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by on November 8, 2012

We love the layered look, but sometimes it can be hard to dress for freezing outdoor weather and stifling indoor conditions. With this nasty winter rearing its ugly head early, I’ve been tempted to pile on everything I own before heading out the door. But by the time I get to the subway and office, I’m melting like that green bitch from Oz. So to help you work the weather, here are some layering tips, each with a little bit of goodness.

Shy Away From Multiple Sweaters
This may sound like a stupid tip, but we’ve made this mistake too many times before. When the alarm goes off and you gather enough courage to get out from under the covers, the slight winter chill in your bedroom can be enough to make you dive back into bed. So instead of piling on a thin sweater, a cardigan and a massive winter jacket, remember less is usually more. You might feel toasty when leaving the house, but you’ll be cooking in high heat within a few minutes of walking.


Contributed by Caitlin Hacker