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Edited by on July 31 2012 at 7:10 PM

Despite what some may think, celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are looking seriously cute and fabulous these days.

It’s been fun keeping track of everything about Kardeezy–especially their outfits.  While the duo certainly have their awkward moments, on a whole they’re doing pretty well.  In the real (fashion) world, we probably wouldn’t give Kimyey much above a 5/10: Kimbo’s outfits are predictably underwhelming, and despite having his own fashion line, Kanye doens’t give a f*ck about, literally anything, let alone making fashion mistakes.

All things considered however, the fact that they both have clothes on is a brilliant start.  Plus, Kimbo has been looking a lot fresher these days–less is more when it comes to makeup and hair extensions.  At a minimum, they’re definitely working the loving-stare-pose to the point where we believe they may actually be dating.

Kim and Kanye are looking terribly cute in this pic paparazzi snapped in London. Kimmy looks sexy as usual but how do we feel about Kanye’s choice of denim on demin? Considering it’s the same (exact) shade of denim we’re pretty sure he’s breaking fashion laws all over the place–but then again K-money isn’t exactly the most ardent of rule-followers.

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Story by Céleste Hermione

my biography is something i'm not especially at liberty to share, until it's published. @CelesteHermione

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