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by on March 6, 2009

Corey Moran, Zac Efron Is Comping Your Style

Hey Corey,

Zac Efron is becoming increasingly annoying especially now that he’s slicking his hair back, wearing v-necks and leather jackets (April 2009 Elle). It’s like he saw you on the street and decided to photocopy your swag. I’d suggest taking the only possible step to prevent the two of you from looking like twins seperated at birth who randomly reuinite to bring your parents back together by switching places after you meet at Summer camp. I know that’s the plot to Freaky Friday or the Parent Trap or I Know Who Killed Me (those Lindsay movies just start to blur after awhile), but you’d be surprised how often that type of shit happens in real life.

Corey Moran, Zac Efron Is Comping Your Style

The Original. And Still Only Slightly Better...

Consider getting cornrows, gaining 100 pounds or wearing ladies underwear (that last one might not actually help the situation, but it really is your only sensible option), basically do anything so that you’re not confused for the dude who plays Kenicky in Grease 3: Now With Gayer Dance Breaks.

Either that or fully embrace the Efroness and start singing, dancing and dating a mexican.

Hugs and Disses,

Daniel Saynt

LINKAGE: Zac Efron: Slicked Back Boy


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