounder, Daniel Saynt so that you can ask questions and get to know a little more about where Fashion Indie Media is headed.

Best of all, Platinum Members will receive a 2-1 return on their membership fees once Fashion Indie hits certain growth milestones. For more information on becoming a Platinum Member, click here to sign up or visit

Now doesn’t that sound cool?  Fashion Indie hearts you, and we want you to heart us too. We hope that you become a Platinum member, or tweet/invest/join one of our sites/fan us on facebook/subscribe/check us on youtube/grab our widgets/call us and tell us you love us (917-450-5238)/Send us a letter: Fashion Indie, 369 Lexington Ave, Second Floor, New York, NY 10017/do one of the other millions of things that we have going on to show our love for you and for you to show your love for us.

Lots of love going around this office..share with us.

And again, thank you to Little Designer Book! We love you the most for being our first Platinum member..everyone go over to their site and  show your support!

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Picture 9

Valou’s 3cap rings are making a huge appearance in the world of fashion lately, and being picked up by all sorts of fashion and music peeps: Dirk Mai (the first to wear this amazing ring), LIGHTS, Demi Lovato, Audrey Kitching, Nick Santino from A Rocket To The Moon, and Mandy Jiroux..and those were only the ones I could find photos of!  The mens rings run around $175, and the women’s $125, but it’s way worth it for the statement you’ll be making with this ring.  Definitely a cooler alternative to the over the knuckle two and three fingered rings everyone is wearing lately, if you wear a Valou ring, you’re sure to be asked about it.

Head over to the site to purchase a ring and find out about sizing, there isn’t much info on the designer, but if you know Fashion Indie at all, we’ll investigate it and get your more information (maybe even an interview!) as soon as we can. 

Here’s some photos of people we love rocking Valou 3caps:

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Valou fashion

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Valou fashion

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Valou fashion

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Valou fashion

DESIGNER TO KNOW: Valou fashion

Photos via Dirk Mai’s Twitpic, Demi Lovato’s Twitpic, and Dirk Mai’s website

3caps via Valou

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SERIOUSLY PEOPLE: Where Are Your Style Pics?

Picture 7

I know my post about how we were searching for the next member of our ‘25 under 25 stylish people to know’ list may have seemed kind of harsh, but it wasn’t meant to turn EVERY one of you away!  Our twitter only received ONE @ to enter their style pic, and we’re really sad about it! 

We promise to be nice to you, we promise not to steal your pictures and use you for our ’street zeroes’. We just want you to be a part of our list! So send, send, send or we’re going back to stalking the internet for more of our favorite fashion peeps. 

Seriously people, hit us with your best shot. Send your twitpics, links, whatever you want to @fashionindie to be a part of our list!



25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know

We’ve composed a list of the twenty five most stylish people we know under twenty five (well, a couple are “25″). Influences, creatives, or just plain crazy people, here’s Fashion Indie’s take on who to know, and who we wish we were as stylish as:


25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionRihanna- Ri’s been really stepping it up lately. She’s got a wide range of looks, and is starting to find a world of her own when it comes to her style.

Picture 1Lady Gaga- Everyone knows she’s crazy. Lady Gaga is definitely changing the views of fashion right now

Picture 2Taylor Momsen- Are you surprised? You know we love her.

Picture 3Emma Watson- The young HP actress is growing up! And looking hot at every event, if we do say so ourselves.

Picture 4The Olsen Twins- They’ve been in the fashion eye for awhile now, and now that they’ve got some of their own lines, they always look awesome.

Picture 5Zoe Kravitz- Lenny’s daughter! This teen has been making a lot of appearances lately, and looks good!


Picture 6Chanel Iman- Our favorite model to follow on Twitter. Chanel is so adorable, and has really awesome style (check out those boots!)

25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionTallulah Morton- She’s all over the Cobra Snake (in a Cory Kennedy way), and always looking fly.

Picture 8Cole Mohr- This is for you Kirby.  Cole brought boyish and grunge to the fashion forefront, for models anyway. Plus he’s incredibly handsome, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Picture 12Ethan James- Ethan is being seen more and more on the fashion scene (Milan fashion week, H & M, tons of editorial spreads), and has a similar look to Cole. I actually went to high school with this Ford model, and he’s been the most stylish guy I know since he was 15.

Picture 9Jethro Cave- Pioneered the half-shaved head. LOVE those hanger tattoos.

Fashion Personalities and Party People-

Picture 13Alexa Chung- Whether she’s dressed to kill or wearing denim cutoffs, Alexa Chung is always on top of her game.

Picture 20Chloe Sevigny- Great designer, great style icon. I’m in love with her buckle booties, which she is seen wearing a lot, paired with skinny pants or cute dresses. Definitely a hipster style icon.  We know she isn’t exactly under 25, but she’s been around for so long as a stylish designer to know, and like our moms, is one of those women that turn 25 every year for the rest of their lives.

Picture 14Peaches Geldof- This social always looks gorgeous (as do all the Geldofs), for events or on the street with her fake fiance.


25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionAaron Kolfage- Fashion Indie’s favorite party host and dear friend, Aaron always looks fierce on Friday nights at Ruff Club. He dresses with such creativity, I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. This weekend, Aaron was wearing a giant tulle bowtie with a brooch in the middle, and I was mad jealous. Aaron gives us Midwesterners hope for being incredibly stylish, he’s from Michigan!


Fashion Bloggers-

Picture 21Pelayo of Kate Loves Me – This guy, and his girlfriend, both have killer style. He wears some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen (including Louis Vuitton mesh tights!), and has perfectly coiffed hair at all times.

Picture 22Lovisa The Intern- Lovisa Drever is all over, but I know her from Waffles + Falafels (who even briefly carried a shirt with her photo on it). She’s got a killer sense of style and can pull anything off, plus adds to the crazy personalities of W + F, who are some of my favorite people.

Picture 24Six Six Sick Girls- These hosts and bloggers DIY matching outfits for their events, which include everything from red wigs to elbow gloves. They not only have a crazy (and matching) sense of DIY style, they also post some (literally) sick stuff on their blog.

Picture 25Kirby Marzec- Fashion Indie’s own managing editor, Kirby not only knows everything about every designer, and what’s going to be hot next season, but she also isn’t afraid to pull it off. Whether it’s drop (to the knee) crotch pants, DIY ripped tees, or metal vests, you can be assured that Kirby will wear it, and she’ll wear it damn well.

Picture 26Jazzi McG- We had a half hour long talk the other day about how much we love Jazzi’s blog, and her style.  A queen of DIYing and always dressed perfectly for the occasion, she’s definitely one to watch.

Picture 15Tavi of Style Rookie-  Tavi is no rookie, maybe in the way that ‘Rookie of the Year’ becomes a professional baseball player, Tavi dresses better than some veterans of fashion.  

Picture 16Camille of Childhood Flames- Another not-even-legal fashion blogger showing that you don’t have to have a career to be fashionable, this sixteen year old is a pro at mixing designer goods with things we can afford, and is also taking advantage of the DIY world.

Picture 1Lucas Logan- This 18-year-old from LA is all over the internet, model/blogger (Stylish Kids In Riot)/designer, Lucas is California’s newest ‘It’ Kid, braces and all.


Picture 19Uffie- I mean look at her, in.sane.

Picture 27The Veronicas- I’ve followed The Veronicas since I was in high school, and their style has definitely evolved into rocker chic. They always look good separately, and even better together, on stage or off, and aren’t afraid to take risks.

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TRENDSPARK: Trouser Pants

Picture 10Wasn’t it just last week that I was predicting trouser pants for fall? Well now Fab Unfunded, Nylon, and Victoria Beckham agree, trouser pants are in. 

Picture 11

Get the look that Nylon calls “mom jeans” with pleats and high waists, which is flattering on almost every figure. This style of jeans or pants are going to be, and already are, showing up in stores everywhere, but get yours first before everyone else! (The Elizabeth and James ones I featured last week are still my favorite, very Audrey Hepburn)

Picture 12Picture 13

SOURCE: Fab Unfunded

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LAST NIGHT’S EVENT: Rad By Rad Hourani At SoHo Grand

Picture 3

Last night, the fashion people gathered at SoHo Grand to preview the new collection by Rad Hourani. Hourani told that this unisex line isn’t necessarily a diffusion line (priced from $100-400), but that “this is just more relaxed and easier to wear in cotton and jerseys.”  The line will be available in November online and in stores, perfect timing for these pieces, which include a lot of jackets, vests, super skinny jeans, t shirts, and perfectly draped shorts.  

Judging from the runway and all of the fashionable people there, must-haves for fall:

-guys in heels


-destroyed tees

-partially shaved heads (for guys and girls)

-black, black, black

We had the pleasure of seeing the man himself, who was looking fabulous as to be expected.  Other sightings, (who told us that she works out in her cowboy boots), Kate Lanphear, Malcom Harris.

See our photos of the runway show, and a few fashion people on Cult

(photo up top by Jak and Jil)

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