Cigarettes Are So Smoking Cool

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Cigarettes Are So Smoking Cool

I’m a die hard casual smoker. I picked up the habit in high school, chain smoked through college, gave it by the time I hit the real world, picked it back up, casually, when I hit 21 and started drinking (yeah, I graduated with a bachelors at 19).  Anywho, it’s one of my favorite vices and for good reason. It looks so fucking cool.

I hate to admit that I’ve been affected by the Joe Camel’s and Marlboro Men of the world and in all honesty I haven’t. I could care less about what a cartoon humper and an aging cowboy have to say (Ralph Lauren is excluded from this thought of course, his word is gospel). But I can’t deny that hot models wagging around cigarettes hasn’t made me miss the habit. 

As an adult I can comprehend what the imagery signifies. It’s sex in the form of puffs of smoke. Death and destruction at it’s most enticing. It makes the model seem dangerous, against the trend, saying who gives a fuck and then blowing white plumes of billowy menthol flavored clouds into your face. It’s erotic, sensual, and makes me want to head out and pick up a pack if only to be ready for when one of these lovely ladies arrive and ask me for a light. 

Yeah, it’s stupid, but I’m affected by the marketing bug.


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Some argue that smoking needs to removed from spreads, that little girls read Elle and other fashion mags and can be affected by the images they see.  Personally, I feel emaciated models and unrealistic images of photoshopped beauty are more devastating to little girls than lighting up a smoke from time to time, but that’s just me.

I’d love to here your opinions on smoking. Is it worth all the fuss…

Thanks to Planet Chen for all the photos.

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Article by Daniel Saynt, Editor-In-Chief

Futurist, Husband, Lover of Small Animals. I'm the quintessential jaded New Yorker with a mind for all things fashion. My articles are the type you'd expect from the popular girl at school; mean spirited and ready to pour some pigs blood on your homemade prom dress. Daniel Saynt, Editor-In-Chief tagged this post with: , Read 3847 articles by Daniel Saynt, Editor-In-Chief
  • Ashogo
    Just because anorexic models are /more/ dangerous that cigarettes (debatable), doesn't mean you should disount the danger of smoking either

    I admit that I too thinking smoking is pretty badass. But at the same time I know a lot of that is just a social construction-it's important to realize what cigs actually do to us. You've gotta seperate image from reality.
  • DG
    Most of the girls presented are homely and, thanks to the gay designers, look like men. If you are waiting for THOSE while you are smoking, then I have some bad news - your real problem is low standards.

    I go out nowadays and observe how many people 18-25 smoke. It is may be 15-20% that go outside and do it, and I couldn't be happier, whenever I do feel silly enough to smoke, I always get a piece of gum in my mouth afterwards.
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