THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed]

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashionJohn Gosselin withdrew $200,000 from his joint bank account after being specifically ordered not to. Here’s what Buzzfeed thinks he’s probably spending it on:

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion

1. 4,000 Ed Hardy Trucker Hats

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion2. 25, 673 (4oz.) Cans of Axe Body Spray

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion

3. 13, 333 Brass ‘Truck Nuts’

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion

4. 2, 051 Embroidered Men’s Blouses

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion5. 322 Front Row Tickets to UFC Championship Fights

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion6. 626 Pairs of True Religion Bootcut Jeans

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion7. 8,003 Half Hour Mystic Tanning Sessions

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion8. 3,418 Affliction Shirts

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion9. 32,000 Puka Shell Necklaces

THE TEN: Pointless Things Jon Gosselin Would Spend His $200,000 Withdrawl On [Via Buzzfeed] fashion10. (And the only acceptable one) 89 Months of Child Support: The average is $280 per child, per month, which would make John’s  monthly payment for all of his kids $2,240. Should’ve thought about that before you cheated and then agreed to a divorce, Johnny!

I know this isn’t super fashion related, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I read it!

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THE TEN: ‘Runway Don’ts’ [VIDEO]

THE TEN: Runway Donts [VIDEO] fashion

My Facebook friend Govan Zimmer just posted this ten, and I thought it was a pretty good video of runway spills! I don’t spend much of my time walking in heels but this doesn’t make me want to, at all! (I’m not a fan of the Beyonce disses at the end though)



THE TEN: Male Beauties of all Time by Fame Photog Lope Navo

Fashion Indie October 6 at 2:39 | Comments

THE TEN: Male Beauties of all Time by Fame Photog Lope Navo  fashion

Growing up in the 90’s, travelling the world, I witnessed the great influence of American Pop Culture wherever I go, Tom Cruise’s 1986 TOP GUN poster stapled on a barber shop in Boystown, Pattaya-Thailand, Brad Pitt’s 1994 Legends of the Fall poster in a “mostly censored” movie rentals in Al Khobar-Saudi Arabia, Leonardo Dicaprio’s life-size cardboard cutout in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong-Hong Kong, Jason Priestley and Luke Perry’s of Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990’s all over the notebook covers of teenage girls (and boys) in my highschool in Manila, I have to confess I bought my first Tiger Beat with River Phoenix cover to wrap my Calculus Textbook (to get me through my most boring class ever).


James Dean
(February 1931 – September 1955)

In an “fun experiment” by Irina Aleksander on her article “The New Male Beauty” (June 23, 2009) for The New York Observer. She suggested that the latest “It boys”sort of look alike– High School Musical’s Zac Efron, Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, Star Trek’s Chris Pine, Hairspray’s James Marsden, Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans and the list goes on, and she calls it the NEW MALE BEAUTY: those wide-set eyes, the narrow nose that flares up at the tip just so, the childish puffy cheeks and the not-too-rugged jaw lines, topped with carefully placed strands of layered hair. (

Although I agree with her that this twenty-something James Dean doppelgänger’s has been dominating the box office and prime time tv this decade, whats new? Since James Dean starred in Rebel Without a Cause (1955), he’s reincarnation’s in the “Male Beauties” of the 60’s (Warren Beatty), 80’s (Tom Cruise), 90’s (Leonardo Dicaprio) has always been prominent. The 2000’s Young Hollywood cannot deny the fact that “another swoopy-haired, pretty-faced actor dominating the box office” has started in the 50’s. Although I was born in the 80’s and Tom Cruise was the king, I acknowledge the fact that on my list of top 10 Male beauties of all time, it’s a not a Mr. Pattinson or a Mr. Efron topping my list- its the original, Mr. Dean.


River Phoenix
(August 1970 – October 1993)

The American film actor who starred in Gus Van Sant’s 1991 Semi-documentary footage of Seattle street hustling “My Own Private Idaho” is one of the reason I fell in love with american filmmaking, not only its sexiest Homosexual road movie ever made, its casted perfectly with beautiful talented stars all at the top of their respective games. The film’s success solidified Phoenix’s image as an edgy actor with leading man potential, without even trying, he is the most authentic reincarnation of James Dean’s beauty and talent in the 90’s.

THE TEN: Male Beauties of all Time by Fame Photog Lope Navo  fashion

Brad Pitt
(December 1963)

Yes, its not a surprise Mr. Pitt’s in the list, has been cited as one of the world’s most sexiest men over and over again in some top 10 list all over the world. But I can’t help but put him in this one, because am only human. Most of my favorite movies of all time are starred by Brad Pitt, and three of the sexiest and most beautiful characters that the silverscreen ever produced he had played – J.D., the cowboy hitchhiker who seduces Geena Davis’s character in the 1991 road movie “Thelma & Louise”, as Louis de Pointe du Lac in “Interview with the Vampire” (1994) – the most referenced vampire of this decades’ teen vampires and Tristan Ludlow in the 1994 drama “Legends of the Fall”, how can I resist?

THE TEN: Male Beauties of all Time by Fame Photog Lope Navo  fashion

Johnny Depp
(June 1963)

There is something so mysterious about this American actor that I find so mesmerizing and beautiful, after 50 films and running, from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” to “Pirates of the Caribbean”, he just makes me ask for more.


Joe Dallesandro
(December 1948)

Aesthetically speaking if the Greek philosophers will have a perfect mold for the male beauty, it will be “Little Joe”s face. Thanks to Andy Warhol, the 70’s underground films will always have their nude James Dean. Although he never become a mainstream film star like Mr. Dean, Mr. Phoenix, Mr. Depp and Mr. Pitt –Mr. Dallesandro is a sex symbol of the 20th century in his own right, and an iconic beauty on my list. Like Mr. Phoenix he starred as as a beautiful teenage street hustler in the 1970’s film Flesh and hailed as one of the 10 most beautiful men Scavullo had ever photographed. As a photographer how can i disagree?

THE TEN: Male Beauties of all Time by Fame Photog Lope Navo  fashion

Gabriel Aubry
(January 1976)

“Quick, name one male model.” asked by Lauren Streib on her article “The World’s Most Successful Male Models”(May, 07 2008) for Forbes Magazine. Gabriel Aubry, Mark Fisher, Marlon Teixeira, Jon Kortajarena, and Greg Knudson and yes, Fabio doesn’t count. In my personal list of Top 10 Male Beauties of all time, it only make sense that half of them are models and three out of five are signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City. All five of them have the moviestar goodlooks minus the Zoolander ego that plagued most male models this decade.

Signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City, the only male model to ever appear on the cover of Uomo Vogue while appearing in 4 different campaigns at the same time, in the same magazine. Aubry is a Canadian male model, that has been the face (and body) of blue chip clients like Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, and Valentino, achieved supermodel status after modeling for Hugo Boss.


Mark Fisher
(January 1976)

One source of male beauties for me back in college are the men’s fashion magazines, I have converted my room in a mini-magazine library and nobody can avoid all the muses for more than four decades of the legendary photographer Bruce Weber, Mark Fisher is my favorite. Mr. Fisher is an American model best known for his campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo, Versace and Ralph Lauren. In my book he is one of the original male models that carries the James Dean charm without even knowing it.
Fisher was born in Detroit, but grew up in Atlanta and considers himself a little boy from the South.


Marlon Teixeira
(September 1993)

Signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City, Teixeira appeared on Dior Homme Campaign, the provocative Diesel Ad shot by Terry Richardson, the face of the 2009 Christian Dior Summer/Spring collection to name a few. The brazillian beauty is half Portuguese and has Indian and Japanese origins and at the very young age and early of his career he is becoming one of the top working male model right now.

Picture 1

Jon Kortajarena
(May 1985)

Those chiseled cheekbones, full pout and sexy stare has placed Spanish male model on my top 10 male beauties, signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City,
Kortajarena has been the face of Just Cavalli, Tom Ford, Bally, Etro, Trussardi and now on his film debut on the upcoming directorial debut of designer TOM FORD “A Single Man (2009)” alongside Colin Firth, & Julianne Moore.

Picture 2

Greg Knudson
(November 1978)

Whenever people ask me who’s my favorite model I ever photographed, this American male model, native of california always come to mind,
I never thought I’ll ever meet a real life James Dean in my lifetime, but I did, and his body covered by Oriental tattoes of his gang memebrship on his teen years,
a troubled teen like the characters that James Dean, River Phoenix, Johnny Depp would ussually play in their films and his striking resemblance to Brad Pitt is uncanny.

Excerpt from my book Acknowledgement “STARK”: I remember buying my first photo book, Just Between Us by LA photographer Greg Gorman, when I was in Fine Arts college majoring painting. I will never forget that, because I had never before spent so much money on a book; but that day and from this day on I knew it was all worth it. The moment I saw Greg Knudson on the book cover in the display, I considered him the most beautiful person on the planet, and I still feel he is.

When I shot him in LA last year—8 years after I bought the book—Greg told me I might be the last photographer he would ever work with since he is thinking of retiring; he has worked with most of the top photographers in the 1990’s. Now he is gracing my photo book, and I am elated.

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THE TEN: Best Neckpieces

ShirleyWarner September 24 at 10:15 | Comments

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

THE TEN: Best Neckpieces fashion

Neck wear is huge this season, from multi-beaded to leather, necklaces are the must have accessory of the fall.

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THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch

ShirleyWarner September 21 at 4:00 | Comments

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

1. Michael Lewis: Lewis is footwear’s best kept secret and has impressed the likes of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, Christopher Bailey at Burberry and Tom Ford at Gucci with his shoe-shaped talents – before recently stepping into the role of creative consultant at Kurt Geiger. He brings his own label collection to LFW for the first time this season.

Has an eye for: What women really want – fun yet luxurious, affordable shoes.

Is inspired by: “Early Kenzo and Russian fairytales.”

Shop it: Exclusively at Dover Street Market for autumn/winter 2009.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

2. Michael van der Ham: The Dutch born designer’s Warhol art-inspired dresses caught the attention of more than one fashion insider during his autumn/winter 2009 Central St Martins show – for which he also scooped the L’Oreal Professional Award. Prior to this, the young impresario honed his talents with stints at Alexander McQueen and Sophia Kokosalaki.

Has an eye for: The eclectic – van der Ham’s mismatch approach to design ensures there’s never a dull moment.

Is inspired by: Women who aren’t afraid to be bold.

Will be: Showcasing as part of NEWGEN’s Ready-to-Wear exhibition at Somerset House.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

3. : New kid on the block Fred began life as a set designer and prop maker before packing a style punch with her first jewellery collection of bold, bright and sculptural designs for autumn/winter 2009. Since then she has presented workshops at London’s Design Museum, guest lectured at the London College of Fashion and collaborated with on their limited edition ‘Hit’ line.

Has an eye for: Creating “wearable sculpture,” by using graphic shapes, clashing colours and tactile forms.

Is inspired by: The unpredictable in the everyday.

Shop it: Online at this season.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

4. Mark Fast: Since the success of the 28 year old Canadian’s Central St Martins graduate collection in 2007 (which was quickly snapped up by Browns Focus) the young designer has gone from strength to strength. His autumn/winter 2009 show featured a bold collection of black knitted body-con dresses, embellished with fringing and dramatic cut-out panels.

Has an eye for: Exquisite pieces that are contoured to the body.

Is inspired by: Finding innovative ways with knitwear.

Will be: Available from Browns Focus.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

5. Eun Jeong: 2008’s Fashion Fringe winner, Eun Jeong leapt on the scene with a collection made entirely from white cotton lace. The Korean designer has since been working hard to develop her own label ‘1st element by hong eun jeong’.

Has an eye for: Neat pleats and effortless tailoring.

Is inspired by: Uniqueness in others.

Shop it: at

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

6. Emilio de la Morena: Having trained as a sculptor in his native Spain before sharpening his fashion skills at Central St Martins in 2002, de la Morena’s designs are inspired by structural shapes and traditional Spanish artisan techniques.

Has an eye for: Fluid and feminine sculptural lines.

Is inspired by: The relationship between organic shapes and defined silhouettes.

Shop it: Online at Browns Focus.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

7. Josh Goot: His sleek and monochromatic autumn/winter 2009 collection had London based Goot dubbed the new king of modernism, for his simple yet sophisticated use of black and white on shifts and neatly tailored suits.

Has an eye for: Colour blocking and clean lines.

Is inspired by: Human anatomy and abstract forms for spring/summer 2009.

Shop it: At

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

8. Mary Katrantzou: Since her fun graphic print collection for autumn/winter 2009, that featured dresses emblazoned with images of perfume bottles, we have not been able to shake the feeling that Katrantzou is going places. Having worked under fellow Greek, Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, the young print designer also makes jewellery to complement her collections.

Has an eye for: Digital prints and bold, industrial jewellery.

Is inspired by: Antique perfume bottles and 18th century portraits for spring/summer 2010.

Shop it: At Browns Focus and Harvey Nichols.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

9: Maria Francesca Pepe: With style insiders dipping into Pepe’s jewellery box for her hand-crafted Italian pieces to adorn their fashion pages – including Harper’s Bazaar – it is little wonder the designer already has a loyal following. You might have seen her designs embellishing the shows of Roksanda Illincic (S/S09 and A/W09), Emilio De La Morena (A/W09) and Louise Grey (A/W09), for which she designed a shoe collection.

Has an eye for: Chunky tubular necklaces made using old, handcrafted Italian techniques.

Is inspired by: Pieces that appeal to all tastes and ages.

Shop it: At Dover Street Market and the label’s own online store that launches this December.

THE TEN: Hottest New Design Talents To Watch fashion

10. Veryta: Designer and Fashion illustrator Tanya Ling brings her talents to the role of Creative Director of not-for-profit label Veryta, which appears for the first time this season. Launched with the backing of Yves Saint Laurent’s Stefano Pilati and Filippo Binaghi of Italian Silk manufacturer, Lorma, 10 percent of sales from the collection will go direct to children’s charities in India.

Is inspired by: Her native India.

(Harper’s Bazaar U.K.)

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THE TEN: Rules for Fall

ShirleyWarner September 18 at 1:02 | Comments

THE TEN: Rules for Fall fashion

There are actually thirteen according to Harper’s Bazaar:

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THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

I love seeing old photos of celebrities..especially when they’ve changed this much!! Prepare to laugh…

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion1. Lil Jon

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion2. Ryan Seacrest

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

3. Kate Gosselin (not sure which is worse)

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

4. Snoop Dogg

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion5. Tara Reid

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion6. Eminem

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion7. Renee Zellweger

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashionTHE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion8. Avril Lavigne

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion9.

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos fashion10. Lady Gaga. WHOA.

I hope I don’t look back at my yearbook in 10 years and feel this way…

LINK LOVE: Buzzfeed

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THE TEN: Tweets From Industry Peeps Over Kanye Controversy

THE TEN: Tweets From Industry Peeps Over Kanye Controversy fashionTHE TEN: Tweets From Industry Peeps Over Kanye Controversy fashionPicture 12In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard about Kanye West turning super-douche and interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs last night, here’s the video:

And here’s Kanye’s hilarious, poorly-written apology that has apparently been taken down already:

Picture 13

Although most of the fashion peeps we love have yet to respond (maybe they were just too busy at Fashion Week parties, or sleeping up for the next day), as have Taylor and Beyonce, here are some responses from music, entertainment, and fashion people that have tweeted what they thought of this escapade:

Picture 31. Katy Perry, Singer

Picture 42. Perez Hilton, Celebrity Blogger

Picture 53. Joel Madden, Good Charlotte

Picture 24. Pink, Singer

Picture 115. Ryan Seacrest, On Air/American Idol

Picture 106. Dane Cook,Comedian (love this one)

Picture 87. Jimmy Fallon,  SNL Host (another personal favorite)

Picture 78. Audrey Kitching, Model

Picture 19. Jeremy Fall, Editor-in-Chief of Cliche Magazine

Picture 610. Texts From Last Night, might not be an industry person, but this sure is funny.

Picture 1411. Bonus: Corey…I think he might be right?

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Top Ten Flat Chested Celebrities

Fashion Indie September 7 at 1:48 | Comments

Top Ten Flat Chested Celebrities fashion

Complex magazine, always at the forefront of taste and class, created a list for the hottest celebrity members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Here we share…

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THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)

We asked, and you told! Here are some of the best street style blogs (besides ours), including some favorites mentioned by our Twitter followers (in no particular order):


Picture 2Picture 3IS MENTAL: An awesome blog in itself, but also featuring some rad streetstyle from the webworld


Picture 4THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionAltamira NYC: Nicknamed the ‘off duty models blog,’ all sorts of industry peeps are featured on Altamira, making it even better than it already is to look at for street style.

Picture 5THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionHoy Fashion: Streetstyle from London, Manchester, and Liverpool. What I like best about this styleblog is that it also includes close-ups of everyone’s faces

Picture 6THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionJak and Jil: An absolute favorite, Jak and Jil frequent events and fashion shows, catching models, designers, and other fashion peeps, which makes for the most fashionable styleblog on the web

Picture 7Picture 8Glam Canyon: A typical feature in Fashion Indie’s RAW feed, and another unique look at style worldwide


Picture 9THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionStyle Defined: A look at NYC’s style elite, and a guest photographer at Fashion Indie’s SoHo Grand events!

Picture 10THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course) fashionThe Sartorialist: Given.  So painfully cool that they have their own book.

Picture 11Picture The roots of style blogs everywhere (including numerous style bloggers). was formerly an exclusive street style blog for invited members only, but I think they’ve opened it to the rest of the public now (judging by some of the horrors found on the site…) Regardless, it’s always a good site for Street Heroes, by the thousands.


Picture 13Picture 14Face Hunter: Another worldwide photo snapper, Face Hunter was the first style blog that I ever began to frequent (back when I was still in Michigan and didn’t know my way around the internet). I think I made a wise first choice, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Picture 15blog 089Click Clash: An East Coast street style blogger with a lot of fresh taste. Also, check out the blogroll in the right column, tons and tons of good clicks!


Who’s your favorite? Someone we missed?

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THE TEN: Movies With The Best Style (That You May Not Have Considered)

Picture 3There are thousands, no, probably millions of movies out there, and we definitely haven’t seen them all, but we’ve come up with a list of movies that we have seen that we think have awesome style.  We aren’t going to be cliche and pick the ‘Sex and the City Movie,’ or ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ because those are givens.  These are just a few that you may not have thought of (in no particular order):



1. The Golden Compass- Nicole Kidman is so killer in this movie. All of the floor length, fur-lined coats and the glamourous dresses are to die for.


2. Loser- So much 90s grunge, so much goth from Mena Suvari, so many motorcycle pads. We love it.


3. Once Upon A Time In Mexico- Enrique pre-mole removal days+Johnny Dep post 21 Jump Street days = good movie. This is a great good cop, bad cop flick with Spanish-infused styling.

4. Romeo and Juliet- The prime Leo days, the costuming for this modern-day Romeo and Juliet film is flawless. Minus the sole patch


5. Rear Window- This is one of my favorite films ever, detection at it’s finest, and tons of old-school glamour (Grace Kelly is a dream!). This trailer isn’t too good, check out the film for the full effect


6. Black Dahlia- Old school glam, total pinup style. We love Scarlett Johansson in red lipstick.

7. Gangs of New York- Leo does it again! (and how sweet is that part when all of those guys have top hats on)


8. Cruel Intentions- Ultimate country club kids, plus Sarah Michelle Geller wears a ton of sexy lingerie.

9. Sky Captain- I’m a huge fan of women being badasses. Gwenyth is still total glam and sexy while being a badass, and Angelina is just, well, being as hot as she is in every other movie.


10. Domino-Kiera Knightly as a bounty hunter that still wears red lipstick despite being a total badass? Win.


11. Hedwig and the Angry Inch- We had to include one more on this list because Hedwig has the craziest rock-tranny style ever! Not only that, the members of ‘her’ band make great rock stars (for the 80s), and then there is her little goth boyfriend.  All sorts of styles going on in this film, and all sorts of greatness


What films do you think have the best style?

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The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out

So this is just going to be a quick little article (not really) about some of the bands I have really gotten into. These are not necessarily my favorite bands or albums, but just ones that effected me at some point in my life that some of the readers of this blog may not know about. They are in no particular order nor are they in one specific type of genre of music.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Soulwax- “Any Minute Now”

It still surprises me that more people don’t know who this band is. In Europe they are as big as fucking Michael Jackson. As far as Electronic music goes, in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than this. They have a bunch of albums out before this but to me, the one that really kills it is “Any Minute Now”. They were more of a “Rock” band before this album. I guess you would say say that this would be their “transition” record. It’s the perfect blend of “Rock” and “Electro”. They also did a “Remix” record of this record called “Nite Versions” that is totally radical too. They also are huge DJ’s as well. Their Dj name is “Too many DJ’s”. At this time they are more busy with that. They have also done countless re-mixes for huge artists such as MGMT and LCD Sound system. Just go buy the record. It’s ridiculous.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- “Baby 81″

I know it’s not cool to bring up the latest record from a band and say it’s the best, but in my opinion, it is. I own all of their records and they are all good. They are kind of a cross from “Americana” and “Stoner Rock”. Some of their stuff even has a little bit of a “Gospel” feel to it. This is just the most consistent record they have put out. They also put on a great live show too. Check it.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Brazilian Girls- “Brazilian Girls”

Brazilian Girls is a band from New York City known for their eclectic blend of “Electronic/ Dance” music with musical styles as diverse as “Tango”, “House” “Reggae” and “Lounge”. They have a super hot singer that sings in like 10 different languages. This is just a band that is always bringing something new to the table. Super fun music that has a bit of mystery behind it. The self titled record is their first and their best. They had a hit with the song called “Pussy”. Great album. I still listen to this shit almost every day.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Vaux- “Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vise”

This is one of those bands that broke up right before they got big. That shit broke my heart. They are very different from most of the rest of the bands on this list. They are basically a punk band but have tons of other stuff going on. Their first record is a lot heavier but they really hit their stride with “Beyond..”. Even seems like some of the stuff almost has a Radiohead influence to it. Just a really great “Punk” record with a great singer. Good luck finding this one though. I don’t even know if it officially got released. I bought a burned copy from the band when My old band opened for them in 2006. I’m sure you can find it on itunes.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

8MM- “Songs To Live And Die By”

This is another band that not a whole lot of people know about, but should. The band consists of Sean Beaven (who just happened to mix our record “Love KIlls”) and his wife. If your a fan of bands like “Portishead” and “Massive Attack”, then you will love this. It’s just really good loungy, Trip Hop stuff. Great music to fuck to. Seriously. You can’t ever have to many albums like that.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Jeff Buckley- “Grace”

Another guy who died before his time. I firmly believe that if he was still alive he would have ended up being the next Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix or something. He had a voice of an angel and could play the fuck out of the guitar. He was working on an album before he died called “Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk” that I almost put up instead. The only reason I didn’t is he didn’t finish it. I actually love the rawness of it but it’s not what he would have wanted. So, “Grace” it is. You have probably heard the song “Hallelujah”. I think it was on the “Shrek” soundtrack or something. Anyway, if you take one band to check out on this list, check him out. I was seriously obsessed with him for years. Jeff, you will be missed.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

The Presets- “Apocalypso”

This is the second album by this awesome “Electro” band from Australia. What can I say, just a great band with soaring synth lines and great hooks. One of the best dance records I have heard. They are a direct influence of our band for sure. Check out their videos too. They definitely have a great grasp of what they are doing. Can’t wait for the next record to come out by these guys. Love em.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Blonde Redhead- “Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons”

I discovered this band on accident in 2001. I have all of their records but for some reason this one just sticks out to me as being my favorite. I can’t really even begin to explain this band. They are definitely “Artsy Indie Rock” I guess. They use some off time signatures and some stuff is kind of heavy. A lot of it is really pretty. The stuff they’ve been doing as of lately is definitely more atmospheric. They have both a guy and a girl singer. If you like bands like “Sonic youth” (who apparently discovered them) and “My Bloody Valentine”, you will love it. Just really good Indie rock.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

I AM X- “Kiss and Swallow”

It’s really not even fair to pick a favorite album here. All of them are SICK. This is the mastermind behind “SNEAKER PIMPS”. They were around for a while in the 90’s. They just so happened to make one of my favorite albums of all time, “Becoming X”. Get it? IAMX? Anyway, if you like super sexy, dark as fuck, dancy trip hop, then this is your shit for sure. In my opinion, this is the best of this genera. Every album is great. “Kiss..” is the first one so start there. This is all you need to know. Just go buy all of them. They will make you a better person.

The Ten: Bands/Albums You Should Check Out fashion

Refused- “The Shape Of Punk To Come”

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for this record, I would not be who I am today. I have listened to punk since I was a little guy. I had their first record which was released on victory when I was 16. This was a good album. But when they released “The Shape..” in 98 it not only changed my life, but anyone who listened to punk or hardcore at this time. It literally made every band who was doing this type of music just want to quit. It was like there was no way that anything this good was ever going to be made in this genera so why even fucking bother? I guarantee that anyone who plays heavy music and is doing anything, has and loves this record. I can’t even go into it because I would probably end up writing a fucking novel. I met the singer once and almost peed myself. These guys are all jazz musicians that changed the face of punk and they knew it. I mean look at the name of the record! Sometimes things happen for a reason and this record… was supposed to happen.

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THE TEN: Best NYC Stores You Might Not Know About

Sick of waiting in long lines only to find that generic store in SoHo has ran out of your size?  We’ve made a list on stores we love, and that you may have missed.  We’re sure that some of you fashion peeps already know about these wonders, but we want to let everyone else in on the secrets:

Picture 14Cry Wolf- Located in St. Marks (111), this boutique features goods for men and women from awesome designers such as: 80%20, Chronicles of Never, Creative Recreation, S2Vs, Jeffrey Campbell, Gram, and Nudie.  Find the best shoes, accessories, and clothing from your favorite indie designers worldwide, without having to scour through tons of internet sites.

Picture 15Inven.tory- Located at Lafayette and Spring, get GREAT deals (outlet pricing) on emerging designers, and catch up on the latest trends! Inven.tory’s inventory changes weekly, so stop in frequently to make sure you get the best stuff! They don’t have a site quite yet, but you can check out their blog for all the latest news about the store, and what you should be wearing.


Picture 16Gargyle- Located on Orchard near Canal (16A), this store is aiming to revitalize the country club lifestyle, and features designers like Vena Cava, Fred Perry, Karen Walker, and Surface to Air (among others).  They claim to love ‘golf, tennis, concerts, and parties,’ so if you fit into any or all of the above, or just enjoy ‘anything that lets us have fun with our family and friends,’ check out Gargyle.  Shop online if you must, but to get the full country club party experience, you have to stop in!

Picture 17In God We Trust- They’ve got three stores in town, 265 Lafayette, Ludlow btwn. Stanton and Rivington, and 135 Wythe in Brooklyn.  Stop in for the sickest jewelry, antique and new, as well as fun, adventurous clothing that brings out the vintage nature in everyone.  Check out their site for previews, and stop in to get the real treasures.


Picture 18Tokyo 7- Located on 7th St. btwn. 2nd and 3rd Ave, this consignment store offers limitless designer goods, everything from Prada, Gucci, D&G, Miu Miu, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Heatherette, and 5Preview.  Save on anything you could possibly want, and enjoy the ever-changing stock. No site available, sorry to all of you non-NYC natives.


Picture 19Love Brigade- Located at 230 Grand Street, you’ve probably heard us talk about Love Brigade, but we want you to love them as much as we do.  They sell their original line Love Brigade, a diffusion line (ex.oh), as well as an experimental line (As We Are), as well as selected pieces from other great indie designers.  Stop in and say hi to our friends, and get some awesome clothes while you’re at it!


Picture 20Assembly- Located on Ludlow btwn. Stanton and Houston, this store is just for the boys (with the occasional women’s accessory filtering through).  Get new and vintage clothing and accessories from the greatest collector in town, with tons of foreign labels and indie stuff, too.  There’s even a vinyl section in the back, so you can get your music and fashion all in once place!


Picture 22Valley- Located on Elizabeth btwn. Prince and Spring, the ultimate experience in one-stop shopping.  Enjoy looking through clothing from avant-guard designers, and favorites like Grey Ant, Lady Leisure, and Caroline K, and also enjoy the skin, nail, and waxing salon, and a cafe.  This store really has it all, check it out as soon as you can!


Picture 21

Kiosk- Located on Spring St. btwn. Broadway and Mercer, this isn’t exactly a clothing or accessories store, but they sell a bunch of random trinkets and other goodies that would be great for a DIY project.  If you’re in one of those moods to look for something, but you aren’t exactly sure what, head over to Kiosk.  Plus, they’re right next to that window that sells the mini cupcakes, which is awesome.

THE TEN: Best NYC Stores You Might Not Know About fashionFirst Among Equals- Located at 177 Orchard, this store sells 0044, Bess, Dunlin, Michel Berandi, and more (just for guys).  First Among Equals has recently opened a dark downstairs that you enter through a narrow spiral staircase, and enjoy a private shopping feel with handpicked clothes from designers, offering a rare flair that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out their site for up-to-date sales, but don’t miss out on this unique shopping experience.


What’s your favorite store in New York City?

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THE TEN: Hot Mess’ (Via Buzznet)

Eleven Past Eleven created a hilarious list on Buzznet in honor of Cobra Starship’s new album ‘Hot Mess,’ counting off the celebs (and wannabe celebs) that they believe to be a hot mess.  We usually love to have tens of our own, but this was too clever to pass up.

Picture 101. Amy Winehouse: Hot: For being a popular british singer, and bringing back the Beehive; Mess: For being a notorious drug addict and alcoholic, having unnattractive teeth, and eating disorders, ect.

Picture 112. Trace Cyrus: Hot: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, being Miley Cyrus’ big brother; Mess: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, His face, Twitter-Dating / Twitter-Breaking up with Demi Lovato, Whispery-Rapist voice.

Picture 123. Pete Wentz: Hot: For being the bassist of Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpsons hubby, & being the owner of Clandestine Industries, Crush Management, and Decaydance Records, OH. And his guyliner; Mess: For leaking n00dz, having random panic attacks against the press & for supporting The Millionaires.

Picture 134. Gabe Saporta: Hot: For being the lead singer of Cobra Starship, and having hypnotizing hips; Mess: For deciding to manage and support a band called Millionaires.

Picture 145. Jeffree Star: Hot: For being known everywhere; Mess: For scaring small children, creating Scene kids, ect.

Picture 156. Lily Allen: Hot: For her self confidence and clever song writing skills; Mess: For flashing, and fashion faux-pas

Picture 167. Guy Ripley: Hot: For his accent; Mess: For stalking Cobra Starship / William Beckett a little too much.

Picture 178. Ryan Ross: Hot: For once being loved for his Rose Vest and peacock hairdo; also being the cute guitarist backup singer for Panic(!) At The Disco; Mess: For completely changing the sound of PATD into a Beatles-esque band, then quitting said band. As well as a random and misleading marriage.

Picture 189. Ronnie Radke: Hot: Known for singing ‘Situations’; Mess: For being put in the slammer, due to assault charges.

Picture 1910. (And my favorite) Perez Hilton: Hot: *Original* Founder of Multicolored Hair trend; Mess: Bad mouths and whines; And can’t take a punch.


Thank you Eleven Past Eleven, thank you.

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25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know

We’ve composed a list of the twenty five most stylish people we know under twenty five (well, a couple are “25″). Influences, creatives, or just plain crazy people, here’s Fashion Indie’s take on who to know, and who we wish we were as stylish as:


25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionRihanna- Ri’s been really stepping it up lately. She’s got a wide range of looks, and is starting to find a world of her own when it comes to her style.

Picture 1Lady Gaga- Everyone knows she’s crazy. Lady Gaga is definitely changing the views of fashion right now

Picture 2Taylor Momsen- Are you surprised? You know we love her.

Picture 3Emma Watson- The young HP actress is growing up! And looking hot at every event, if we do say so ourselves.

Picture 4The Olsen Twins- They’ve been in the fashion eye for awhile now, and now that they’ve got some of their own lines, they always look awesome.

Picture 5Zoe Kravitz- Lenny’s daughter! This teen has been making a lot of appearances lately, and looks good!


Picture 6Chanel Iman- Our favorite model to follow on Twitter. Chanel is so adorable, and has really awesome style (check out those boots!)

25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionTallulah Morton- She’s all over the Cobra Snake (in a Cory Kennedy way), and always looking fly.

Picture 8Cole Mohr- This is for you Kirby.  Cole brought boyish and grunge to the fashion forefront, for models anyway. Plus he’s incredibly handsome, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Picture 12Ethan James- Ethan is being seen more and more on the fashion scene (Milan fashion week, H & M, tons of editorial spreads), and has a similar look to Cole. I actually went to high school with this Ford model, and he’s been the most stylish guy I know since he was 15.

Picture 9Jethro Cave- Pioneered the half-shaved head. LOVE those hanger tattoos.

Fashion Personalities and Party People-

Picture 13Alexa Chung- Whether she’s dressed to kill or wearing denim cutoffs, Alexa Chung is always on top of her game.

Picture 20Chloe Sevigny- Great designer, great style icon. I’m in love with her buckle booties, which she is seen wearing a lot, paired with skinny pants or cute dresses. Definitely a hipster style icon.  We know she isn’t exactly under 25, but she’s been around for so long as a stylish designer to know, and like our moms, is one of those women that turn 25 every year for the rest of their lives.

Picture 14Peaches Geldof- This social always looks gorgeous (as do all the Geldofs), for events or on the street with her fake fiance.


25 UNDER 25: Stylish People To Know fashionAaron Kolfage- Fashion Indie’s favorite party host and dear friend, Aaron always looks fierce on Friday nights at Ruff Club. He dresses with such creativity, I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. This weekend, Aaron was wearing a giant tulle bowtie with a brooch in the middle, and I was mad jealous. Aaron gives us Midwesterners hope for being incredibly stylish, he’s from Michigan!


Fashion Bloggers-

Picture 21Pelayo of Kate Loves Me – This guy, and his girlfriend, both have killer style. He wears some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen (including Louis Vuitton mesh tights!), and has perfectly coiffed hair at all times.

Picture 22Lovisa The Intern- Lovisa Drever is all over, but I know her from Waffles + Falafels (who even briefly carried a shirt with her photo on it). She’s got a killer sense of style and can pull anything off, plus adds to the crazy personalities of W + F, who are some of my favorite people.

Picture 24Six Six Sick Girls- These hosts and bloggers DIY matching outfits for their events, which include everything from red wigs to elbow gloves. They not only have a crazy (and matching) sense of DIY style, they also post some (literally) sick stuff on their blog.

Picture 25Kirby Marzec- Fashion Indie’s own managing editor, Kirby not only knows everything about every designer, and what’s going to be hot next season, but she also isn’t afraid to pull it off. Whether it’s drop (to the knee) crotch pants, DIY ripped tees, or metal vests, you can be assured that Kirby will wear it, and she’ll wear it damn well.

Picture 26Jazzi McG- We had a half hour long talk the other day about how much we love Jazzi’s blog, and her style.  A queen of DIYing and always dressed perfectly for the occasion, she’s definitely one to watch.

Picture 15Tavi of Style Rookie-  Tavi is no rookie, maybe in the way that ‘Rookie of the Year’ becomes a professional baseball player, Tavi dresses better than some veterans of fashion.  

Picture 16Camille of Childhood Flames- Another not-even-legal fashion blogger showing that you don’t have to have a career to be fashionable, this sixteen year old is a pro at mixing designer goods with things we can afford, and is also taking advantage of the DIY world.

Picture 1Lucas Logan- This 18-year-old from LA is all over the internet, model/blogger (Stylish Kids In Riot)/designer, Lucas is California’s newest ‘It’ Kid, braces and all.


Picture 19Uffie- I mean look at her, in.sane.

Picture 27The Veronicas- I’ve followed since I was in high school, and their style has definitely evolved into rocker chic. They always look good separately, and even better together, on stage or off, and aren’t afraid to take risks.

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