CELEBS WITHOUT MAKEUP: Kimberly Kardashian

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CELEBS WITHOUT MAKEUP: Kimberly Kardashian

This broad is soo lucky she has a ’round the clock’ team of people who make sure she is looking amazing, cuz without them she would look like this!

CELEBS WITHOUT MAKEUP: Kimberly Kardashian

Don’t get me wrong, she’s attractive, and has a body to match, but underneath it all she’s a regular no body.

Article by Rebecca Alexander, Editor

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor. Rebecca Alexander, Editor tagged this post with: Read 4577 articles by Rebecca Alexander, Editor
  • tina
    I've seen her without makeup on her reality show, website, and there are much better pictures than this online. Obviously people want to snap an ugly picture of her and this is at a bad angle. I think she still looks exotic and amazing without makeup. She's one of the best looking in Hollywood with or without it.
  • Rebecca Alexander
    It's not only about her 'without' makeup, it's about her being famous for no reason. Yes, there's prob better pics of her naturally on line, and she's not afraid to show them off, but she's still a celeb that needs 'that much' work to look like she does!
  • She's beautiful.
  • LauraSofiaKoski
    I think she'll still pretty, even without make-up. I mean, compared to other people (like myself!) without make-up. No-one has a natural glitter lining around their eyes without make-up.
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