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Edited by on October 22 2012 at 12:30 PM

If you have a negative opinion about Xtina Aguilera, she does not give a damn.  Regardless of what the tabloids may say, with the release of her album Lotus, the launch of her new perfume Red Sin, and a happy 4 year old son Max, she has every reason to feel on top of the world.  We joined the songstress at her Beverly Hills home where she shared her thoughts on inner & outer beauty, her fans, and completely embracing who she is –naked or not–  no matter what anyone may have to say.

Christina Aguilera Discusses Body Image, Beauty, & Embracing Her Sexy Side


FashionIndie: It looks like you bought every faux spider web in LA. Did you decorate the house yourself? 

Christina Aguilera: Yes, the holidays are no joke around here — especially Halloween and Christmas.  Max loves to help decorate, he’s very proud.

You’ve gotten a lot of attention for your Lotus album cover.  What was your inspiration? 

I don’t even see the album cover about being nude at all. I actually feel very covered. It is really about embracing white light and freedom. I just wanted it to be raw and real and free, and a celebration of life and the woman that I’ve become.

Would you say the album is about the same things? 

Lotus is a celebration record. I wanted to do things that were a little bit more in depth and creative and artistic and experimental this time around.  Having been in the game for over a decade now, my fans are my unbreakable flowers. That is what Lotus represents to me, through the harshest of weather conditions, it stays strong and survives the test of time. This album is the beginning of the new me and how I’ve grown.

Now that we know about your views on inner beauty, let’s talk about outer beauty.  What are your beauty must-haves?

I love a good lip and good base coverage. And maybe a little mascara. Moisturizer is also really important. And a good remover, I like MAC wipes. I don’t like having naked face ever, so it is either makeup or moisturizer. It is also important to have a fresh face.

How do you walk the line between embracing your sexuality and being too provocative to your audience of young girls? 

For me, I can only be myself and express myself honestly and openly as an artist. I can’t really worry about parenting children other than my own. I’m an artist and it is really the parents’ responsibility to draw the line with their own children. I wouldn’t be doing justice to my fans that are of age. Everything I do comes from a very honest place.

Has your definition of “beautiful” changed with becoming this “new woman”?
Some people are afraid of change and they look at getting older as a bad thing. But I really love maturing and gaining wisdom. Even the experience of being pregnant, having a child, and seeing what a woman’s body can do– it is amazing — we are the shit.

What do you have to say to everyone? 

Take it or leave it, love me or hate me I am who I am, and I embrace my body and I embrace everything about myself, so coming full circle is a celebration of freedom and happiness and that is what Lotus represents; embracing everything I am and what I have grown to be and learned to be.

Though the tabloids may have their own opinions, we can say that after chatting with her, Ms. Aguilera can be seen as the ultimate role model in terms of embracing oneself, feeling beautiful, and being confident no matter what.  

Want more quotes from Christina? Check out our interview with her on her new fragrance Red Sin


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Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim

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