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Content Guidelines

Photographs should be of generally high quality and larger than 400x400 pixels.

Please credit any photographers included in your posts.

You represent and warrant that your posts will not infringe upon the personal or proprietary rights of, or give rise to any claim by, any third party, including but not limited to claims based on copyright, patent, defamation, physical injury, or invasion of privacy or publicity. In addition, in the event any complaint or claim relating to your posts is made by any third party at any time, whether by a formal legal complaint or otherwise, you will fully cooperate with us in responding to and defending against such complaint or claim. You own your blog and are legally responsible for its content.

Your posts may not include any nudity, obscenity, profanity or defamatory material, and may not depict drug use.

Membership Guidelines

You agree to submit between two (2) and fifteen (15) original posts each month. You need not submit every post that you publish, and every post you submit might not be approved by the editors. You have full control over what content becomes available to us.

We strongly encourage you to feature the contributor badge prominently on your blog to reflect your participation in Fashion Indie, for the duration of your engagement in the program.

You may end your participation in the program at any time.

Editorial Guidelines

Posts should be original to your site and the content of each post should be pertinent to this channel. You must tag each post for inclusion with the keyword “INDIE.”

For publication to a specific section of The Masthead, include a tag with that section’s name: FASHION BEAUTY LIVING ENTERTAINMENT MEN

You should also tag posts with any brand names used or displayed in the post.

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