Has Celebrity Branding Gone Too Far?

Celebrity branding is a marketing strategy as old as Julius Caesar’s stamped coins. Masses recognizing superstars catapulted sales of their preferred brands. This interweaving between fashion houses and celebrities is something we grew up with but is it still working? No, not like it used to. Today sophisticated, role modeled celebrities are respected and sought after over the superficial, self-centered ones.

Our world believes in limited resources. Opulence and extravagance are no longer a sign of prestige but seen as insensitive and arrogant. Are we praising Victoria Beckham’s $800,000 Italian shopping spree?  What counts today is the intrinsic value, social and environmental sustainability of our fashion choices. We are becoming responsible and selective. I call this fashion wisdom.

This decade is shifting our focus towards an ethical consumption. Gone is the ‘bling-bling’ era that held its crown for the past 18 years. It has been replaced with a discreet fashion. The logo mania of these past trends is now seen as an eye sore. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL are a few who understand this and carefully designed subdued pieces in their past few collections. Superficial and ostentatious designs are out!

People now care about the small details. Where it is made, how it is made. Fashion wisdom is oozing into the mainstream and it is no longer exclusively about the celebrity. Consumers are taking a more active approach with their purchases. Some fashion houses still try their luck with these types of pretentious and insubstantial celebrities only to have media disasters. Let’s see what Kate Moss will come up with at Longchamp. Lindsay Lohan’s gag reflex fashion show debut for Emanuel Ungaro…

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