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by on August 16, 2011

It had been three months, one week and one day since my last haircut as I walked through the doors of Nick Arrojo‘s famous Tribeca salon last Friday, and my coif was in great need of a refresher. Lucky for me, I was invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ARROJO salon with a conditioning treatment, cut, style and makeup application by the talented stylists on hand. My adventure will reach its zenith on September 7th when my final look is revealed to the world at ARROJO’s 10th anniversary party. But for now, here lies my return to Grace Slick bangs, smokey eyes and the journey from drab to fab.


Celebrating ARROJOs 10th Anniversary With a Brand New Do

My distressed, frizzed-out summer hair was treated to a deep conditioning treatment after an ethereal wash and scalp massage. The ARROJO Hair Repair Mask was applied before my head was wrapped in plastic and placed under a steamer for 10 minutes.


Celebrating ARROJOs 10th Anniversary With a Brand New Do

Me in the steamer -  doesn’t it look like a spaceship? Photo taken with Instagram.


Contributed by Amanda Gabriele

I stole my first pair of platforms from the Spice Bus in 1997 when Anglophilia was all the rage. Collector of vintage bags, vinyl and kitchen appliances. My dream of becoming a butcher is momentarily on hiatus so I can teach you how to wear muumuus and apply false eyelashes. Follow me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.