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Daily News Names Winny #1

Daily News Names Winny #1 fashion
Well, NY Daily News has named Anna Wintour #1 on it’s Fashion’s 50 most powerful list AS IF any of you were thinking it was Tyra Banks and her lace front wig.  I just think with all that power and strength she wields,  couldn’t she threaten some stylist life to give her a new do?  I mean that bob is sooooo dead,  crows are starting to peck at it, now it’s got the rigormortis.  She also needs a personality coach for that cunty, crabcake disposition……….and some nourishment for them brittle bones.  How in the British Invasioned Hail did a crumpet poppin’,  tea sipper become the ruler in American fashiondom?
There are more dictators and creative oppressive figures…………it’s like a to-do list for a fashion purist with a high powered assassins rifle and free time!
2) Patrick Robinson – Saviour of GAP
3) Marc Jacobs – WHY!?
4) Giselle – Of Fudgin’ Course
5) Mayor Bloomberg – Why isn’t he number one?
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