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Chloë Sevigny Knows She’s Cooler Than You – She’s Just Waiting for You to Catch On

Chloë Sevigny answered 20 questions by noted American periodical, Playboy, and revealed that a.) the 90s were “the last vestige of cool,” b.) she’s irked when people compliment her style and c.) she’s probably never had to pay for her own drugs. I’m not sure which one of those annoys me most..who am I kiddng, it’s the last one.

Chloë Sevigny Knows Shes Cooler Than You   Shes Just Waiting for You to Catch On

“I guess it [having style] helped more than anything else. I’m glad I grew up during the last vestige of cool, in the 1990s, when everything wasn’t blogged and on the Interwebs, when things were more on the downlow and underground.”

She’s kind of got a point about the whole underground thing, but the 90s were far from the last vestige of cool – that was the 80s. The 90s were more like the last whimper and final death of cool before the mid-90s took over and America sunk into a capitalist coma.

“I guess I am stylish, but I would rather have people come up and say ‘I really liked your performance in this or that’ than ‘I really like the way you dress.’ That irks me. Anyway, the term It girl gets used too loosely…”

So she’s irked by people respecting her fashion sense over her acting ability; meanwhile, that never hurt Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, both beloved Oscar-winning actresses whose style is arguably more influential than their film catalog.

Then Sevigny turned her ire to Peaches Geldof:

“Today the term is used to describe, say, Peaches Geldof—a girl who doesn’t do anything but is just sort of around.The original It girl was the 1920s movie star Clara Bow; then, in the 1960s, with Edie Sedgwick and Warhol, It girls turned into socialites, ladies of leisure—people who had ‘it’ just for being ‘fabulous.’ But Edie was just a rich drug addict, and when I got called the It girl everyone thought I was that too. I looked like a junkie because it was the 1990s and grunge was the fashion. But I felt I was doing stuff, not just being a socialite.”

Oooh, snap, Geldof! Chloé Sevigny said as far as rich, fabulous drug addicts go, you’re in the same league as Paris Hilton. Buuuuuuurrrrnnn.

When asked if drugs played a part in her personal liberation, Sevigny answered thus:

“It wasn’t like I was a big druggie; it was just kind of a side thing, something that went hand in hand with me falling in with that crowd, the rejects. I don’t think I ever bought anything; it was just sort of there.”

That’s my excuse whenever I end up doing drugs. Yeah, occifer, that coke was just sort of there on my nostrils and I just inhaled. Somehow, that excuse rarely works.

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Written by Lester Brathwaite

I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both. @LesFabian lester dot brathwaite at gmail