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Edited by on October 4 2011 at 9:01 AM

FashionIndie is taking you on a beauty and spa adventure. See what ensues when social media spa boy wizard @OzSultan and I, Indie fashion head, @JessicaLapidos, trek to the Czech Republic to discover treatments that have evolved over centuries in the natural mineral water reserves, and have kept models skinny and even-faced for even longer. Across the Atlantic, they don’t really believe in the “Day Spa”; they subscribe to at least a week of spa at a time. With CzechTourism as our generous guide, we’ve teamed up with Spa Week and the EuroSpaClub to show you how to get your body into model condition via a week of intensive wellness werq. Czech it out.

Czech It Out: FashionIndie goes Euro Spa Clubbing

Ever thought you’d hear a first person account of cryogenically freezing? You will next week. Ever heard of Beer Wellness Land? It’s real, and we’ll be bathing there in a warm, hoppy brew. We’ll also be carbon deoxidizing in plastic bags, consuming gallons of rich mineral water in a process known as the “drinking cure”, and much more. We’re totally jazzed to try the aforementioned brow-raising treatments (especially if there’s a treatment that scientifically raises our brows), but we do also know there will be some good ol’ fashion massages and facials going down, too.

Czech It Out: FashionIndie goes Euro Spa Clubbing

We’re going to show-and-tell you all about it. FashionIndie will bring you back both ancient and new age knowledge about how to get your body model-ready. Like this slimming program at Hotel Richmond in Karlovy Vary (aka Carlsbad), the Czech spa town we’re starting in.

Cosmetic beautification aside, the injured or ailing seek remedy in these spa towns. Spa physicians medically examines, then prescribes treatments based on indicated conditions. They can cure stubborn illnesses, ease arthritis, aide in fertility and more with these mineral treatments.

Keep in mind, a trip like this to the Czech Republic is far less expensive than a comparable trip to Arizona, our own country’s spa center. It is very common amongst Europeans to take this kind of trip – it’s not just for the über wealthy. It’s seen as medicinal, so often it may be covered by some kind of euro insurance and thus accessible to many. That’s the Euro Spa Club’s mission – to get you to understand and experience the health benefits of the spa system, as the cultured Euros do. But forget I said that, it’s really all about fierce bitches getting skinny and rubbed down. You’ll see.

Czech It Out: FashionIndie goes Euro Spa Clubbing

The Czech Republic is the home country of Karolina Kurkova, afterall. There must indeed be something in the water.

Meanwhile, when we’re away getting dolled and pampered, you can go spa-ing for cheap this week. Spa Week is October 10th-16th, which means $50 spa treatments. So get your own! Don’t be too jealous, k?

We leave tomorrow. Follow me on FashionIndie and on Twitter for week of spa and European shenanigans. Tomorrow I’ll be showing you how to pack for a Spa Getaway. #CzechItOut 

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Story by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.

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