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by on October 12, 2012

At a luncheon launching ebay‘s new image-based, Pinterest style platform “The Feed”, we chatted with designer Chris Benz about his affinity for ebay and his best-ever find.  Find out why designer Chris Benz is addicted to the shopping site after the jump.

Chriz Benzs Uses Ebay for Design Inspiration and Shopping Hermes


What do you do on ebay? 

I’m always looking for new trends, new colors, and for future inspiration for my upcoming collections.  I’m on it all the time.  I have the ebay app on my phone, whenever I’m in the back of a taxi I’m either on Instagram or ebay.  It is always so great when you find something that you’ve been searching for for a long time.

What is the best thing you’ve ever found on ebay?

I have this really big old Hermes 55cm Birkin bag that came out of an actual barn in France.  I found it ages ago on ebay when I was in college.  It was such a great deal and it has just kind of traveled with me from apt to apt.

Have you ever ebay’ed yourself? 

Yes. There’s a lot of Chris Benz on ebay actually at really great deals. Go check it out.

For more advice & style tips form Chris Benz, check out the rest of yesterday’s interview.

To try out ebay’s The Feed yourself, head over to the site and sign up now. 


Contributed by Samantha Lim

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